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  1. Forza Horizon 3 Photo & Gif Thread

    I'm not driving a mini metro, I'm NOT driving a mini metro, I am NOT driving a mini metro.....
  2. Thanks. I think the idiocy of the AI is a significant failing - just because most other MP orientated FPS single player modes are the same, that shouldn't be an excuse to let them off the hook as it's the absence of any discernible AI that makes for such a dull, repetitive, SP experience. All the enemy do is pop up, shoot, crouch, pop up, shoot, crouch, etc, etc and we really should expect better than that these days, even more so from a game that initially seemed interested in portraying the combatants as something other than statistics. On that subject, breaking the campaign up into character lead stories just made it six people winning the war instead of the usual one as each story remains the usual one man turning the tide cliche. They even acknowledge that in the Runner story with a comment from the character along the lines of how stupid it was to take on an entire fort on his own. I recognise that DICE are trying to add a human element to a war often stereotyped as nothing more than a huge meat grinder but in doing so they undermined their prologue, reducing it from a statement of intent to a mere afterthought as they resort to the typical, tired, FPS tropes. That said, I would have liked to have seen at least one story told from the Axis perspective as this was a complex conflict, far from black and white/good vs evil, but maybe that is a prospect for DLC? It seems churlish to complain too much as the SP is effectively a free bonus but if developers will insist on including SP modes then it's not too much to expect a little innovation once in a while. I don't envisage there being a significant number of people who buy this, or COD, or Titanfall, etc, for their single player modes but even so, in direct response to someone asking if this was worth picking up solely for the SP, I would struggle to recommend it as it is almost the definition of average. Seeing as I'm moaning, the voice acting was awful.
  3. Setting aside that it seems inordinately petty to neg someone for expressing an opinion that the SP is dull I am genuinely interested in what you consider makes it a 'very good' campaign? Aside from the dramatic opening ten minutes I found it to be little more than a tedious shooting gallery against brainless AI, and which, played on the second from hardest difficulty, offered virtually no challenge. That, after such an effective introduction, for the game to then resort to the usual FPS near invincible one man army approach was more than a little disappointing as that was almost the opposite message to a prologue that grimly, and effectively, illustrated just how cheap life could be on the Western Front.
  4. I would not buy this for the single player. It's as dull as it always is in games that, like BF, are MP focussed...
  5. Playing this is me being the real life embodiment of that picture of that dog that has no idea what it is doing, but in person form not dog form. Fun though, despite the constant instant deaths from unseen shooters.
  6. I've started two others and both are as dull as that one. It's the usual one man army against shooting gallery level AI so, however gloriously pretty it is can get, I don't think I'll bother with any more of it. When the servers are up the MP seems pretty damn good.
  7. On the PC it is locked by Steam until release so, yeah, that will be the Xbox version as MS have no involvement with the PC release. I was a little excited to see DS3 auto updating in steam earlier but, as Minion says, it was the patch not the DLC.
  8. It appears that the starting point for the Ashes of Ariandel is: Only four days to go...
  9. The Alan Partridge Thread

    Audible free trial... I did that for the last one too. EDIT: too slow, but as K says.. EDIT again: There will also be a number of in character book signings at various Waterstones. I may pop along to the Manchester one next week but it's not ticketed and the thought of potentially queuing for a couple of hours is less than appealing.
  10. Forza Horizon 3 Photo & Gif Thread

    Is it just because the camera is carrying over the last settings that were used which, if the focus is not on the car, can result in all being a mess? What happens if you go into photo options (Y) and reset the camera with X?
  11. Forza Horizon 3 Photo & Gif Thread

    Sun setting: This next car is my current favourite, it's not fast but it is cool as you like and I much prefer cool to fast. And, yeah, there is a working rev counter mounted in the bump on the bonnet...
  12. Shadow Warrior 2 - Free Content Incoming

    It's my first time there. I have spoken to that guy a million times and still just have an empty hub to run around so the game is either broken or the trigger is ludicrously obtuse. Either way, all that enthusiasm I had from chopping and gunning my way to hub been killed by an hour wasted there being able to do nothing. EDIT: It has just worked!
  13. Shadow Warrior 2 - Free Content Incoming

    I have no idea how to leave the hub area and it is REALLY pissing me off.
  14. Shadow Warrior 2 - Free Content Incoming

    Sounds good, I already got you on Steam... Speaking of which, I just bought through steam and, unusually, that seems to be the cheapest (non dodgy) of the limited outlets selling keys for this. 20% off for the next five or six hours so only £27.99. which was nice especially as it was only 10% off when I looked yesterday.
  15. Shadow Warrior 2 - Free Content Incoming

    I will be, yeah. I also still need to finish Hitman, haven't even looked at the latest episode, but it's a game I am happy to dip into when I am in the mood rather than blast through.