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  1. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Nothing MS didn't have in the lab already. They're just taking advantage of one of the strongest brands in their portfolio. It's a business decision, not a gaming-centric one.
  2. I was mucking around with Mill Rogue. 4 losses in a row, I went 50 cards without drawing a Coldlight Oracle, let alone my win condition. RNG is a cruel mistress, even at Rank 20.
  3. I'm feeling like Aggro Shaman is currently a 9/10 matchup against C'Thun decks, and even stronger than it was in the previous meta, in general. Hopefully things will change in a few days. It's letting me climb ranks but it's just not fun.
  4. Long song appreciation thread

  5. Need watch and learn, can a regular player add me pls. Garza#2380
  6. Pixar's Inside Out

    I feel like I've seen an instant classic tonight. Easy to digest, but incredibly affecting all the same. It got me and most of the cinema, for sure. One thing I could take away that wasn't a part of the main narrative is that Riley is actually really lucky to be where she is. Like, I wish all kids could have her life. That made me sad, too. Or maybe that is the point, and I'm just missing it.
  7. Speed runs

    They're not allowed to swear and very rarely let anything slip.
  8. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    And that's on top of the $60k he pocketed a couple of weeks ago from ESL. He's 17 and has grossed (or netted? Are winnings taxed?) six figures from playing MKX this year.
  9. A Twitch / UStream thread

    Already had a couple of people help me out wonderfully for this, but I would love a couple more! Give it a go! And to be honest, if no one gets in touch I'm probably just going to start PMing people anyway. You can be the hero to stop this from happening. <3
  10. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    Some famous last words before the GF (spoiler): http://i.imgur.com/uU3xhbT.jpg
  11. Classics that popped out of nowhere

    Does Hearthstone count as one of these? On paper for a sure a game where you ping cards based on Blizzard's games at each other sounds like a lot of fun, but surely no one had it down as becoming so phenomenally popular? It's a really cool game in fairness, I'm going to download it again when it can't make me fail my degree.
  12. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I like the live music walk ons! I hope they get Darude in for one.
  13. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    RIP Rory's nose. Do the UFC provide medical cover for when a fighter is going to need surgery? Even if the title fight is boring, this is probably the best card of the year.
  14. A Twitch / UStream thread

    If you're reading this you probably use Twitch, which means I would love to ask you some questions for my master's degree thesis! I promise it will be the most interesting hour of your day, and I'll even throw in a monetary reward to sweeten the deal. £££ So go on, help out a frazzled post-grad student. PM me on here or tweet me @gatopri if you're interested.