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  1. West Ham United Football Club

    My seat is in a good spot (even though it's in band 3 of 5), and I don't have any of the issues with people standing etc, so I have a different experience from most I think. There are a lot of rose tinted spectacles going on as well. UP used to have an amazing atmosphere about 3 or 4 times a season since the seats went in, in the 90's, except last year. so the fact people are saying it's flat is interesting. You were quite a way back and I think I would have a different opinion back there. It's a big old place and not built for football by design, but people will move around for the first year or so and it will find its natural noisy areas and quieter areas, the same as every other ground. I'm by far an apologist for the new place and would have preferred to do what Spurs are doing, but on a personal level, my seat is OK, my travel is amazing (10 minutes from Kent), and things will get better. But as they have been saying on the Stop Hammer Time Podcast for ages, the only way to get an atmosphere going will require an expansive, attacking and exciting brand of football. And as you have experienced, thats not happening at the moment. And the Hot dogs are amazing !!
  2. West Ham United Football Club

    But it wouldn't be WHU without unleashing expectation to be followed up by some sort of implosion of spectacular proportions. I thought we were past all this. You would think I would learn after 30 odd years ! Agree with your Westley point, either he is good enough or not, there is no middle ground when you do a job thousands would kill for. At 22 I would say no. Also what's happened to Hendrie, a left back bought as one for the future 2 years ago, currently on loan to Blackburn. Another one who needs to play for us or leave.
  3. West Ham United Football Club

    @Seanfl9 The way things are going at the moment you can have mine for a fiver. Joking aside, I imagine no problem at all but they will be like PSD's and miles away from the pitch Anyway todays blog is up for the latest steaming turd served up at Corp HQ. At least whichever bellend it was was slagging WHU for no reason in the main football thread will be happy. @PopeSmokesDope You deserved the win but it wasn't a classic.
  4. Football Thread 2016/17

    Fair summation. Personally I would drop Adrian for a few games as well.
  5. Football Thread 2016/17

    To be fair we are always one crazy season from relegation . 42points ? Down. Half the England team? Down.
  6. Football Thread 2016/17

    Reason ?
  7. West Ham United Football Club

    Pure class turns to pure shit as WHU get battered by Watford. Blogs up.
  8. West Ham United Football Club

    I was on a plane back from Dublin tonight so no game or blog for me, but team lineup suggests Slaven didn't fancy it again this season. No excuses though, if we are to progress as a club we must win games like this at a canter. I see Zaza has agreed a deal. I imagine he may be rethinking that now, and don't surprised to see the Payet on the move bandwagon start up again as well.
  9. West Ham United Football Club

    Dull game, 3 points, blogs up.
  10. West Ham United Football Club

    With Ginge coming back soon and Nords we are OK for CB's but full backs should be a priority. Anyway my seat is great and the atmosphere was way better than I expected. Onwards and upwards. Blog tomorrow, photos on Twitter already .
  11. West Ham United Football Club

    11 minutes into our first game of the season and we suffer a shit refereeing decision. It's like last season never ended. Anyway 1-1 now and alls well with West Ham United (London)
  12. West Ham United Football Club

    That went well then. Not surprised as I think Tuesday physically and emotionally affected the team today. Anyway, I would rather we were not in the Uefa, but we will found out soon enough.
  13. West Ham United Football Club

    Blog for the Man U game went up on Wednesday. It was pretty fucking mental. Don't forget If Man U lose and we can turn over a 15 goal deficit to Man City and they lose we go forth.
  14. West Ham United Football Club

    Absolute dog shit today. Will blog tomorrow when I get my head round the fact that a shirt I bought 28 yrs ago fitted me today.
  15. Raiders fan here. Interesting our first pick was a safety. Big shoes to fill with Woodson gone.