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  1. Rllmuk Hearthstone Tournament Karazhan Edition

  2. Are all the wings coming out at once? I've been saving up gold for this but I only have 800 thus far and won't have amassed 2000 more before August 11th. Eagerly awaiting the new Priest cards.
  3. OK, you should get the hero/a pack for MayMays#2161 in the near future
  4. I'll do one for you if you do for me https://battle.net/recruit/29PGPZNW77?blzcmp=raf-hs&s=HS&m=pc
  5. That's awesome. Free packs here I come.
  6. Just logged in to find out Morgl has been unlocked for me, despite me not actually getting any class to level 20 on the recruited account. I'm confused and relieved by this development.
  7. Anyone know if you get EXP from playing local matches? I don't have any friends that want to play Hearthstone, so it looks like I'm setting up a new Bnet account. The system works! Edit: yes it does. This is going to take a while, fuck doing it 5 times for the packs.
  8. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    You can farm Pokeballs from the Pokespots. That gives you 3-4 every five minutes or so, so if you find one near a pub or something you can get hundreds. If you want a larger inventory, or more egg incubators, you need to pay up. Up to you.
  9. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I'd really like to get behind Cain making a run for the title, but I still don't trust him not to get injured and count himself out for the rest of the year. I wouldn't argue it was a bad event overall. TJ and Aldo both turned up for sure, and the Lesnar-Hunt match was actually quite tense. But as it was the big 200, it just wasn't good enough. Jon Jones fucked it about 80% in my book.
  10. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    The last two fights will have to be incredible to save this show. It hasn't had a single memorable moment, really.
  11. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    Nothing MS didn't have in the lab already. They're just taking advantage of one of the strongest brands in their portfolio. It's a business decision, not a gaming-centric one.
  12. I was mucking around with Mill Rogue. 4 losses in a row, I went 50 cards without drawing a Coldlight Oracle, let alone my win condition. RNG is a cruel mistress, even at Rank 20.
  13. I'm feeling like Aggro Shaman is currently a 9/10 matchup against C'Thun decks, and even stronger than it was in the previous meta, in general. Hopefully things will change in a few days. It's letting me climb ranks but it's just not fun.
  14. Long song appreciation thread

  15. Need watch and learn, can a regular player add me pls. Garza#2380