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  1. Some excellent geology on Anglesey. I conducted my dissertation research there..
  2. Thanks for the heads up. The number of planets in which all I wanted to do was fly through gorges and under arches is as long as my arm. I haven't played this since last week so this may be just what I need to get some enthusiasm back..
  3. Inside - PS4 August 23

    I am envious of those playing this for the first time, it's a work of quiet, and rare, genius. Game of The Year so far, by a country mile.
  4. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    Yeah, this is something that I need to experience/demo first as I really need to check the screen quality, as well as the aforementioned potential pukeability..
  5. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    Aah, right. If that is a real problem then I'll definitely cancel my pre-order as any racing games I'd play would be with a pad. Other than Driveclub and one or two other potentially interesting launch releases there is nothing that justifies the significant cost and, given Sony's lack of support for previous optional hardware, I have a real concern that this will be dead hardware in six months. If it's still blazing with essential incoming releases next year then that's good too and I'll dip in then..
  6. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    Why would playing with a pad risk nausea more than playing with a wheel? Serious question as my only experience of VR has been the Samsung Gear set up which, after ten minutes being quite impressed with the demos has since sat gathering dust, so I've not played any VR games at all.
  7. David Brent : Life on the Road

    I can not believe this statement. The thirty minutes that I was able to tolerate left me feeling violated. A little later I felt ripped off despite it costing me, effectively, nothing. A grim scene all round.
  8. I would not describe Titanfall as having been heavily modified post launch - it plays almost exactly the same now as it did on day one (on PC at least). Respawn did augment the base game with additional modes, burn cards, etc which, other than the pointless pilot v pilot, were mostly positive, and much welcomed, additions. The core game play, however, remained the same other than the usual tweaking and balancing that all MP games are subjected to. This sequel appears to suffer from a structurally weakened core game, or at least one which seems to displease a significant number of players of the original by refocusing away from the unique elements that made that game such a blast. I imagine it highly unlikely that will change much as the 'improvements' Respawn have implemented over the original seem to be well deliberated, fundamental, design choices rather than slightly out of whack weapon balancing. It seems as if change has been made for the sake of being seen to move the game play forward without too much thinking on whether that actually makes the game any better.
  9. Forza Horizon 3, September 27

    I have an Xbox already. I'd just rather have the option to buy it on PC without having to pay extra for the Xbox version as the PC would be my platform of choice (assuming that the port is decent).
  10. You seem to have gotten your music and SFX the wrong way round.
  11. Forza Horizon 3, September 27

    Indeed. I'd much rather buy this solely on the PC as the promised 60fps makes a huge difference to my enjoyment. It'll be nice to sit in front of the TV and play on the Xbox occasionally and the cross play sounds neat but, assuming the conversion is up to scratch, the higher frame rates and resolutions of the PC would make it my first choice. That said, if there is confirmation of a steam release a few months down the road then I will just wait on that.. But, yeah, I understand the only way it will be available (initially at least) is as a download if buying the Xbox digital release. Which is bit shit really as it forces PC only players to pay console prices for their games.
  12. I just don't know what to think, nor who to believe, anymore! Seriously though, I look forward to further impressions other the weekend but remain a little annoyed that there was no PC test as I'd love to see for myself.
  13. I do not like the sound of this at all. The titans are surely the USP that distinguishes this from all other FPS's, especially now that COD has adopted the wall running and leaping about mechanics of Titanfall. Reducing the Titan occurrence, or making it harder to achieve, seems like a real buzz kill. Probably explains why in five minutes of footage of someone playing this that I watched the other day he didn't enter a Titan once, he rarely wall ran or leapt about either for that matter, just stayed mostly on the ground resulting in it looking more like a pale COD clone. I had hoped this would be an evolution on what made the original great although, really, a dozen new maps and a couple of different titans is all I really wanted/needed. EDIT: What?! They have removed the AI grunts AND burn cards too? Fucking hell. This is sounding worse by the page....
  14. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    I think I'll be cancelling my pre-order for this too. Driveclub, Battlezone, and Rez all look very promising indeed but as I still have my move controllers gathering dust somewhere I fear for Sony's support of the headset after the release window. I'll wait and see what the quality of the display is, how capable the PS4 is at powering said display, and most importantly just how well the software support is looking six months after release.