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  1. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Did a test in an LMP2 car after the season finished, I think the severity of his injury has kyboshed any chance of a seat in an F1 car. His arm was a complete mess, dropped out of the WRC at 2014 and not done much since.
  2. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I would imagine Fred is kicking the door to Merc doing a Senna and saying 'I'll drive that car for nowt' while they scan through Lewis contract where it states 'any team mate as long as it's not him' Fascinating if they sign one of the leading 4, free's up another seat somewhere else with a half decent car.
  3. Formula One - 2016 Season

    A vote for Fred for me, brave choice by Merc if they go with it though, suitable punishment for the tone they were using with Lewis mind... Jenson to get re-hired by McLaren, waltz's to a second WDC. Get me bookies pen.
  4. Formula One - 2016 Season

    What's all this brew ha? anyone worth their salt, Senna, Prost, Mansell, Piquet (not the cobbler, he would have stuck him in the wall at turn 1) would have done exactly the same thing. Advantage Hamilton, he was playing with him like a cat play's with a mildly dead mouse. Mercedes are looking like dicks at the moment, if there was a half decent seat available next year I'd expect Hamilton to find his way into it. Classic 'up yours' to testing as well. I'm starting to like the chap, maybe just a bit...
  5. The weapon of choice for the simpleton.
  6. "What were the Devs thinking!?" moments

    I still don't understand what Bungie were thinking when they unleashed the flood in the original Halo game. Up to that point, a masterpiece. After that, a load of bollocks.
  7. GTA Online: Cunning stunts.

    So if I want to play GTA on my PS4, load it like the day before I actually want to play it? I've had it since I got the PS4 but just not got round to *ahem* loading it.
  8. The Wii U Thread

    I am the master of Splatoon in my household, and it is simply the finest game to come out on any console in recent memory. The quality of the online play at the weekend was almost frightening. I also have a major hard on for super smash brothers, me and the kids have had hours of fun with that, even if they did get bored of having their faces smashed in as I used little mac to my advantage. It's a great console, especially as it lets my kids play online without anyone calling them a cunt.
  9. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Ban the radios.....
  10. Formula One - 2016 Season

    TWR, that collection of massive cheats? Flav will be allowed back on the pit wall.....
  11. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Now that is a good shout. If anyone knows the sport back to front then it's him.
  12. Formula One - 2016 Season

    It buggers up the pointy end of the grid, LMP2 will shine next year as will the GT class if the ACO kick Ford square in the gonads like they really should do. Honestly, I've no idea why Audi dragged it out for as long as they did, I also don't like the attitude from the WEC 'others will come' who are they then? I don't see anyone else dabbling in the premier class of endurance racing unless Nissan are going to burn more £'s trying to get the monster to work? at least not for a couple of years when the 2018 regs get pushed through.
  13. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I totally get where your coming from, but as someone who has hardly watched a race this year it appeared to the now casual viewer that any and every pass was ratified by a third party And then Vettel gets sweary and the ban hammer comes out again. Messy. I admit the WEC is far from clean in this, but you'd never refer everything to race control as there's too much going on....
  14. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I think that's the first full race I've tried to watch all year, and I fell asleep half way through it. It seems that any mildly interesting overtake or pass is immediately ratified by a collection of old racers: 'do you think that pass should stand?' 'why, he certainly seems to be irked at the standard of driving (waves ban hammer)' It's racing by jury and they'd be better off doing a few laps behind the safety car and then drawing their numbers out of a hat as to who finishes where. *sigh* I blame it all on Audi, I've never liked their cars and they've just singlehandedly fucked the WEC by withdrawing. Bah.
  15. You didn't play a battle game of super monkey ball? Get out.