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  1. Gosh darn, that 10-A Hunter shotty is lethal.
  2. Black Mirror

  3. Nintendo Switch - your opinions

    Where's my 1080/Waverace? ack, Day 1.
  4. Nintendo Switch - your opinions

  5. No more day 1 Ninty until they give me a 1080 or a Waverace. Fuck it preordered.
  6. Epic Gaming Vids

    Horribly adolescent guilty pleasures, apologies.
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2

    So happy I could cry
  8. Well, what if they retitled it postmodern warfare?
  9. Black Mirror

    He's logged on. Right now.
  10. Gears of War 4 - PC Tech Dread

    All I can add for any ultrawiders on muk is that this is all kinds of sublime 1080ref / i7 6700k
  11. Stop fighting it.
  12. I signed up aaages back and not a sausage. Shame, sounds right up my alley.
  13. Here's to Louis Theroux!

    720p of his Scientology movie is out there
  14. HBO's Westworld. Yee-Haww Co/w,bo.Y@@@ [FATAL ERROR]

    Wow, expectations met in Ep1. Just beautifully realised.