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  1. Battlefield 5 With Capes

    What were the guns like in 1AD? (sorry)
  2. Persona 5 |15/09/16 for Japan | PV04 in OP

    Also the redhead with the glasses does support actions about 2m into the video and I think there was one bit where she had captions during dungeoning, so I guess she is P5's Fuuka/Rise? Also also the menu in battle has gun and sword options, which kind of fit with the equip menu shots we've seen before (where the gun is a separate piece of equipment from the main weapon) - it might just be an extra "elemental" affinity alongside slash/pierce/strike/wind/fire/electricity/whatever...
  3. Nice! You did well to keep your composure and survive several rounds of her healing - my usual reaction is "shitshitshit I've got to get in and- ack I'm dead" I think with the Youtube uploads the video can still be "processing" even when your video manager says it's done, so if you wait a little longer the HD options eventually show up.
  4. Persona 5 |15/09/16 for Japan | PV04 in OP

    Don't know if it was picked up in all of the new posts but seems to have had a bit of a makeover since I last checked, with swish animated backgrounds, archived media and English names added to the character bios
  5. Persona 5 |15/09/16 for Japan | PV04 in OP

    GIFing all-out attacks will never get old...
  6. Persona 5 |15/09/16 for Japan | PV04 in OP

    P4's dungeons were an explosion of visual theming compared to P3's Tartarus. But yeah, I agree that these look even better.
  7. Persona 5 |15/09/16 for Japan | PV04 in OP

    If that thing at 3:00 is an an all-out-attack finisher you can do in battles it's ace
  8. Persona 5 |15/09/16 for Japan | PV04 in OP

    And I'm back at an internet connection. Surprise - they pushed the date back! Admittedly not by that much, but...
  9. Persona 5 |15/09/16 for Japan | PV04 in OP

    Can't watch just yet so I'm just following twitter trends for the time being. Expecting tons of filler followed by five minutes of news.
  10. Yeah, I can't pretend that my quote isn't pre-empting another vote for P5 as my most anticipated game of 2017 Just wait until Thursday's reveal of a changed release estimate...
  11. Best Marketplace Ever?

    I'm playing FFXII at the moment - trying to stay with it for longer than the couple of hours I usually give it - and that has some nice ones...
  12. General Gaming Kickstarter Thread

    Introducing Lynn and the Spirits of Inao, a 2D platformer with Ghibli-inspired visuals and a dual-polarity/world mechanic: It's certainly a looker and the switching is a bit like Giana Sisters TD. They need €53k in 28 days...
  13. Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    Powered Up is great. I can't stand the art style or voices, but the actual gameplay is classic MM throughout, and the construction kit is ace.
  14. The Humble Thread

    Eye Candy Bundle Pay what you want: Human Resource Machine Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut A Boy and his Blob Beat the average (currently $4.86): Mini Metro Mushroom 11 Towerfall Ascension Pay $10+: Evoland 2
  15. Playstation Vita

    I only ever used them a couple of times (Ouendan in 2006, Phoenix Wright 3 in 2007) I didn't really have a bad experience ordering, but there are more options available today and so I tend to just go there to see what's coming out so that I can shop around on other sites...