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  1. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    There's been some news going around lately saying that PSVR preorders from Amazon may take two months to fulfil. The quote from Amazon is: I guess this news applies to people who are late preordering - most of us in this thread probably already had the "eligible for release date delivery" email back in June or whatever...
  2. Dragon Quest Builders. Wait, what?

    PS4 demo anyone?!/en-gb/games/dragon-quest-builders-demo/cid=EP0082-CUSA05671_00-BUILDERS00000000
  3. Dara O'Briain's Go 8-bit

    Street Fighter! 2 Turbo, admittedly, but it's a start...
  4. Bam, 4:41 in the below It totally counts!
  5. It's always been nibblehime to me, but the single "b" suggests it's probably the first one.
  6. Playstation Vita

    This is interesting - CFW being used to modify a PSP GTA game for twin-stick controls: It'd be great to see this in other games that attempted "twin-stick" solutions for the PSP...
  7. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    As a VR newbie I've had my eye on this as a potential primer before I try more intense experiences. Essentially you use Move (the videos show a floating DS4 so the controller should be fine) to pick up and stack shape blocks in order to solve puzzles. It doesn't sound like the most exciting thing ever, but it'll be on the demo disc and it's one of the cheaper full games.
  8. If they just waste these on some 3D Classics Nintendo things and do nothing else with them it'll be... well, great for 3DS owners; less so for me. I'd just be happy with TFIII and IV on everything (PSN/Steam/XBLA/Nintendo) even though that'll never happen. I've been playing III on the Vita with Henkaku and it's still great.
  9. Games you absolutley suck at

    Genres I suck at: Strategy games, god games, etc. Like cubik, I don't really have the patience to figure things out. I think the last time I kind of enjoyed one was when I played a demo of Commandos, because I wasn't base building and mining for minerals, but instead I was being sneaky and creating diversions so that my guys could move forward. Maybe the games have moved on since then and maybe there are more games like that, but I soon decided that I would never be any good at those kind of games. Games I suck at: Street Fighter. Admittedly I was pretty happy with my lowly B rank Juri in IV, but there's still a lot of stuff that I don't pay attention to and I never really get into the super-technical business. I just play for the mindgames that you can have when you're playing against actual people; that can be a lot of fun, despite me sucking. Also: Destiny. I bought the Taken King LE (with the first two expansions) and the Rise of Iron DLC and I've played through all of the story stuff. I've even done some strikes and had some good results in team vs stuff. However, there's so much that just goes over my head. What are these materials for? When should this consumable be used? How do I get quests from this person? Why should I boost my reputation with this guy? I haven't even done a raid and I've only done about one nightfall. That being said, I enjoy the story missions and strikes, and I try to jump in on public events and things like Iron Banner... so it's not a case of me disliking the game, there's just a lot that I don't bother to figure out. TL;DR - I suck at it.
  10. Getting into Atlus Rpgs

    Sadly I've kind of bounced off the other SMT games I've tried, so I can't really comment. I still have both Devil Summoner 1 and Lucifer's Call on my games shelf, but they're in the "come back to this when I'm able to devote time into actually figuring it out" section. I barely scraped the surface of them, and the gameplay seems deeper than Persona...
  11. Getting into Atlus Rpgs

    Oh sure, you can get through it without too much trouble - I played through vanilla and FES enough times and most of the time characters do what you expect. It's more about my personal preference, rather than the AI being terrible.
  12. Getting into Atlus Rpgs

    Yeah, having a physical presence definitely elevates the PS2 game in some ways. The main thing that makes me prefer Portable is the ability to issue direct commands to party members. In vanilla P3 they act by themselves and can be influenced slightly by a Tactics menu, but you're still leaving it up to the AI's judgement. Also the PS2 game is missing certain events and content found in Portable, but that might not be a huge dealbreaker.
  13. Your Favourite Videogame Jungle/Rave Music.

    If Rave is in the title it qualifies right? Played this a bit via emulation although it's a bit rough. Tracks like these are a little liquid but still nice. Whilst going through the OST there's also one that seems to sample Prodigy's "One Love" or something...weird.
  14. Sonic Mania

    I played this at EGX today. The demo is nice and short so you don't have to wait long before playing (although it was one of the first things I went to see so the queue only had a handful of people in). I tried the Studiopolis Zone (the one Gambit mentioned above) and it brings to mind Spring Yard and Casino Night with it's glitz and (awesome) music. The actual gameplay isn't just "hold right to win" either - the pace seems much closer to classic Sonic and moments of high speed are balanced with slower platforming sections. I also liked the little stage gimmicks like the springy ball platforms and the popcorn machine, and there's nothing as maddening as Carnival Night's barrel just yet. As I said, the demo was over pretty quickly so it's only a small sample of the game, but if the rest of it is like this, it could be decent.
  15. EGX 2016

    I've just come back from this. I only wanted to see a handful of games and had a few backup plans if the queues were too much, so it went a lot better than previous years. I had a go on Sonic Mania first and that looked really good - it's very nice and colourful, controls well, has some ace music in the Studiopolis Zone, and there are some cute stage gimmicks. The demo also finished quickly enough to keep the queue moving, but wasn't so short that you felt like you'd wasted time waiting. I also played Sumo's Snake Pass, and after wrapping my head around the gameplay and controls I really enjoyed it. You move left and right to wiggle the snake and build speed, then you press buttons and the snake will slither upwards helping you reach other collectibles. It seemed like a simple concept but simply moving around the area was a lot of fun, and I laughed at my own ineptitude when I fell to earth after approaching things too slowly. I'm keen to see what the full game ends up like now - it's simple enough for younger players to enjoy, but the gameplay and presentation can be appreciated by anyone. I wanted to look at World of FF and FFXII but I wasn't too concerned about finding time to play - trying to start a show demo of FFXII seems like it would eat up 99% of my time at the show. Still, World looks nice and colourful (even though I'll need time to fully understand the systems when it's released), and FFXII's high-res treatment looks ace. Having only played through the PS2 game for the first time this year, the jump in quality is impressive. Aside from new games, I picked up more merch and also went to the "Replay" area for retro games and played Tempest 2000 on a Jaguar controller and an old CRT I've played emulations and remakes of the game before, but the original is still great fun. That said, I had never used the Jaguar controller before and that thing's horrendous suddenly the 2001 Xbox pad doesn't seem so terrible. There's so much controller that I took a moment to work out how best to hold it, and there's no real "grip" in the mould to guide your hands. At least T2K doesn't use that many buttons, and the game sounds great on that old TV setup. I didn't get a huge amount of merch; just a Protoman plush and a couple of souvenirs for others. Although I still have that unopened can of Tornado, so if today's events catch up with me I might bust that open.