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  1. Splatoon - "Go ahead... Make a mess"

    Got a game in and really enjoyed it. Kids will go mental when hey find out cause bedtime is 8pm!
  2. You mean it's still here? A hive of cunts and villany, just make suer you don't have any view on politics or you'll be chased out into the streets and stoned. Maybe I'll come back in 18 months, maybe I'll not bother.

  3. Formula One - 2015 Season

    Fag money is at Ferrari I think. In a 'no it's not advertised on our cars in anyway shape or form' kind of way. Maybe they could have gone down the e-cigs route? seems to sail past the broadcasters at the moment, or maybe nobody wants to sponsor them with a shitty stick?
  4. Formula One - 2015 Season

    You mean Vijay uses it as a branding exercise for the companies he owns? Isn't the 'new' new force india due out this week?
  5. Formula One - 2015 Season

    Meh. Side profile is better, but it's all a bit meh till it starts getting podiums.
  6. Formula One - 2015 Season

    I like what they've done with the e-tron front end, but the way that 919 accelerates. Blimey.
  7. Formula One - 2015 Season

    Make that 1:54.7 The porsche looks bloody quick.....
  8. Formula One - 2015 Season

    21 years. Where did the time go
  9. Be like, the only 3rd party game released this year? perhaps?
  10. Is this really going to come out on the wiiu? One of my kids would go nuts for it. I might even get a go......
  11. Formula One - 2015 Season

    I thought this years fastest LMP1 car was 3 seconds off the pace of last years F1 time? I can't locate that as fact so I could be and probably am wrong. I thought the clever stuff merc has done with it's power unit (plonking the turbo between the V) has just started to trickle into it's road cars. Clarkson commented on the new sls having a much lower bonnet as the engine was more compact. I'd like to think the two are related. I think there should be more freedom around the kers recovery unit in F1 as there's clearly a number of different approaches available.
  12. Formula One - 2015 Season

    I think there are some fairly stringent rules applied to fuel and airflow, the rest is reasonably open. Hence if Nissan can get the full kinetic energy recovery claimed that car should go like stink.
  13. Formula One - 2015 Season

    It certainly is a strange thing. Somewhat otherworldly. It's a very clever piece of technology, but then you only have to look at the nissan with it's bodywork off to get the gist of what they're up against. I'm sure an F1 care isn't a simple thing, but an lmp1 car....
  14. Formula One - 2015 Season

    And based on what I saw, he's achieved his aim. Like I said at the time, it seems like it's trying to tear the world in half. I think people used to rave about the noise coming from the vipers, makes you wonder.....?
  15. Formula One - 2015 Season

    Good, but I'll raise you: Honestly, while blown away by the racket from the vette, all the GT cars including the 458's and the astons sounded amazing. (should be working now)