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  1. Rock Band 4

    Nice one - we'll send a request tonight!
  2. Rock Band 4

    44 Green Day songs here. Fucking hell, don't even like Green Day that much. I bought it for a friend and he let me import the songs first.
  3. Rock Band 4

    I managed to squeeze a few more points out of the spotlight songs on guitar/bass last night (and I have been asked to point out that my wife put in some strong performances on vocals) but I'll be moving onto the other songs tonight.
  4. Rock Band 4

    @shirubagan - any chance of drumming or is your yellow drum completely knackered? We need you now more than ever!
  5. Rock Band 4

    Can't beat any of the drum scores but I got my wife to sing the spotlight songs over and over until she got it right - I know she can get another 7000 on Paramore but she went and did that on her own account. We're just into the safety zone now, by about a percent I think.
  6. Rock Band 4

    They're changing the xp system from tomorrow: But I don't think it'll affect us at all because we're terrific people.
  7. Rock Band 4

    I've had a go but someone more coordinated could beat my scores with no trouble I'm sure.
  8. Rock Band 4

    I'll do my best! We're just touching the cloth of promotion, and that's without any drum scores being set so far. Plus I've got about 120 songs on the list this week, so we should get plenty of xp if I get a chance to play.
  9. Rock Band 4

    The kids are away this weekend so I'll be on it all the flipping time! Oh Christ there's going to be a Country week isn't there. This Rivals thing is great for actually making me play all the DLC I've bought over the years!
  10. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    Their twitter account has become protected but it still shows the 'mistake' tweet down the sidebar of their website.
  11. I'm going to word-of-mouth this SKU at all my trendy pals' roof-top barbecues in 2017!
  12. There's a minus button on the other controller, you massive idiot. It's just a plus button.
  13. Look at the state of that. His hand's already horribly calloused from rubbing against the corner of the bastard thing for 10 minutes in a trailer. And is that a tiny d-pad or just decoration? I really hope it's an adorable tiny impossible to use d-pad.
  14. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    Well they need to update their website then, the shysters.
  15. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    Shopto still say they guarantee launch day delivery.