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  1. Do you try to play games 'perfectly'?

    Generally no, and this is what has put me off playing the first Dishonered. Like the second to get the best ending, you have to try and kill as little as possible in the game, which on the one hand I can see but the other pisses me off. I think for stuff like that, it should rely on either hamifsted "good of bad" choices, or at least do it like mass effect did, where you can be a nice guy, but still be able to take out people in your way if you need to. So yeah I kill too corrupt police officer in Dishonered (exaggeration I know) using some of the most fun powers in the game and take part in the admittedly good combat? Nah, fuck off. You've doomed your entire city to a zombie apocalypse. I think you should be allowed leeway in games like that. Then again I'm not that good at stelath games so probably the wrong person to ask. But at least in Mass Effect I never doomed the galaxy to extinction cos I punched that fucking reporter in the face.
  2. Titanfall 2

    Seen people with that yeah, will give it a go.
  3. Titanfall 2

    So what the best anti-titans weapon? I've been using the laser with the instant fire mostly but wanting to see what people think of the other weapons as I'm finding it less useful than when I started.
  4. Titanfall 2

    Rodeo is now hit and run. This is offset bu the titans not having a regenerating shield. The only way to get a shield is to take a Titan battery and either rodeo a friendly titan and shove it in there (which gives you a massive boost to your titan build meter, hell you do that you cna probably call a titan down straight away) or get in your titan while carrying a battery. There's also a boost you can use to get a battery. I use that when I call my titan in.
  5. Titanfall 2

    So I've been playing a sTone for ages now, and when I get to Gen 4 (I WANT A PURPLE MECH) which should be soon, I'm gonna try a new mech. I've tried Legion and while good I wants something a bit more versatile. Ion looks good. Also LASER FACE.
  6. Titanfall 2

    Anybody seen any real changes to Tone? I may be wrong but it seemed the lock on was easier to lose. Apart from that nothing too noticeable. Edit: Though reddit mentions lower damage on salvo rockets, lower cannon fire rate (just a smidge).
  7. Titanfall 2

    Pity I won't be able to see the new stuff till Friday (didn;t pre-order) but looks fun. Wonder how they've balance the tone exactly?
  8. Titanfall 2

    You can just tell when someone hasn't gotten to a certain level can't you?
  9. Ori and the Blind Forest - Xbox One/PC March 11th

    So there's this part of the game I've come across near the beginning, the Dark Root Burrows or something...should I be going back much later as I can;t see shit and keep falling in to pis. I've abandoned it now but been a while since I've played a Metroidvania game so assuming I should go back at some point.
  10. Titanfall 2

    Almost certainly?
  11. Is it the end of retail?

    I've started buying digital more often now. I got Gears 4 digital so I could also play it on PC. Titanfall 2 was disc because at the time it was the cheapest price, same with Resident Evil Revelations 2 which I got cheaper on disc than digital for my wife. Certain things I will buy the disc for because I like having the physical copy, not just for games. I tend to get digital comics and read them more often but I still get the odd trade.
  12. Titanfall 2

    Unlocked the Flatline last night (with credits)...starting to see what VN1X sees in it. As for challengers VN1X...wingman only, grapple.
  13. Titanfall 2

    I don't think HMV know what long-term thinking is.
  14. "What were the Devs thinking!?" moments

    Lick Lara's Orifices?
  15. "What were the Devs thinking!?" moments

    Ooooh I just thought of a good one that I hate! When you're playing a game with an A.I. Partner and the speed of the level is determined by them. By that I mean something like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, in the level where you use the hover cycle things and later on you go in to the building with token British team member. You walk around the level waiting for this slow as hell motherfucker to open doors, say his scripted lines ans so forth. It's OK for a first playthrough, but on a second, it just grinds everything to a halt. I don't mind the games having scripted events, but when it's a case of moving from room to fucking room it just annoys the fuck out of me. Alternatively you have games have said A.I. Partner who is slower than you in regular game play. I can understand a character being faster than you up to get ahead of you , or as close as possible to your own pas I guess, since e you'd need to take in to account the scripted events and different path the player may take. But going SLOWER than you, Jesus. Yeah alright gruff but loveable sergeant yeah we'll breach the door as SOON AS YOU GET YOUR ARSE OVER HERE. Look just teleport the buggers in that case alright? It's call of Duty alright? I know the story, kill the guys with vaguely defined opposing ideaology who will most likely not be speaking the same language as me, Right? OK.