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  1. Friday Night Lights

    Cheer @glb
  2. Friday Night Lights

    I've sat all weekend with manflu destroying season 3 on iTunes. Just a general comment but Louanne Stephens (Matt Saracen's gran) is a fantastic actress. Season 3 Season 2 Q
  3. The only issue @SnoopZakaDaVe is unlocking vehicles. The quicker you can unlock/ rank up the better as you're more likely to have the car @U-1 sets for the TT. Drift challenges are (fun) and a good way to make loads of XP. Plus it's double XP atm. Think it's maybe a weekend thing.
  4. You don't have to be in a club for this one mate. It's just @U-1 sending out invites to a time trial he's set up. We then have a week to post a time (try as many times as you want in that week).
  5. Friday Night Lights

    Good to know @glb I might grab it on iTunes. I rattled through season 2 last week and started season 3 knowing that Netflix UK were dropping it on the 23rd. I was going to fanny about with some sort of DNS work around for Netflix but for 14.99 I think I'll just grab it off iTunes and have zero hassles.
  6. This is as much fun as a cock punch. I don't know why you didn't go the whole hog and set it to nighttime.
  7. Nice @KriessG I had a quick go yesterday (maybe around an hour) playing Conquest. It really didn't click with me and I ended up deleting the Beta in a huff. Watching Kriess's montage of equine slaughter I probably should have stuck with it more. I like the UI though, it felt a lot cleaner than BF4. Has anything been said about using some app to organise loadouts as they did with BF4? Although I didn't really get on with the hour I had yesterday the sound, the weight of the weapons really comes across well. I think as others have said I'm just a bit ignorant of weapons from WW1 so I don;t have the same gut feelings from a modern day shooter or WW2 era.
  8. I had issues with the ghosts on last weeks Renault challenge. It was showing multiples of my own laps! It ended up being very confusing; going into that first hard right whilst racing against first place and 4 of my own previous laps.
  9. @King A I'm not seeing other's ghosts either, just my own. It was working (ghosts) fine last night but tonight I've tried a few times and still no dice.
  10. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour - 14/07/15

    I'm happy with it so far (apart from I can't putt for shit). I'm finding it very frustrating reading the green (coming from EG). Then again I've just fannied about a bit. Rory's model is proper shit thou, he looks like something from the walking dead. Glad to see they've finally developed a game crowd that looks like a crowd and not a buch of synchronised clappers wearing the same clothes in various shades. I'm not that fussed about the customisation as far as my own character/ game face stuff. Its a waste of time anyway... I like that simplification of the menus and its good to be able to tailor the game play to your style of swing etc. @Nathan Wind add me on PSN if you fancy trying the multiplayer sometime, username idiwa
  11. New Everybody's Golf (PS4)

    Mwhahahahahaha! Fore mutha clucka!
  12. New Everybody's Golf (PS4)

    What the hell is happening with this.. are we ever going to see EB on the PS4?
  13. No Man's Sky - Show us yer ship.

    Whatta hunk of junk!