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  1. Planet Earth 2

    I am very glad it's not just me who is getting wound up by the sound. It's demented.
  2. The Last Guardian

  3. The Last Guardian

    OK, will order right now.. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. The Last Guardian

    Great. I will try them. I detest the ShopTo experience and that animosity has only increased after my thinking I had placed an order this afternoon, only to get no response nor confirmation, of said order. I contacted their support with a quick mail. Six hours later they tell me that the transaction I placed was just a test transaction for £1. I go back to the site intending to actually order only to find out that the price has increased by a tenner whilst I waited on their reply. So they can get gone..
  5. The Last Guardian

    Where is the best (cheapest) place to order this from now? Please don't say ShopTo...
  6. Titanfall 2

    There is but I think it is mixed modes and I only play Hardpoint. It has shown up once though so is in the usual modes map rotation.
  7. Titanfall 2

    Playing Titanfall. Where else was there to be?
  8. Shooty campaign game

    That is a great recommendation.
  9. I thought it both sounded, and looked, like him. Even the use of 'kiddo' seems in character.. Great trailer, look forward to seeing it without the whooping crowd accompaniment. I guess the game is 18-24 months away though
  10. Titanfall 2

    Ii can't seem to find any reference to it so can't have been sent one but, looking at CD Keys where I bought the game from, they seem to be selling the Scorch pack as a paid DLC. Which seems a bit off, even if it is only 99p... Anyways, as you say it's all open now so hopefully I'll get to see it on rotation in Hardpoint games some time soon..
  11. Titanfall 2

    I didn't see it but, yep, it's available now.. I'm not sure. Maybe not, or I missed it...
  12. Titanfall 2

    I don't have Angel City despite ordering it many, many months before release. What were the criteria?
  13. Edge #301

    That's a fine cover.
  14. Shooty campaign game

    DOOM and Titanfall 2. Nothing else comes close.
  15. Titanfall 2

    With the proviso that the smoke is not charged when the Titan falls, meaning that right after Titanfall is the perfect time to rodeo and steal that battery without fear of electrocution...