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  1. Atari Jaguar

    How much is "bottom end" ? Just curious like.
  2. Hipsters rejoice! General gaming soundtracks on Vinyl thread

    Already There's some scalping c*nt on eBay already trying to flip limited editions of Panzer Dragoon and Revenge of Shinobi for £119.99 each
  3. Death Stranding - PS4 - Kojima at it again

    The way Del Toro plugs his in then appears to be invisible to Mads would support this.
  4. Death Stranding - PS4 - Kojima at it again

    Note that the passing aircraft look very much like P-47 Thunderbolts. Mad's skeleton goons are dressed in WW2 garb with similar era rifles, whilst he's equipped with modern tech. I think there's some sort of alternate WW2 reality / history going on here
  5. Best and Worst VHS Covers

    "Music by Brian May " it's obviously predicted Rise of the Robots
  6. Best and Worst VHS Covers

    It forgotten how fucking awful that cover was. Mechanical skeletor and a Pegasus would have been somewhat out of place in Nausicca
  7. Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe Thursday BBC2 10pm

    He's tempting fate by airing it at anytime before New Year's Day
  8. Your retro youtube videos

    And here we are!
  9. Your retro youtube videos

    I've just invested in a new blue yeti microphone. Thinking about a capture card rather than relying on emulation. Either way I'm getting back into doing videos soon
  10. No, she tweeted there wouldn't be a Monday vid this week edit: - a new vid at least
  11. Star Wars: Rogue One

    Booked For Thursday morning!
  12. Yeah, jammy git (and all that) but I'm glad it didn't get binned!
  13. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    So case aside, it's just a case of opening the machine, unplugging the floppy drive and replacing it with the Gotek?
  14. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Advice please! I've got an A500 in the loft with a dodgy floppy (oo-er) whats the best sd card solution?
  15. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Should do, I've got a Japanese console which I think is a 5 volt ( I know it's not a 10v one )