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  1. I'm going to try "I Am Scrote Sack" when I get home.
  2. I tried to name a planet "I Am Bellend". It wasn't allowed under the profanity filter. I didn't think bellend was particularly rude.
  3. Just saw this in the space station. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford it. It looked like a massive insect as it flew away.
  4. I tried that too. It took me ages to walk down to the end.
  5. I accidentally reported somebody. Why did they choose triangle for both rename planet and report? I thought I was naming the planet.
  6. The saving in this is bugging me. It's not often enough considering how often it crashes. Just did 20 odd minutes of mining and crafting upgrades only for it to freeze. Now I can't remember where I mined or what I built.
  7. Out in desolate space, there's now a day-glo orange grassed planet, populated by killer crabs, called Big Dave's Gusset.
  8. Crashed again. Something's not right here.
  9. What is it with tiny bastard crab planets? It seems every 3rd planet or so I visit is filled with them. I can't kill them- they seem to be indestructible. But they go mental on me. They're worse than the sentinels. They'll follow me half way around the planet.
  10. It's crashed twice in a row now. I'll try landing somewhere else first.
  11. This has been crashing quite a lot for me (on PS4) while warping to other systems. Is this normal?
  12. If you ever come across Lagavulin 8, do not land! It will only lead to tears. I managed to escape in the end, but it's full of bastard level sentinels that attack on sight and loads of tiny indestructible crabs that also attack on sight.
  13. I've completely fucked up. I decided to swap for a crashed ship (only one more slot than my original one). I didn't know what I was doing and that I wouldn't be able to swap back. Now I'm trapped on Lagavulin 8 - an extremely hostile drone planet (they attack on sight). Also full of tiny indestructible hostile crabs. I need zinc but I can't find any. I just keep getting killed.
  14. Oh- I tried to accept help right st the start but nothing happened. Maybe I pressed the wrong button or exited it accidentally
  15. Atlas thing? I didn't see that either.