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  1. You didn't play a battle game of super monkey ball? Get out.
  2. Regrets selling your collection?

    Sold a rather large Dreamcast collection to Dreamcastmaster many years ago. Of all the things I've parted with over the years, this is the only thing I would say I regret selling. Probably why my Panasonic Q and steel battalion and all associated boxes remain tucked away in my loft....
  3. There is this, but are the coffers not stuffed from people running around chasing pokemon on their phones?
  4. Specs interest me and my kids not one iota, and haven't for years. Still, if Bingo's your thing you can hook up with my mother in law....
  5. I thought the world had moved beyond the point where anyone really gave a shit what a console was capable of? I've never looked at Splatoon and thought 'good heavens this colour palette is definately missing something....' Piss the loading times off by going back onto carts, and they're onto something. Having just got into fallout 4 on the PS4, the open door, get in a lift, wait for scenario to load/unfold is an absolute bore.
  6. My nine year old twins are going to go mad for this shit. and I'll have a piece of that as Splatoon is the best game I've ever played. So deal with it.
  7. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I'd never pay for it, certainly not to sky and certainly not while it's in the mess it's in. If somebody came along and did some sort of motorsport package that included the WEC, WRX and a few other series from the states I might change my mind. No idea what time the highlights were on CH4 on Sunday and it's not a channel I avoid but if they're not chucking a cheeky advert in for it when Guy Martin is on I'm just not going to look for it. I guess it just doesn't get the pride of place it felt like it had on the BBC, and they treated it like shit in the end.
  8. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I find it fascinating that people still find anything to talk about. Hamilton should just let him win it, it'll be that 'forgotten championship' The tv coverage is a mess, still, the scalextric from Hong Kong provided some shits n giggles....
  9. Splatoon - "Go ahead... Make a mess"

    Got a game in and really enjoyed it. Kids will go mental when hey find out cause bedtime is 8pm!
  10. You mean it's still here? A hive of cunts and villany, just make suer you don't have any view on politics or you'll be chased out into the streets and stoned. Maybe I'll come back in 18 months, maybe I'll not bother.

  11. Formula One - 2015 Season

    Fag money is at Ferrari I think. In a 'no it's not advertised on our cars in anyway shape or form' kind of way. Maybe they could have gone down the e-cigs route? seems to sail past the broadcasters at the moment, or maybe nobody wants to sponsor them with a shitty stick?
  12. Formula One - 2015 Season

    You mean Vijay uses it as a branding exercise for the companies he owns? Isn't the 'new' new force india due out this week?
  13. Formula One - 2015 Season

    Meh. Side profile is better, but it's all a bit meh till it starts getting podiums.
  14. Formula One - 2015 Season

    I like what they've done with the e-tron front end, but the way that 919 accelerates. Blimey.
  15. Formula One - 2015 Season

    Make that 1:54.7 The porsche looks bloody quick.....