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  1. PS1 Appreciation Thread

    CB2 was excellent - the split screen challenges provided plenty of fun. Parappa and Lammy are good shouts. Not too long ago I was trying to emulate Bust-A-Groove but there was a bit of input lag that made things unplayable. I still think it got unfairly overlooked when people talk about rhythm action favourites.
  2. Well... the Porsche and BMW at the start were nice? I didn't mind the main feature actually. It had cars at least...
  3. NieR Automata - Platinum - PS4/PC March 7th

    Demo in two weeks After the Edge feature I'm very excited for this. Platinum's gameplay and Taro's writing could be a really interesting combination.
  4. Edge #301

    Ah it's here now; panic over
  5. So, who hasn't joined the current gen yet?

    Bloodborne. I know it's the standard answer from the Soulsbros, but I bounced off those games and still had a lot of fun with it.
  6. Covertape, coverdisk and coverdisc memories

    I'm lucky enough to have parents who enjoyed games with my brother and I, so my dad would get issues of Commodore Format or Zzap and we'd all get a chance to read and play the contents. I always use issue 2 of Format as shorthand for my introduction to home gaming in late 1990 (although it could have been slightly earlier than that; I'm not sure.) The cover tape had Empire (a space exploration and trading game), The Blob (a Pac Man clone), Pig Tales/Oink (a collection of three minigames) and Lords of Chaos - Escape from Zol (some tile based adventure game?) One thing that was nice about these is that most cover tapes contained demos and full games, so we were able to expand our library of games fairly quickly. Even so, as datasette users we often ran into problems - I feel like one CF demo of 5th Gear loaded successfully once and then never worked again. That said, there were better tape contents; I remember my brother playing the heck out of the Slicks demo because you challenged racers for their cars and could replay the demo over and over and work your way up to earning the McLaren. Less fun were the demos where you reached a game over and then you couldn't retry without resetting and reloading the game (Robocod, Fuzzball) - not great for datasette owners. One really curious covergame we had was called "Tales of Sinbad" - it was a series of minigames but they were played in sequential order (not picked from a menu) so you had to clear one to reach the next, and so on. If you left the title screen idle for long enough you'd see gameplay from these levels, although I always wondered why the player character never moved. Then I picked up the stick and found that these were actually playable segments that ended after a short while - cue me waiting for the final level to roll around and trying to beat it before the title sequence appeared. After the C64 we moved on to cartridge systems so we missed out on covermounts until the PSOne and Official PlayStation Magazine. PSM often had playable demos coinciding with reviews in the same issue which was quite generous, and I'll always remember one that had Speed Freaks, Um Jammer Lammy and that Tony Hawk's warehouse level These discs also had rolling demos, and things like the Gran Turismo video would be replayed again and again whilst we sat slack-jawed in amazement. IT'S FMV QUALITY AND IT'S JUST THE RACE REPLAY E: a special mention to PSM's Net Yaroze games too. Gravitation. Time Slip. Super Bub. That video poker thing. All of them and more provided plenty of fun.
  7. Edge #301

    I'm waiting too. Mine usually arrive on the day or one day early, so I'm hoping it will come through the door sometime tomorrow...
  8. The Last Guardian

    Likewise - I'll happily wait on the game and I haven't been poring over every development update or rumour (and I spent about 20 minutes with Ico whilst SotC gathered dust and was given away unplayed)... however, it's impossible to ignore how big a deal this is for many people, and I look forward to seeing how it's received by critics and gamers.
  9. Nex Machina (Housemarque/Eugene Jarvis)

    I really like how the areas transition into each other without some results screen pause or fade to black. Seamless shooting fun.
  10. Do you try to play games 'perfectly'?

    Only if playing "perfectly" is something that's satisfying and enjoyable enough to "want" to do. You don't just go for the no-damage rainbow V ratings in Viewtiful Joe because of bragging rights, you do it because you feel freaking unstoppable when it all goes to plan. Talking about 100% completionist runs and platinum trophies feels like a different discussion (you can blunder your way to 100% in some games), but again if the game's fun enough and the goals aren't a slog I can be tempted, as with my Bloodborne platinum this year.
  11. I was speaking to @Kayin Amoh about that on Twitter earlier. I didn't make the connection between sending dudes out and invasions being initiated - I thought they just went off and passively brought goods back to base or something. Oops. If I'm able to stop them I'll try... EDIT: done! Went to the fighter freezer and toggled the other guys, and they came back. Hopefully no more random encounters with my buddies for now.
  12. WipEout Omega Collection

    It might still be fun to try something like Wipeout in PSVR's cinematic mode (if there are good first-person camera options) I missed out on the PS3 games, going from 2097/Fusion to Pure/Pulse and then 2048, so HD and Fury content is interesting. Multiplayer is a welcome addition, although I'll miss 2048's barrel-roll boosts...
  13. Persona 5 | 04/04/17 EU/PAL

    Yeah, it was one of the first things I checked when I escaped the 4G black holes around here. With this and the Area X theme my dashboard sure is looking pretty.
  14. FFS Well, I agree that it has a certain draw despite so much jank.
  15. Only played solo so far. The port has a few display options - two different scaline densities, no scanlines at all, normal/large/stretch ratios, pixel smoothing - but plays pretty much like it does on MAME. In single player you can also bring up your character's move/command list from the pause menu which is useful, and there's a survival mode in addition to local and online versus. There's also a training mode with adjustable counter/just defend/TOP and other bits, although weirdly when you're done choosing options you see "press select to continue" and realise your PS4 controller has no select button (thankfully you can map a button in the control options.) The command list could do with some extra notes - you'd think it'd be obvious that Rock's Crack Counter was performed as an opponent attacks, but it'd be nice to have extra details like that mentioned nevertheless... Also there seems to be a momentary pause just as the pause screen menu fades in and it always makes me think the game's crashed, but these are minor gripes. There's an art gallery but most of my art is locked - trying to select it just says "play the game to unlock", so maybe it opens up after a certain number of hours played? Then you've got rankings and trophies. Hopefully I'll get some online play in soon enough... E: match hosting seems kind of bare bones - I didn't wait around but it looks like you pick Host Game and it puts you in an open public room if you don't hit Invite immediately after; I was expecting "host public game" and "host private game" options...