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  1.   People will be judging whatever state it's in now; this will be the version people have preordered, after all, and magazines and websites love getting their opinions out for people to see without having to worry about update schedules. I'm doing a little bit of games writing myself currently, and personally I'd like to publish two articles (not necessarily two "reviews") to reflect the "day one" and "post update" states of the game respectively. Maybe.
  2. Knack II spotted on someone's CV?!    EDIT: I can't find the omg emote
  3. The electronica thread

    Yesterday mu tweeted that vsnares' Traditional Synthesizer Music would be out in "one week" so today I preordered the CD+ CD-R edition; yay  (details here for anyone interested)
  4. I Did It! (The Bragging Corner)

    I managed to do this in Game B (level 9, high 5), but I can't remember if I achieved the bazillion points required in Game A or whatever it was...
  5. Remove a letter from a game's title; write a synopsis

    DELA FORCE Posdnuos and co. take on those terrists with their sick rhymes and fresh beats Chameleon Twit Because jungle camo pants can't hide you when you're in a housing estate.
  6. Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    I have a playthrough of SML2 on my YT channel - it's a great game but you can complete it pretty quickly once you know what you're doing. Even without game-breaking speedrun hax, anyone familiar with the game can go from the start to the end credits within an hour...
  7. In the beta I found that you can switch the dummy AI on and turn off life regen for both players to have a really rubbish 1-round CPU match format 
  8. Not sure if I should be pleased about the frequency of content or scared about the hit to my wallet  Still, 8-player lobbies in March is welcome news.
  9. EGX @ NEC Birmingham with Salsa Party Animal/Legendary

    Tickets are available for EGX 2016 (September 22nd-25th, NEC Birmingham) now - 4-day super passes and early entry tickets are still available at present:
  10. NeoGAF - Do You Like It?

    I'm sometimes directed to NeoGAF when googling news on games, but that's about the only time I visit. They're good for translating news on JP titles. Other than that, no. When I look at the front page of a folder and the amount of new topics or whatever in the past 24 hours it's a bit much; I don't think I'd want to be registered.