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  1. I kind of wish they didn't have so many character close-ups, because anyone who still has any kind of appreciation for Mega Man is more interested in the jumping, shooting, dashing and other actual gameplay bits. During my wait for any kind of half-decent Mega Man tribute to be released I've downloaded, played and completed Explodemon - a 2D platformer which also looks pretty rough visually but has decent gameplay for the most part. And again, MM Powered Up has these awful 3D cute renditions of MM1 enemies but the platforming is still as satisfying as it was in the NES game. I wouldn't mind having a new Mega Man clone to play but they're not really selling it by focusing on these characters...
  2. Street Fighter V - MUSCLE POWER FOR YOU!

    In other news...perhaps the May content will be revealed at Combo Breaker?
  3. Pfft I bet you didn't even get all of Timmo's achievements.
  4. I think you can access the DLC at any point, but ideally you'd want to avoid attempting it on NG+... After NoM the doll will tell you what to do next and you'll just have one more boss sequence before the end of the game. Once you get there it's a good time to stop and consider the DLC - if you clear the final boss sequence it will go into a cutscene, then the credits, then onto NG+.
  5. Street Fighter V - MUSCLE POWER FOR YOU!

    Saw this quoted on EH Finally a Street Fighter game just for me
  6. The electronica thread

    The Avalanches ("Frontier Psychiatrist", "Since I Left You") put this on their Youtube today...
  7. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Donors Thought you were just giving money to support a noble cause/charity/forum? Think again as you get kidnapped and bundled onto a cruise liner with eight other unfortunates...
  8. Totally worth the wait. In my defence the limited number of games I played gave me a shallow pool of titles to nominate, but I loved the visual designs of BB's weapons and bosses, and the environments aren't always so gloomy, so it's all good.
  9. Def Jam Ico Yorda thought she was out of the game until she heard that the Queen's on the streets again. It'll take a small boy with horns to sign up the hottest acts and fight off those shadows...
  10. The new alpha build's available now - if you log in to Humble and check the Purchases tab it can be downloaded. Local multiplayer, tweaked physics, audio tweaks, gear shift tweaks, camera position tweaks and more. Full details here. From a quick play the drifting feels really good now and the weird camera jerks are gone, so it's quite promising.
  11. Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    KF is a fun curio but I'd say it's very limited compared to (what I've played of) TES games. There's no real cosmetic customisation and the areas are linear and maze-like at times - there's not really a massive open world like TES. From what I've played on the system I can't think of a huge amount of "open world" PSP games - the 3D GTAs, maybe?
  12. Fatal Furry Terry, Joe, Andy and the others take on a rogue's gallery of goons fascinated by anthropomorphic animal characters Mr. Dio! The Sabbath star is on a mission to dig absurd networks of tunnels and find his rock gear. Alternatively a JoJo spinoff. Bard Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Can you put down your quill and vacate your desk long enough to save Reagan from skilled martial artists? Zone of the Benders Trapped in a district known for it's numerous pubs and the frequent drinking binges that locals go on, can you survive long enough to avoid ending up dead/broke/arrested? Tony Hawk's Prom Skater Tony doesn't have a date so he's going to turn up and do sick kickflips all over the joint and ruin everything
  13. I went through the standard chalice dungeon progression when picking up other trophies so I may have missed some optional encounters, but there were some moments that were hugely satisfying (Defiled WoToL, Defiled A, PD), and the oppressive, isolated feel gives it a Knightmare or King's Field vibe. That said, the dungeons probably have some of the most uninspiring visual design in the game (with some exceptions) and gameplay can feel much more of a slog compared to the story, especially when farming for materials.
  14. Earlier today (like 3-4am for us) the artist hinted that a new alpha build for backers was on its way - it'll be interesting to see if the camera issues have been tweaked (in the last build it would flip out if you bumped along edges too much.) May be worth keeping an eye on the forum (and your humble account) if you're a backer...