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  1. Red Dwarf - Series XI and XII confirmed

    Apparently it's very funny judging by the audience reports.
  2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    The one thing that gets me with most animation is that they tend to over emote things with arm and hands movement. It ends up looking like william shatner acting as everyone.
  3. Red Dwarf - Series XI and XII confirmed

    A new teaser trailer has been put up on twitter as tomorrow sees the release of the full trailer for the new series. It looks, well, like it finally has a budget. https://twitter.com/i/moments/769184798078361600
  4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    The benchmark seems to push the game far more than normal gameplay does. Also turn off the MSAA and there's a pretty big jump in performance. At least according to neogaf people.
  5. Summer Olympics 2016 Brazil

    Well this is pretty much over and it's been a stunning games for Team GB, but it's also been great for minority sports getting some mainstream attention. While Rio has been good for us the actual organisation has left something to be desired largely due to insane ticket prices meaning a lot of stadiums have been less than half full. I also think that their Athletics stadium has lacked some atmosphere compare to London. There was also the booing of certain athletes which is unwelcome, it's not football for fucks sake. Still it wasn't a disaster though. Despite all the shit going on in Brazil at the moment the games has passed off peacefully. It may not have been a London or Beijing but it was okay.
  6. Book 3. Protect and survive?

    Chapter 29 has been a long slog but largely due to the fact that I've included a back story element that I never intended to do. This has happened before when I'm writing because sometimes I get a little nugget of an idea and just go with it. This one concerns a piece of information from the second book which just fits in with the going's on in this book. It was a slight intention to mention in in the third book but only as a passing reference, but the idea popped in my head while reading chapter 29 and it was too good to not use. It also gives more detail on the background universe I have created...well slightly more detail. Once this chapter is done I need to real sort out and put down a plan of where the book is to go. I have a general direction and a sort of set piece ending lined up which I'm looking forward to writing. I am concerned about some of the more mundane but necessary things that happen in the book, would the reader be willing to plough through them? Perhaps that's an area that will be edited a lot. Hard to say. Still it's there for a reason and not unnecessary waffle. Of course once this book is done then it's the enormous task of going through all three and sorting out problems and sticking by certain rules.
  7. Red Dwarf - Series XI and XII confirmed

    Some new pics
  8. The State Of Fanboyism

    BBC news's Have your say section is utter poison. Full of right wing crazies. But then again most comment sections on any sort of public forum/social media is filled with bile and hate because people think they can say what they want without having to engage their "Do be nice" filter. It's like they let their sub-conscious take over their rational thoughts and just type drivel.
  9. Picture from Tonight's exploring
  10. It's full of shit when they stick a hand up a cows bum. Although they may not do that anymore. They are probably shagging each other all the time and getting into fights at the Wool pack.
  11. I agree. I think this is why a lot of Americans on forums don't get it. I think they are not quite used to using their imagination in a game. Today's games are all layed out for you. Like was said earlier it is very similar to Captain Blood with it's language learning idea etc. Being a child of the micro computer age it does feel like a bit of a throwback and that's no bad thing. There's lots of scope for improvement of course and if it can fulfill what you would want to see then it can become something quite special.
  12. So that's what the game reminded me of! Good old Captain Blood.
  13. The game isn't exactly big on being realistic. I mean it has floating islands in the sky and ore deposits can be cut in half and magically hover in the air. For a game that uses Havoc phsyics you would expect better.
  14. Well there would be a little bit of an issue when it comes to being in the cockpit. The game doesn;t render the ship at all when in the cockpit. All it does is render the console in front and that's it. That's why there is no free look.
  15. No Man's Sky - PC Version Tech Chat

    If a 970 is half the power of a 1070 (which it supposed to be) then 30fps is doable at 3440x1440. 60 is out of the question though as even a 1070 struggles at that res with everything on full and no AA.