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  1. Steam

    Ha, that looks brilliant. Genuine LOLs just watching that video.
  2. I cannot believe someone cannot have seen at least one of Alien, Close Encounters, or Poltergeist. IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE.
  3. DOOM!

    That's exactly how my first run went. It's plenty fun shooting up the place without getting too bogged down with completion-ism...
  4. DOOM!

    Alternatively, @And just save that sort of exploration for a second run through. More than enough weapon upgrades and runes can be found without actively searching so I'd not get hung up on upgrading everything in one run and as for the perfect weapon - I default to the super shotgun, then the rocket launcher and then random others as I deplete ammo but some situations are definitely more suited to specific weapons. Incidentally, it's common to accidentally go beyond a point of no return in a level whiich will leave secrets behind. I've managed to do that on both my first and second playthroughs. The last boss is proving to be a proper bastard on Nightmare. Lots of it has been a proper bastard on Nightmare to be fair but it's still been the absolute perfect game to dip in and out of over the last five or six weeks..
  5. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    I wouldn't describe Blizzard as being good at ironing things out, they make plenty of changes that are retrogressive whilst disregarding key problems. The punishments for quitting a round need to be made much more severe than they are now. Incremental cool down periods and incremental bans all the way to perma bans for the worst offenders need to be in place as soon as, and accompanied by clear warnings of the consequences prior to each round. I see considerably more games ruined by people quitting than I see played through to completion - it's not just that if someone on a losing team quits in the final round the winning teams efforts are then rewarded with a fractional progression of your ranking, it's that the game is immediately imbalanced and that leads to more quitters and then a redundant game. I am sure they could allow people to join games in progress (with a warning that they personally will be on reduced ranking gains/losses) in order to allow the non quitters to finish a round off without the punishment that everyone currently receives. It is bafflingly wrong but so easy to fix. Either that or they just transfer all the rule improvements from comp to quick play and I'll never need to bother with it again.
  6. Football Kits 2016/17

    Is this an attempt to get the older demographic back on board through evoking memories of the firestorms of the Coventry Blitz?
  7. Critique my wedding playlist!

    Definitely need to throw a Who track in there. And/or some Small Faces... Mod but big enough for almost everyone to have heard them..
  8. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    Tried playing this evening but, out of seven or eight attempts, I managed to play two without someone quitting so I'm giving up as it's just way too frustrating. Until Blizzard implement a serious punishment for quitters then I see no point in competitive mode as it wrecks too many games. I also suspect that people are now quitting as their usual or favoured character is already taken.
  9. Nintendo NES Classic Edition - November

    It was only a jest as the games are still 'SD' however they may be output. That said, the reference to HD could falsely raise expectation and then cause disappointment for some..
  10. Nintendo NES Classic Edition - November

    Nintendo's definition of HD differs to mine...
  11. I was just stretching a metaphor for my own amusement really. That said, within a large film fan base/theological alignment I would suggest that smaller hardcore sub-sects/cults can, and do, exist. Maybe the ultra dedicated Star Wars fan's relation to the broader Star Wars audience is better compared to the follower of ISIL's brand of fanatical devotion relative to that of Islam?
  12. Yeah, and you could even include Star Wars using that definition as the most devoted SW fans are surely cultish in their dedication. I guess cult encompasses a broad spectrum that, for example, may range from smallish direct to video hippy commune type affairs such as The Manson Family and David Berg's Children of God all the way up to box office smashes such as Christianity. It's not necessarily the number of followers it is, as you say, their devotion..
  13. Four Lions won awards but of course a film can win awards and still achieve cult status. Whilst defining a cult film is, to some extent, a bit of a tricky exercise to rule out a movie for receiving acclaim is pretty nonsensical. You'd only be left with the 'so bad it must be good' category of cult movies and that would be no fun. I didn't say mega box office I said big grossing as, almost by definition, a big box office film will not typically be a cult film. For me, a cult movie is typically one that does not do too well at the box office (although maybe as well as it's producers and distributors may have expected) but which accumulates fans as the years go on by word of mouth, home release(s), festival screenings, retrospectives, etc. They can often go on to be achieve commercial success without blowing up the box office on release. And there is nothing wrong with that.
  14. I don't think any of those are 'mainstream' movies at all but I also don't think I'd consider them to be cult either. Just being obscure does not a cult make, all that is required is a devoted, even rabid, following of fans, one that increases with reissue, re-screening, and word of mouth, and there can be a few thousand or even millions of them. As has been pointed out already there are plenty of big budget and/or big grossing movies that could be placed comfortably in the cult box.
  15. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    It can, and often is. In quick play and competitive... I would rather be teamed with people of similar XP level than competitive rank when playing comp as that might help reduce the astonishingly poor, obstructive even, play that I see so much of.