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  1. What I want this to mean : Thunderforce 7 and a mega Technosoft compilation pack (physical copies) What it actually will mean : Disappointment
  2. Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    I've had something of a GBA/GB purge this morning. These will end up in the trading folder / eBay sometime soon.
  3. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Cool, I'll pass on it. Hopefully @memories sells his oh and Burning Fight too
  4. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    There's a Fatal Fury 3 on eBay for £85 , broken clasp on the shockbox though. Is it wrong that it's putting me off?
  5. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    It's the second version (blue led) , not sure what the differences are. I hear that the first version (red led) is lower build quality
  6. Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    The first game I bought for mine (aside from SMW which was the pack in game) was an import version of Gradius 3 running through a converter, which I used for years before getting an NTSC snes. Never had any issues with it at all! Nearly all my games were US or Japanese imports.
  7. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I've been testing my Super MVS Converter this morning with the 161 cart. Good news, nearly everything seems to work. The only issues I've had were 2 random resets to the selection menu (that might be my dodgy AES psu) , Some scaling issues with Samurai Showdown V, and sound issues with Strikers 1945 (which in all honesty might be down to the 161 cart itself. Pretty happy with it as its much less hassle than setting up my Supergun and my MVS board.
  8. Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    I really like Darius Twin. It's not a great game by any measure buts it's so happy, and easy too!
  9. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Yeah I've tested it a bit. My gameroom is in a state of flux right now, so I've not had a chance to test it for any long period of time.
  10. Sensible soccer aside, I can't stand football games. Having said that I really enjoyed this last video. Informative and somewhat nostalgic, not because I played the games but remember them being released.
  11. Found some old photos of ECTS 2000

    I was working for Game at the gamestars live event, we sneaked into the dev only show next door and ended up in the SNK vip area, got free beer and a neo geo goodie bag. Played Metal Slug 5 all the way through before they realised that our show passes were just for gamestars.
  12. Found some old photos of ECTS 2000

    I loved ECTS, I went regularly from 1994 through to 1999. Always came away with great freebies. It was great fun !
  13. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I need to get my second AES up and running, but the sound is dead on it. Anyone recommend someone who might be able to fix it and maybe install a unibios in it? in other news I've got a Super Mvs converter 2 arriving soon!
  14. Why do I never find Gauntlet 4?? jealous!
  15. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    That's an amazing price! Well done!!