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  1. E3 Nintendo - Finished

    Looks like yet another Nintendo game where my bongos will remain in the cupboard for the duration. Fuck this. (I haven't watched any of the footage, guys - is the much-rumoured Tingle Konga section a reality this time?)
  2. vinyl lovers

    I tried this, but my test record (John Kettley Is A Weatherman by A Tribe Of Toffs) sounds worse than ever!! Should I be using Thornbridge IPA, or Brewdog?
  3. vinyl lovers

    Are you happy because the record has nearly finished finally?
  4. Tetris: The Trilogy

  5. Rock Band 4

    Hello everyone! I've been playing Rock Band 4 on my Xbox One, mostly on guitar, and I'm really sorry @SqueakyG but I think you're the only other person playing on my friends list and I'm starting to feel just a little bit bad sending you so many taunts at the end of songs. I still do it every time though. You must think I'm a terrible, terrible person. I could do with some more guitar people on my list, so please could you add me if this applies to you! My 'gamer' 'tag' is 'Mystery Twig'.
  6. Haha, no way - I didn't know you were on the beta too! I thought I passed a 'Tim' a few times while I was pootling around in my little spaceship (all the other players are clearly marked on the HUD, guys) but I didn't know it was you. NDA here too so can't give anything away, but here's a videograb I took of a lovely tribute to one of the developer's earlier creations which I chanced upon!
  7. Day of the Tentacle remaster -PS4

    Should that be $19.99? It's up for £9.99 (RRP £10.99) at GOG.
  8. Lionhead Closing

    With this latest round of cancellations and closures, they certainly seem to be going into sunset overdrive.
  9. The Pi Zero has a (mini) HDMI port. And that costs £4.
  10. I read about this on Eurogamer. The beeps will gradually get closer and more regular, and eventually the PS4 will give birth to a litter of bouncing baby Vitas. (It is now in the official Sony employee guidelines that a group of Vitas is to be referred to as 'litter'.)
  11. Steam

    If someone wants Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect but doesn't want to spend £3, that person should send me a PM and then I will send them my spare code.
  12. Future of the Left (new Christian Fitness stuff!)

    New Future of the Left album "The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left" on Pledge Music! Only went up a couple of hours ago and it's 70% funded already. You can get a FotL guitar pedal as one of the rewards! They reckon it's out on March 25th 2016.
  13. Rock Band 4

    People playing on Xbox One using the adapter - I've read that every instrument connected to the adapter gets assigned to a single account. Is this true?
  14. Rock Band 4

    I just remember waiting for hmv to open with a fistful of gift vouchers and tears in my eyes. Happiest day of my life.
  15. Rock Band 4

    I think I remember rock band 1 being £180 when it first came out. [Edit] Actually that sounds way too much, ignore me please thanks.