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  1. Films you saw as a kid that you shouldn't

    I remember seeing various video nasties that my older brother got hold of (can't remember which ones now). My parents were pretty laid-back about me seeing horror/violent films. Most of them are probably pretty tame by today's standards. I do remember putting on "An American Werewolf in London" for my best mate, and when the bit with the nazi-vampire things came on, he shat himself, ran out of the room and started crying. I felt a bit guilty for that. When we were about 11 or 12, my best mate and I discovered my dad's VHS porn stash. I remember the tapes smelled like bad aftershave for some reason- and were so worn out, and probably third or fourth generation, that everyone appeared to have an sickly yellow-green skin tone.
  2. I went through VVVVVV a few years ago at Christmas on an iPad - managed to get all the collectibles, which was bloody difficult on a touch screen.
  3. Games The Pushed The Limits

    Quake 2 on the original PlayStation was pretty incredible. I only ever had the demo but it blew me away how close it was to the PC version.
  4. Dishonored 2

    I've noticed it counts as spotted by enemies when a passerby spots a body (or spots you knocking someone out).
  5. Memories of being a 1337 pirate

    Never had any problem taping Commodore games and we never touched the settings. The type of cassette may have made a difference though - cheaper ones seemed to work better.
  6. Memories of being a 1337 pirate

    High speed dubbing worked great on a crappy old midi system my parents never used (I think it was just for decoration in their front room along with the only CD they had "The Ken Bruce Selection"). But the best pirated tapes were the hacked ones that used some kind of witchcraft to load at super speed. Always preferred the hacked versions of Commando and Ghosts n Goblins for that reason.
  7. I imagine my chunky iPad charger should do it, shouldn't it?
  8. I'd forgotten I'd ordered this. Would an iPad or Kindle charger work for the AC adapter?
  9. Good couch gaming games

    I haven't played it but Overcooked is supposed to be very good.
  10. Games you almost finished, but could not

    Castle of Terror on the Commodore 64. It was literally impossible to kill the count and get full points. Only I didn't know that and spent hours trying. Bastards!
  11. Games you almost finished, but could not

    Metroid Prime. I never managed to do the final boss fight. I'm not sure if it was particularly difficult or if I lack patience and just gave up. I no longer have a GameCube or a copy of the game so it's not like I can go back and try again.
  12. Your Milestones of Wonder in Gaming

    I can remember when my brother got a ZX81 and loaded up 3D Monster Maze (it needed the 16k ram pack). I know it's been said a million times before but it blew me away, maybe because before that I'd probably just seen the dodgy pong machine my dad had got from some bloke in the pub. It was really primitive, built out of letters and other characters because the ZX81 didn't have proper graphics, but to me it looked real and the T-Rex was terrifying. Similarly, I remember when my mate got an imported Megadrive and Strider. I couldn't believe the running down the hill bit. Next it it was probably Duke Nukem 3D - the first FPS I'd ever played (with a keyboard).
  13. GAME reaches new low

    I just saw someone trying the VR set in the local Game as I passed by and he was standing up. I didn't notice any member of staff near him either.