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  1. Oh it's NERD doing the emulation then. That'll mean it will be top stuff. They did the snes emulator on the 3DS and the new mini NES.
  2. They ask 20 quid for wii games on the wiiu so I bet they ask 15 quid for gamecube games.
  3. Let's enjoy some music from it.
  4. The after battle reports read that CO2 (owners of the Keepstar) and their friends managed to kill more and cost more isk to their enemies in Pandemic legion and Northern Coalition. But that PL/NC. did manage to reinforce the Keepstar. So now onto Saturday and every single person will do their level best to get on the Keepstar killmail. Last night topped out at a little over 4500 people in system at any one time. I confidently predict at least 5000 will be there for the killmail (the current record is 4900). One thing is for sure. The explosion will be very big.
  5. Well so far it looks like the Keepstar is going to have it's armour killed and then a new timer will pop up for the final brawl in a few days time. I expect the final brawl to be even more popular than this one as everyone will want to be on a keepstar kill mail. It'll be the first time a Keepstar has died and it only took have of all the null security blocks to kill it. Oh and the stupidity of the keepstars owner who decided that he shoudln't be at the controls of it's guns for the fight over it's shields. He went AFK. Moron.
  6. My lot ain't bothering as it's lag city. Instead we did something super top secret and it was very good.
  7. Epic massive battle about to go down in eve. Over 4,000 people now in local in the M-O system for a fight to try and kill the Keepstar citadel then. Stream is here https://www.twitch.tv/daopa
  8. GameAwardsShow 2016 - Replay in 1st post

    Lots of people care for what nintendo's showing. It's the only reason I'm gonna view a fucking awards show.
  9. Yeah I liked that. Very good idea that helped the game flow much better. "You want to race? Fine. Here's all the races. Enjoy!"
  10. It works although if you want to max the game then it gets heavy on requirements. 4K is doable on a 1070 with a number of options switched down and at 30fps. 60 fps is really pushing things though. Still it does look nice and the Ultra textures are gorgeous. Also hooray for a proper implementation of 21.9 !! Well done Ubisoft.
  11. It is brilliant stuff. My personal recommendations are Space mutiny, Puma man, Time chasers, Overdrawn at the memory bank, Manos the hands of fate, The incredibly strange creatures who stopped living and became mixed up Zombies, The final Judgement (Rowsdower!!!), Mitchell, Hobgoblins, Zombie Nightmare, The Gamera films (kenny!), Invasion of the Neptune men and....Prince of space! (It's where my Avatar is from).
  12. Temporal AA is now used so things should look cleaner on consoles.
  13. Dishonored 2

    Yeah the new options also help like being able to lock the framerate etc. Locked mine to 45 fps and it never budges from that resulting in a much smoother experience. Can run everything full as well, even with HBAO+ on. Also finished it yesterday. Ending was okay but the story isn;t as good as the first. Still the gameplay holds up nicely.
  14. Awesome it's Space mutiny. The episode that got me into MST3K.
  15. Enjoy! Oh and mother funking Pumaman is on right now!!!!!!