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  1. Mega Drive. Yeah!

    "Is it alive?" "it's a bit alive"
  2. What are you playing? Retro edition.

    Ah Bombjack is a regular goto on mame. I had forgotten that solomons key even existed. Mind you while I'm there I may as well play Bombjack while I'm at it!
  3. What are you playing? Retro edition.

    Oh man, I really need to play that again - and I've got the Tecmo collection and barely touched it
  4. Your gaming setup

    That looks like the one I've got.
  5. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Shelves ! heres the link @kernow @stoofle
  6. Your gaming setup

    I got mine for £50 locally
  7. Your gaming setup

    Yesterday I got a little Sony 14inch PVM - today I've had a good chance to get it setup in the shed. Its great to have a monitor that I can use as a vertical display for shooters !
  8. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I forgot ! I didn't post a pic of my 100 mega-shock shelves! £12.99 from Amazon. no room for expansion though....
  9. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    PCBs are put of the loft! Will be playing about with it in the morning! Think I'll post it in the gaming setup thread when it's done
  10. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    14 inch. Still looks small compared to my 21 inch Sony Trinitron Tv . Can't wait to run my supergun through it!
  11. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Got a little Sony PVM today. Neo geo looks lovely on it!
  12. Birthday Gaming Memories

    It must have been my 15th birthday, I'd saved about half the way towards a commodore 1541 disk drive. On the day my mum and dad drove me into town to 'maybe' get a game. When we arrived at the computer shop the owner greeted my mum by name and said "I've got your bananas" mystified at why they were selling bananas at a computer shop (and why in the world am I getting a box of bananas for my birthday?) I was surprised when he handed my mum a box of banana branded blank floppies - well that makes more sense, but we don't have a disk drive, I thought. The owner then produced a shiny new 1541 from under the counter - happy birthday! Wow! I was taken aback ! I was not expecting that! I then selected a couple of games, Renegade and Defender of the Crown Happy times indeed. But sadly they did not last , the drive died a few weeks later and had to take it back - we took a refund. There was a silver lining here, the following year the money refunded from the drive went towards an Amiga 500 instead.
  13. Game Room Evolution ( A blog topic)

    The sheds cost about £3k. £500 on electrics (with underground cable) and £500 in decorating costs. That includes the £200 spent on new oak worktops (as desks) All the internal work I did myself (with a friends help), but had the sheds built by the shed man!
  14. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Ah cool , I'll have to take a look at that !
  15. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I was playing through Robo Army yesterday. What a mental game - brilliant fun. I've has some sound issues too. Nothing too off-putting though