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  1. Nintendo NX

    True. Although Pascal is estimated to be roughly twice as efficient as Maxwell. Compare the TDP of a 980ti to a 1070 for example. As you said the dev kit could be using a full power X1 for the docking station. Latest rumour is that the NX uses a custom version of either the X1 or the X2. Quite frankly though it's difficult to know at this stage.
  2. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    It's bloody nice now. Also got some bitching swords tonight.
  3. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Core i5 4690 at stock (could overclock easy but heat is an issue in my mini itx case) 1070 GTX (cheap blower version so no big overclock). AOC 34 inch screen (which I got at a frankly stupid bargain price due to, and this is true, the box having a bit of damage. So the monitor was reduced from 600 quid to 350!) 16 gigs Typically with hairworks on etc and at Ultra it hits around 45 fps. Switch off hairworks and reduced the AA and it hits 60 fps nearly all the time. The 1070 really is a beast! Very good for 3440x1440 gaming. I'm not rich by the way, far from it, but I saved up for all this for ages.
  4. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Just recorded some footage with shadowplay and uploaded it to youtube. It shows the game running at Ultra settings (hairworks on as well) in Super widescreen. Trouble is youtube screws the quality a lot
  5. Nintendo NX

    It may well be but it the X1 is a known quantity and already has lots of development software support. If it is a miss mash then it maybe a semi custom job. Maybe newer ARM cores than the X1 has. Even if it is a bog standard X1 then one area where it competes against the ps4/xbone is in the area of CPU power. Those four ARM cores could be better than the 8 jaguars (which are a bit shit to be fair). Depends if it's the ARMv8's in the X1 or possibly Denver with an X2.
  6. Nintendo NX

    Perfectly possible at 540p is perfect for scaling to 1080p (obviously). A lot of people on speculation places think that nintendo would go with such a screen due to power requirements and the fact that a 540p screen can look great for portable gaming. Saying that though 720p screens could be cheaper due to them being more numerous in quantity.
  7. Nintendo NX

    If it's going to be down clocked (considering the X1 power draw) then the dev kit would do that and not need active cooling. Also as you said it's 20 watt-ish (because TDP is not usually constant and that's it upper limit) chip. So having it at full pelt in a dev kit would be silly. Especially as it's a fully mature chip. To me this points to the X2 being in contention. Pascal is more energy efficient that Maxwell and on a 16nm process. This would be much more up Nintendo's street. Say you could achieve the same speed as an X1 but with less than half the power draw and no need for active cooling. That would be desirable. Also I am wondering about memory. I think they'll go with 4 gigs as opposed to 8 as for a mobile that is more than enough. Conceivably the home unit could include an extra 4 gig to help drive higher resolution needed for the TV ( the system would share the memory when in TV mode). The main thing will be juts how good is the sharing of information between the Tv base unit and the handheld? I presume it will have much higher bandwidth than the WiiU gamepad has and it will have to send much more data (higher quality of graphics etc). This of course presumes that the Base unit will be a supplemental computing device like Nintendo patents have been recently about. If it's not then maybe they can just use the same tech as in the WiiU. Still it's all very interesting and that's cool with me. A handheld/hybrid with more power than the WiiU...not bad. Not bad at all. Lets face it some of the WiiU's games look great.
  8. Nintendo NX

    Those come with the Nvidia "seal of gross mark ups". Now there's a company that knows how to fleece it's customers.
  9. Nintendo NX

    Every time I see one of those I think "I'll buy one one day" even though I have no GBA games.
  10. Nintendo NX

    Not really as there are a number of reason why it could be used. Better energy efficiency and the fact that the chip is only currently being used for cars and nothing else. It's very odd that Nvidia would invest time and effort into such a chip and not release it with a solid commercial product. Also the chip included in the Dev kit, while being an X1, seems to require an active cooling solution. That's odd as mobile chips don't so it points to the chip maybe being heavily overclocked and requiring cooling. If X2 is twice the power of the X1 and operates within active cooling then an overclocked x1 would provide a reasonably accurate base for people to make games off. One the flip side though MVC state that they have spoken to people who say the price will be less than some expect. Now Nvidia have a lot of spare X1's about after overestimating sales of the shield tablet. They may have offered nintendo a very sweet deal on them.
  11. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Oh your missing out me old son. Our games are cheaper and can look way better, even on a moderately specced machine. The witcher 3 is a good example of this. There also something us PC people can do that you console people cannot. Super wide screen. It's fan-bloody-tastic. Oh and yeah the SSD load times. Lovely fast loading.
  12. Red Dwarf - Series XI and XII confirmed

    Peterson isn't is he?
  13. Red Dwarf - Series XI and XII confirmed

    Series one does have Future Echoes though and that is such a good, sci fi style episode. Also I always liked Me2. Just a great insight into how much Rimmer loathes himself. Series 2 though was great with the possible exception of Thanks for the memory although we do get to see just what Red Dwarf could have been like if they had cast Chris Barrie as Lister like they originally wanted too.
  14. Fast Racing Neo (Wii U)

    Woohoo! Good news Everyone (yes you just said that in farnsworths voice). New DLC for FAST has been announced and it's 8 new tracks! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CoSHa1vWcAEO_ZL.jpg:large Coming September 30th ! FAST Racing Neo 'NEO FUTURE PACK' DLC coming 09/30/16 - 8 New tracks - 10 New vehicle profiles - 18 new audio tracks Now that's a nice DLC!
  15. Nintendo eShop 28th July 2016 ROUND ONE FIGHT

    Ah that lovely sound which, during the snes era, meant you were going to play some kick arse games. Now the word Konami is nearly as bad as a word that doesn't begin with K but certainly begins with C and rhymes with punt.