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  1. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Just saw this on Twitter
  2. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    In all fairness my copy was a conversion, so not worth megamoney
  3. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    When look back I've owned 4 AES's over the years - got my first in 1994 - just with Art Of Fighting 2 and Fatal Fury Special - sold it when the ps1 came out. The second was bought as a junker from Japan in 2004 - it didnt work. so I sold it on. Number 3 was just after that - sadly the sound went a few years ago. I've still got it - lovely and boxed in the loft. Number 4 I bought after number 3 got retired. Console only for £100. Nice considering I had every thing else from before. I've managed to keep most of my games but lament selling Blazing Star, Thrash Rally and Last Resort.
  4. The Sega Dreamcast appreciation thread

    I just had a nice bash on some DC games today, Zero Gunner 2, Silent Scope ( playing with the mouse) and Propeller Arena. I've had a copy of Propeller Arena for ages and never got round to playing it until today. Well, what a great little game, really simple ( I don't think it'll have much longevity) but it oozes Sega - punk soundtrack with a talking DJ reminds me of F355, Crazy Taxi and JSR. I recommend grabbing an ISO and burning yourself a copy.
  5. New Shadow Of The Beast on PS4

    I wish it came with a t-shirt!
  6. Your gaming setup

    You're welcome to pop over
  7. Got 3 games from a Car Boot today - Star wars Racer Revenge and Vampire Night (50p each) and Resident Evil 5 (£1) Not great really....
  8. Your gaming setup

    Its a nice day so decided to play outside
  9. Yeah post a pic! Make me green with envy!
  10. Wow! An MSX for a fiver!
  11. Your retro youtube videos

    New video - don' t know what the hell is wrong with my audio at the moment- first it was really quiet, then one driver update later it was no better. Had to boost it and got that horrible hissing.
  12. Where to buy neogeo homecarts nowadays?

    Aren't the mvs to AES adapters madly expensive? I've got a 161-in-1 cart and it's great !
  13. Ooooo! Selling anything good, stranger?
  14. Where to buy neogeo homecarts nowadays?

    64 bits or nothing!!!
  15. My bongos are in a corner of the loft, behind a drum freaks box set and a boxed super scope. Surprisingly nothing in that corner gets much use.