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    *Looks at Rise of Iron* Huh just remebered I never even started the last expansion...
  2. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    Or just shoot everything with an electric shotgun.
  3. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    Yeah I say gunplay but I mean plasmids/vigors as well.
  4. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    Finally got around to installing Bioshock Infinite on my PC because of this and I remembered why it's my favourite of the series, much better gunplay. Bioshock 1 is a great story and I would watch a film about it, but the actual gunplay is clunky as hell . Bioshock 2 didn't interest me enough to keep playing past the theme park, but I'll probably give it another go at some point.
  5. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    Yes! Oh god that fucking thing was a fucking piece of shit that broke f you glanced at it.
  6. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    I started playing Bioshock 2...then stopped for some reason, never really gave it a chance. Good thing I can give it another go now. Not that I never could since its been sitting in my steam library for ages
  7. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    Hah. This takes me back, especially the PC vs Console stuff. When Bioshock first came out, I worked for 2K tech support. Or rather I worked for the company that 2K farmed their support out to (Respondez, was based in Hartlepool "sadly" closed earlier this year, fun fact I also did tech support for the iTeddy which I bet no one remembers). I worked the night Bioshock was released digitally...when it had SecuRom protection. And here's the thing, the servers for Securom were not activated until midnight Central US time, which if you don't know, is five hours behind GMT. So all these buggers who bought the disc version of the game for PC couldn't activate it for hours. Then the servers crashed. Then everyone used their two activations because the servers were fucked. So they had to call in and request more. Then they increased the activations to 5 and it STILL didn't bloody work properly for ages. I have an odd relationship with this game. The reason this sticks is I remember one email before release where it was a stick figure, red PC users, green console users and blue 2K support staff. There were 2 doors , PC and Console. PC users were blocked by 2k users and a huge queue was forming, while the console users were barreling through the door with no regard for safety. There was text as well but can;t quite remember what was said, something along the lines of "No PC users stay out!" This was before twitter got really big so I assume this was sent to the support inbox because it was one of the few ways to contact a company, except it didn't get there. It went round about 30 teenagers and balding middle aged men and made them chuckle
  8. Recore

    Is it bad that I completely forgot about this game after E3 last year?
  9. Halo 5: Guardians

  10. Duke Nukem 3D World Tour

    Could I just play Max Hazard instead?
  11. Battlefield 1 - World War One

    So am I doing something daft with the bomber plane? I have no idea where my bombs are dropping. IIRC Battlefront would show you a reticule, but only if you were in a certain view? Is that the same here?
  12. Battlefield 1 - World War One

    Completely forgot I downloaded this. How long does the beta run for? Might not get to play until the weekend.
  13. Character creation fails

    Which one?
  14. Games you think aren't as bad as people say.

    I will admit playing Halo 2 again on Master Chief Collection with better graphics and the ability to go straight to Halo 3 rather than be stuck on that cliffhanger made me re-evaluate it, but I still feel it;s the weakest single player of the series, and I include Halo 5's very playable but horribly executed narrative.