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  1. Eve: Valkyrie

    Aimlessly bumping into rocks and structures is part of the full EVE online experience. It's nice to see it on Valkyrie as well.
  2. Eve: Valkyrie

    Should be nothing but below the asteroids.
  3. Eve: Valkyrie

    Look CCP has to make money somehow! I mean it's not like they make money of people like me! Oh yeah they do don't they. Damn you CCP!! Damn my inability to make lots of isk and buy plex.
  4. Red Dwarf

    Well fuck a duck that was well hidden. Must have heard the theme a billion times and never noticed it.
  5. It's an odd chip that's for sure. CPU wise it's not Parker as that has 2 denver cores as well as the four A57's. Unless the custom part of the switch is it's CPU not having Denver cores and just 2 extra A57's (which would make some sense for a games console). That 24 inch display thing is wierd though. Don;t think I've ever read of a mobile chip being tested with such a screen. On the other hand maybe this is a promo unit for the Switch, one with a big screen that'll be sent to stores for people to try. Also the filing says that there is a gyroscope and an accelerometer in the test unit as well as GPS and bluetooth so it's obviously for something very mobile. EDIT: I'm wrong. The chip is almost certainly Parker as the reference number identifies it as so.
  6. Interesting. Would certainly be about the ballpark figure of a Pascal based Tegra compared to an X1 maxwell. Could be a reference chip sent out for benchmarking.
  7. Red Dwarf

    Yeah I liked it and it actually has an ending! and it's a good one as well! TBH the whole series, with the exception of Krysis, has been a return to form with nearly all of them having some nice decent laughs in them. Stand out episode was Officer Rimmer though. Marvelous!
  8. Yep someone is DDoS one of the main DNS hosts in america. What a bunch of arseholes.
  9. Notice they say "main function" implying that it has a secondary function as well.
  10. On this picture you get a hint of what is on the bottom of the console. There two bits/sockets then a bigger one and then another two bits/socket. On the let there so sort of grey bar. Bit in the center is likely the charging socket like on the wiiU gamepad.
  11. Probably not. Tegra shields lasted about the same time and they had big 19 kwhour batteries in them. This is smaller but still may push about the same kind of wattage for it's chipset. Also One thing I noticed about the supposed dev kit pictured yesterday. It's powered by the same power socket thing as the wii and wiiu used. It's not using a USB type or wiiu dock type connector. That could hint at the dock needing the same kind of power as a wiiu used (about 36 watts) which would mean that the dock really could be used for supplemental power i.e more memory or some form of overclocking for the tablet.
  12. Ipad minis tend to last around 3-4 hours when being pushed a bit and those games tend to be less intensive than something like the new Zelda or Mario kart etc.
  13. Do bare in mind that she also thinks the dock has extra processing capability in it while nintendo have said something that could be taken either way. Also dev kits rarely meet the final specs or capabilities of a final until, until they are full production that is. They may lump in less than optimum batteries as most of the time it's not a critical thing to worry about. 3 Hours also isn't that bad when you consider the quality of graphics it's putting out. Far better stuff than any phone or tablet.
  14. Nintendo Switch - your opinions

    The tablet can probably house an SD card as well. The carts will likely have a basic capacity of 16-64 gigs, maybe more in the future. I do wonder if the carts can be written to as well. That could help with such things as DLC or patches etc.
  15. They just don't want 3DS sales being hit this Christmas.