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  1. The Avalanches - New Album

    A vinyl reissue of SILY's now available on Bleep here:
  2. Gravity Rush - Gravity Rush 2

    Archived footage from a recent stream. You may have to skip through some of the JP commentary though:
  3. This is Hip-Hop.

    Out tomorrow, in any case
  4. Project Tingler

    The masks and live action made me think more of Plumber's Don't Wear Ties than anything...
  5. Good crisp bad crisp

    So Walkers have some new sandwich-themed crisp flavours - anyone tried any? I had the cheese toastie one today and it wasn't bad but didn't really have a toastie feel to it (read: it didn't burn the roof of my mouth) but there were hints of cheese and WS in there. The full set of flavours are: Cheese Toastie & Worcester Sauce Sausage & Brown Sauce Bacon & Tomato Ketchup Ham & Mustard Roast Chicken & Mayonnaise Cheese, Cucumber & Salad Cream
  6. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    o/\o I have okayish headphones already, and I've since picked up a camera. Not bothered about Move controllers just yet - like you I'll be spending lots of time with Rez at first - so once I have the headset I'll just need some games...
  7. Thanks OP, all set up on the PS4 now. I started doing the Vita but since I'm running an old firmware for HENkaku I'm not going to go online with it anyway...
  8. Preordered RoI on the PS Store today. Even though I haven't been taking an interest in new games due to my current pile of shame, my brother and I do a lot of team stuff and I know he'll be bugging me to get this. Also pre-order bonuses.
  9. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    I still haven't got Move controllers - partly because I want to try the pad experience first (Rez looks like it'll work fine, which will be more than enough to begin with ) but also because of the above. Developing new VR technology for your latest home console and expecting people to go and scour CEX for some old second-hand Move wands seems like a weird way to launch some new hardware, so if future PSVR games are more dependent on the wands I imagine they'd have to do some sort of relaunch...
  10. As much as I want BB to take it, it's MGSV. That was getting votes all over the place, and I think that first video by Wiper with the dig at Kojima was some unsubtle hinting.
  11. Games you think aren't as bad as people say.

    I still defend the two Adventure games. Even though I know they were bloated with hub worlds and characters no-one wanted to play as, and even though the music and dialogue and cutscenes and stories were awful, and even though the camera didn't behave all the time... there are still bits such as Metal Harbour or Speed Highway where everything just works and feels good to play. If you cut everything from the games except for the Sonic and Shadow action stages it might not be such a bad game... but that's a lot of stuff to cut
  12. PlayStation VR: £349, October, needs a separate camera

    Apparently there will be some stereo earbuds in the box. Also PSVR games should only need the DualShock 4, but some game experiences will be "enhanced" with Move or Aim controllers. And there's always the chance that second-wave games will need different control setups or something. I haven't got Move wands yet because I'm going to wait and see. And because I'll be playing Rez most of the time anyway. Not sure about how it plugs in - I think the headset goes to a breakout box which splits a signal between the headset and TV or something?
  13. If that is the top 5 I think it would be ace to see "triple-A" games such as Bloodborne and MGS sharing glory with more offbeat titles like Rocket League and LiS. I'd like to think our forum recognises quality from all kinds of places.
  14. Yeah, I had edited that in whilst you were quoting me. It's the only other obvious omission