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  1. Mcdonalds Breakfast ( Sausage & Egg ) Muffin

    The Heck ones aren't bad. I bought some the other day thinking it was just sausage meat because I was a making a ragu and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be patties. NOT ONLY THAT THEY ARE SQUARE
  2. Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Ah right, I thought that was just one DLC where you are stumbling round the Manor and happen to run into some demons, but it's actually two different things
  3. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic since they don't have to hold anything back because of the last gen.
  4. Moto GP 2016 Season

    Absolutely fantastic result
  5. Early childhood? Yeah I had an Atari and an Intellivision
  6. Stephen King's The Stand and It movie adaptations

    so im guessing Bill, Stan, Mike, Ben, Richie in the back, Eddie, Bev
  7. MacGyver

    golden girls and street hawk obv
  8. MacGyver

    Because Hollywood have run out of fresh ideas so they are just rebooting everything. Give it a minute and they will have reboots of The Golden Girls, Airwolf, and Street Hawk
  9. Mate, it's a bigger shame it looks like cock and balls
  10. Hitman - Episode 4 Thailand August 16th

  11. It's so damned annoying they keep doing maintenance right before Iron Banner every single fucking time. I want to play dammit!
  12. Hitman - Episode 4 Thailand August 16th

    Yeah I love it. My second favourite map after Sapienza in fact.
  13. mayhem rumble! I wish just once they would have mayhem rumble or mayhem clash as IB.