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  1. Where to buy neogeo homecarts nowadays?

    Aren't the mvs to AES adapters madly expensive? I've got a 161-in-1 cart and it's great !
  2. Ooooo! Selling anything good, stranger?
  3. Where to buy neogeo homecarts nowadays?

    64 bits or nothing!!!
  4. My bongos are in a corner of the loft, behind a drum freaks box set and a boxed super scope. Surprisingly nothing in that corner gets much use.
  5. I'll have a Panasonic fz1 3do for trade soon.... When I get round to testing it. Console and official pad. The disc drawer sticks sometimes.
  6. Your retro youtube videos

    I made a quick video about what I thought of Space Harrier over the years.....
  7. Your retro youtube videos

    Ive never used Vegas, so I can't compare
  8. YouTube starter tips

    Agreed, the last video I put up I spent 6 hours editing, it's a five minute video (intense editing! ) which after uploading was 29 minutes. Ok I thought, I can use the YouTube tool.... Took hours to update. Here's the video.
  9. Your retro youtube videos

    Now I've got adobe premiere I am loving editing, it's so satisfying !
  10. Ocean documentary on YT by Kim Justice

    I found this thread yesterday, the day after I uploaded my own video. Her video's are the type and style and content that I want to do. My video (aside from unknowingly copying her style) pales in comparison. I feel a binge watch coming on
  11. Your retro youtube videos

    No, on my desktop. Oh well probably just me! Thanks all the same!
  12. Your retro youtube videos

    Compared to the "record and hope" method of my previous youtube episodes, I've started something new - give it a watch. It's only 5 minutes but took bloody ages to edit and record. If you've got 5 minutes to kill - take a look at Bloggo taking a look at Konami !
  13. YouTube starter tips

    Not particularly relevant in this age of streaming straight to YouTube, but after a series of lets play style videos that were very very ad-libed, I did this with a couple of mates. All I used was frapps for capture and MS movie maker for editing. I really enjoyed making it and I really should find the time to do more.
  14. i want to see more of your mousemat!
  15. Arcade Tales. A new comic project.

    SeanR seal of approval! Truely an accolade if there was one!