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  1. Thank the lord it's only the campaign that's available early...if it was MP I may have snapped and suffered the dualshock (for a month).
  2. Radio Raheem is dead

    D, muthafucka, D! RIP
  3. Will be sooo happy once the PS4 VR is out and it goes a bit more mainstream. Pretty tired of trying to explain the experience. "s'like ya there man" etc
  4. Hunt For The Wilderpeople

    Saw it on a plane, it made the flight I'm about to watch again with the missus.
  5. Hunt For The Wilderpeople

    Apols if there's a thread already, I did look. Anyways, it's directed by Taika Watiti (What We Do In The Shadows). Saw this earlier this week, it's out there and it's fab. http://huntforthewilderpeople.co.uk/
  6. A mere £80 puh-thetic! I can do better than that - here have one at £88.16
  7. Where is this game £80?