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  1. It's official VR is the future

    But do you guys in Canada have VR? EDIT: damnit
  2. General Gaming Kickstarter Thread

    The Kickstarter for that Smach handheld gaming PC is underway... well, it's already passed the initial goal but there's still time to pledge. Backer rewards range from a thank you on the website (€5) to the console itself (€279 for early backers, €299 for others), different versions of the console and more...
  3. GAME reaches new low

    I mean, I kind of understand that if it was just a demo pod available to anyone then it would be a nightmare, but being a VR pimp isn't the way to go either. Just let people book a slot or something.
  4. Ronnie O'Sullivan VR

    I thought this thread would be some random news piece about a new game but the video surpassed my expectations.
  5. Livestream next Wednesday; watch it below:
  6. I remember seeing someone (maybe on here) saying that the unravelling of Cloud's identity was perhaps an even bigger surprise than the infamous moment at the end of Disc 1. Even though the flashback sequence is so linear it's a welcome narrative dump after you've been holding on to so many questions...
  7. 2016 Gaming Predictions

  8. The underwater reactor's coming? The boss there very nearly made be put the game down for good - at least on replays I was better prepared...
  9. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    Yep, it came out on XBLA. If you're a fan of Rez there's enough to recommend in Infinite; even without Area X the sensation of being "in" that classic gameworld is ace; bits like the running man chase and the Area 3 pre-boss sequence are immense.
  10. 2017 is going to be this generation's 1998

    At least this doesn't have the absurd qualifiers about "non-Japanese triple-A last gen ports" Aside from that: Persona 5 (PAL), Gravity Rush 2 and Nier Automata got shunted into next year, so there will definitely be stuff to look forward to.
  11. Grown adults old enough to know better. Or: grown adults too old to care about image anymore. If you're reading this post thinking "me?" - yes, you.
  12. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    Yeah, I take breaks between levels/races/whatever I'm doing. I tried to do Direct Assault from start to end in Rez but I took a break midway through Area 3.
  13. Rez Infinite - Coming to PS4, VR support

    Gah, I tried that and nothing happened...then I checked my trophies and realised that the alternate boss was the one I faced on my first play
  14. GOTY Edition - £29.99 (was £39.99):!/en-gb/games/bloodborne-game-of-the-year-edition/cid=EP9000-CUSA03173_00-BLOODBORNE0000EU Vanilla Bloodborne - £19.99 (was £29.99)!/en-gb/games/bloodborne/cid=EP9000-CUSA00207_00-BLOODBORNE0000EU Offers end Nov 3rd.
  15. It's another quick trailer, but this one's notable for being on Deep Silver's channel and featuring English dialogue: Four months...