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  1. Xbox Games with Gold | August

    I have BG&E, but the others should be interesting.
  2. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    I just spent the last 25 minutes walking back and forth between 4 pokestops for myself and my wife who was at an event and current leave. Jesus...
  3. Sonic Mania

    Cautiously optimistic about this. The other not so much.
  4. Killer Instinct..

    Did the new arcade mode for season 3 come out yet or is that still a while off?
  5. The Terry Pratchett Thread

    I swear someone needs to adapt Guards, Guards! Cmon a police procedural with a dragon. It'd be great.
  6. Ghostbusters (2016)

    That's nice to hear at least. You think the marketing didn't help or just people's nostalgia goggles broke?
  7. Ghostbusters (2016)

    So she's better in the movie than the trailers portray? Cos that trailer was shit. Not sure about that, I mean he was probably bunged in for it, but he never asked to be paid in fried chicken so... S'what I do. Though I can't be arsed going to the cinema for most movies anyway. Ghostbusters was never "my thing" anyway, so I wasn't that bothered if it ends up good or bad either way.
  8. Ghostbusters (2016)

    You know what turned me off this movie? The black woman.... WAIT COME BACK LET ME REPHRASE THAT! OK when Winston turned up in Ghostbusters, he was just a guy, he was the audience surrogate, normal bloke in a ridiculous situation, still stuck by and did the job and managed to work despite him lacking some characterisation. Was he black? Yes. Was it his DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC? No! In the trailer I saw, they basically bung in the "stereotypical angry black woman" thing, and it just made me think it was gonna be cheap, shitty laughs, Am I wrong? I really can't be arsed to go see the film to check.
  9. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    Downloaded the APK and installed fine but it kept crashing. Any ideas why? Not that it matters much, when it come sout on iOS me and the Mrs are gonna go on pokewalks. We'll be like those "couple" battlers from the games.
  10. Evolve

    Is this available to download now, or just in Beta?
  11. Evolve

    It is. Eurogamer reported that after the PC Beta they'll be sorting the console out.
  12. You could always buy them using a credit card then pay it off when you get paid.
  13. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    ah right...any idea how I can cancel a stea, refund request?
  14. Bioshock the Collection | Big Daddy 1,2,3

    I literally bought Minerva's Den this morning for £2. But then I requested a refund after reading the story. This might be daft but does it give you the DLC free for PC or did I just mis-read that?
  15. Halo 5: Guardians

    Well, this is rather good isn't it. They've upped the difficulty, so winning actually means something, and I;ve only played on 2 maps, and only one of them new, but pretty fun. That bloody Grunt mech can be harsh as well. But so far seems the balance has been struck. Also quite like the Wasp. It's a level 3 Rec as well so if you have them, you can start using it to early advantage