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  1. We Want Your Soul

    Nice! Easily one of my favourites to come out of this thread. By the way @acidbearboy, I was listening to your 2013 A-Z mix on Sootify on the weekend, great selection! Any chance of one for 2016?
  2. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    Any chance I can get a refund on Turok 2?
  3. You're in for a treat. It's very low key, doesn't actually do that much, but what it does it does very nicely indeed.
  4. Yes, it definitely fizzles out to nothing. But then no-one can end a film decently these days, it's like everyone has lost the art.
  5. Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games

    Stu's 'little game' was a very lovely effort indeed, so there's no need to be mean.
  6. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    I just made it up to 105! Is there any reason you can't release it as is? Personally I wouldn't change anything about it, and I especially like the lo-fi nature of the reused Magnetic Billiards assets. I'd like to see proper instructions though. I love it when the 'Marvellous' pops out, but I never really know why it was marvellous. It might be score related, but you can't concentrate on the scoring when playing.
  7. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    Serously, when are you going to put this out? It's such a beautiful game.
  8. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    I just had my first go in years and got to 78. I don't think I ever saw much past that, the guns are too swift. EDIT: Ooh, 89! Now I'm addicted again.
  9. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    Speaking of which, when the hell is that flipping Monkey Goes To The Moon game coming out Pickford you crook!
  10. Rings - Samara is Back... Again

    I've only seen the second one, I ended up watching it on ITV3 or something. It was so spectacularly bad it was like a car crash that I couldn't stop watching. I've never seen the Japanese ones, I would hope they are actually scary. That Ring 2 is more like a family drama off the Sony channel.
  11. High Rise - J G Ballard Adaptation

    Why do you think Ballard is a nihilist? He celebrates the unstoppable force of human life, in my opinion. Even his darkest works are pretty much riffs on our irrepressible animal natures.
  12. Film being written out of history

    As a general aside, I can't believe what a bargain streaming is. When I think back to the days of renting a video, when you'd pay £1.50 for a film for a night, to think what you get from Netflix for £5.99/£7.99 a month or whatever, it's amazingly cheap really by comparison.
  13. vinyl lovers

    Hah, I used to do all those too. And Quaff and Black Market too of course. Lee's Sound City in Deptford was my all time favourite though, no need for a trip up West and the racks were amazing. There was also a brilliant one in Lewisham that I used to get loads of imports from, no idea what it was called but on a Friday it was jammed with plasterers spending their wages on garage imports. Wonderful days. This is a lovely site for record shop memories: http://www.britishrecordshoparchive.org
  14. Film being written out of history

    I do, but prefer to see them at the cinema if I can. I got to see The Third Man at the Watershed a while back, and Repulsion as well, but it's a great cinema for anything like that. I'm really disappointed to hear Netflix are dropping the classics, that's one of the main reasons I have it as they seem to have a great collection. Well, I'd have it anyway for telly stuff, but you know. I just got Day of Wrath on the BFI's label, anyone who liked The Witch should watch that too.