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  1. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    That's an amazing price! Well done!!
  2. It's ok, I've employed a fleet of carrier pigeons to fly it back over to you
  3. I know, I felt dead shifty picking it up
  4. Soooo, went to the doc's today. Signed off work with Kidney issues. But upon waiting for a bus there was a tattered supermarket carrier bag at the bus stop next to the bin. Wires sticking out of the top. Casually took a look... there's an Original Xbox in there. Ok... think fast - here comes the bus. Take (and look like a total hobo) or leave it. As dirty as hell, two Duke controllers and the Sega GT / JSRF disc. It only fucking works.
  5. A mate of mine rescued this little lot for me from his parents place before they threw it all out. Mostly Amiga and PC. Flashback and Last Ninja are on the Archemedies. The Alien model is pretty cool but the 18 inch singing Rob Zombie is fucking insane. Ife just noticed that the duke forever preview DVD is dated 2001. Which is quite amusing.
  6. Open world space games of the 80's and 90's

    What was clever about that was the solution was presented to you a few missions before. You just didnt know the relevance of it at the time.
  7. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Someone on rfs had Last Resort, Sonic Wings 2 and 3 on AES for sale. With the 3 figure price tags that you'd expect
  8. If her Twitter feed is anything to go by it looks like a ps1 era soccer crapfest is on its way.......
  9. Wow that's mad gets U-1 !!!
  10. Loved her expression when she read your question Lorf!
  11. Got my outrun vinyl today, and to my great surprise it's one of the 50 copies signed by Hiro !
  12. N-Gage Appreciation Thread

    OK so I've finally got mine back up and running (It appears that in this day and age finding an old Nokia charger is actually quite a task) The Ngage had midis of the music from Outrun and Space Harrier as ringtones in the internal memory, also I had a Nokia Dummy Sim in the box too - which saves me from fishing around for a spare sim. I found my 512k MMc (which for some reason I always thought was an SD card) and installed EEMame. Nice. Nice but hard to see. Still I'm glad to have it up and running. I'll add some more roms to see what works later in the week.
  13. N-Gage Appreciation Thread

    I'll try to find mine. I wonder if the games are still on the sd card. Come on @Nathan Wind get into it man!
  14. N-Gage Appreciation Thread

    I worked at game at the time, we had one of those demo units delivered. It stayed on the sales floor for about a month before it was dumped in the stock room. We were told that Nokia would take it back one day. A year later they still hadn't. So I took a hacksaw to it. The ngages in the unit where fully functional unlocked units. I've still got one. I did use it as a phone for a week or so. I did also download pretty every title for it and put some on a 512k sd card. I also managed to get Mame running (badly) on it. I don't really remember any stand out titles, but the main thing I remember is wondering why it had a portrait screen rather than a landscape one.