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  1. GAME reaches new low

    In fairness if there was a game like that I'd probably get VR of some kind.
  2. RIP United Front Games

    M for Mature indeed.... Shame, Sleeping Dogs was definitely one of the best non-GTA games. Always down for a replay of it and its most excellent DLC (especially the Big Trouble in Little China inspired one).
  3. Titanfall 2 - Stand by... 28th October

    So I'm interested in this, but mainly for the single player campaign, which is apprently 4 hours long. Thinks I'll ask for it for crimbo of someone. You can make an arguement that the quality of the campaign could make up for it's brevity but....I dunno that still seem really fecking short to me.
  4. Nintendo Switch - your opinions

    Honestly not sure what to think of it. At home it'll be pretty much like any other Nintendo console, some good games, some half-arsed ports, and some ignoring/gut-punching of their best franchises for another Mario game. But that portability think looks good and being able to use it anywhere in the home (SKYRIM ON THE BOG!) looks cool. But if the battery life is nowt it won't help. Also, I can imagine wanting to get some accidental damage insurance in case you drop the thing on concrete (someone will do it).
  5. Shadow Warrior 2 - Free Content Incoming

    Thread's kinda making me wanna replay the first game. Kinda got bored with it part way through.
  6. The Last Guardian

    I was hoping for an answer along the lines of "explode from paradoxical uncertainty" but that's good too.
  7. The Last Guardian

    I'm curious what you'd do if they released it as digital only?
  8. The Last Guardian

    Not for me, but for those waiting...IT'S GONE GOLD! http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-10-21-after-nearly-a-decade-the-last-guardian-has-gone-gold For what it's worth for anyone waiting I hope this doesn't turn into another Duke Nukem Forever situation.
  9. Gaming patches are taking the piss

    It wouldn't be so bad if, like mentioned in that Jim Sterling video, the Xbox and PS networks were able to allow patches to be downloaded at a decent rate but due to how they're built they only allow slow as fuck download times. I think the piss take came to a head when Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 came out, and the game was 5 gigs by itself, while the "day one" patch was 8 GIGS! Essentially you were downloading the rest of the game!
  10. Gears of War 4 - no spoilers in thread titles thanks!

    Thing with a lot of shooters, is that while they do create these interesting back stories, they never seem to do much with the characters beyond the absolute basics. Gears for the most part avoided this mainly because the main 4 characters did actually seem to work with the 4 basic temperaments/personality types from lierature etc (though variations apply). Sanguine (optimistic and social), Cole. Choleric (short-tempered or irritable), Baird. Melancholic (analytical and quiet), Marcus. Phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful), Dom. Of course that's just the bare bones basics (you could make the case that Baird is the most analytical, being the tech wiz and Cole is more relaxed than Dom but you can see the basics). Or to put it another way, if they were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Marcus = Leonardo, the quiet one, very good tactical sense, aka analytical. Baird = Raphael, short-tempered, sarcastic and irritable. [Note the personality types don;t denote a person's intelligence, so while at first you might think Baird = Donatello, his skill with technical stuff is not part of his demeanor]. Dom = Donatello, the most chill and relaxed of the group. Though obviously this would change after Maria's death in 2, but you still have aspects of this even after that. Cole = Michelangelo because...well do I really need to explain it? Now the main 3 cast members in Gears 4? If they all had the same voice actor I doubt you could tell their personalities apart. They're all smart-asses. They make quips. Hell there's an exchange about two thirds through the game, which I've spoilered just in case but it contains no plot details aside form what is revealed in marketing. The exchange itself is a daft little chuckle, not astoundingly funny but amusing enough to anyone familiar with gaming tropes, but the fact is if the trio were all done in the same voice, I would have no idea who would be saying which bit since their personalities and thus their tone and inflections are identical. Now if the original four main characters were in that same situation, and done by the same voice actor, the way they were written would make them identifiable, as in the original games they got those 4 different main personalities down pat. It's not always like that and the game does have it's own decent dialogue moments, but the script had nothing on the original games...which is odd because the games themselves weren't that well written either in terms of story. But their 4 main characters were. Halo 5 has a similar issue. Blue Team are basically Master Chief x4 whereas for all their faults (apart from the legend that is Buck/Nathan Fillion) you could at least the personalities of Team Osiris apart.
  11. Gears of War 4 - no spoilers in thread titles thanks!

    As I said yes, the story does feel it gets going and then just kinda stops. It's not on the level of Halo 2/5's cliffhangers (Both of which feel like they stop at the end of the second act) but I was just like "Huh...that was it?" I was expecting maybe another level plus a fight with a Locust baddy. Maybe should have had the Might had set the pace a bit better.
  12. Gears of War 4 - no spoilers in thread titles thanks!

    Just finished it. Enjoyed it throughly, and the last chapter in was great. Liked the last boss too. However I was surprised it ended where it did. Yeah there's a quasi-tradition in Gears games ending at or just after these sort of sequences, but it kinda felt like the story had only just got going and just sorta stopped, was expecting at least another level or two. Just booted it up on PC too and with a few tweaks (have above min spec but not recommended)) like getting rid of fucking motion bluu, lens flare and all that useless guff it runs bloody nice, seems really well optimised.
  13. Gears of War 4 - no spoilers in thread titles thanks!

    FUCK IT. *Buys digital copy*
  14. Gears of War 4 - no spoilers in thread titles thanks!

    Thought I had found a really good deal on the digital version of the game for less than £30 here: http://gk4.me/en/xbox-one/3007-gears-of-war-4-xbox-one-account.html However, if I'm reading that right, you don't get a key for the game, you get an account that has the game on it which you need to bung on your Xbox One, that will then allow you to play the game on your regular account. Is that dodgy as fuck? Seems dodgy as fuck.