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  1. Robot Wars Returns - Sunday 8pm BBC2

    Carbide's fucking millitant
  2. C Thomas Howell lookylikey or just me?
  3. Spent pretty much the whole of Yesterday on Dirt. Buying that expensive dust-collecting wheel is finally justified. Actually after playing this game getting a rift even makes complete sense. The gaming dreams of my youth have been truly answered, what an experience! A cold shower and I'm going back in.
  4. It was great on DK2. CV1 + my new 1080 card...consider me, ahem, AMPED!!!
  5. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    Really into this, short blasts on PC...WITH AN XBOX CONTROLLER!?! I feel so filthy.
  6. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

  7. Street Fighter V - STORY MODE OUT NOW! (Cap' schlock)

    Enjoying story mode far more than I thought. It's gone beyond bonkers. Still cant figure out why Capcom/Steam make it so cumbersome to get it working.
  8. This is released 20th apparently https://www.evevalkyrie.com/articles/devblogs/carrier-assault-update-coming-june-20
  9. Absolutely loving Edge Of Nowhere...about an hour in and haven't been able to do anything other than gawp in the whole immersion of it. On the hottest day of the year I'm shivering.
  10. Mine's always warm. In related news - how do I stop Oculus app from automatically opening?
  11. What's with this monster Climb update? Wanted a quick sesh before preparing Dinner. Also Edge Of Nowhere in 3 days!!!
  12. The Alan Partridge Thread

    My Wife's a lecturer. Aren't they all!
  13. The Alan Partridge Thread