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  1. Make sure you've got a big pipe. Stay safe.
  2. Nintendo NX

    Thanks kernow, that was some beautiful bank holiday monday shit posting. ;-P
  3. Found him in the wild near Acton Town station. :-D
  4. The street map looks great.
  5. 79p doesn't go very far. Half the 20 balls you get to collect a Pidgey is very bad value for money.
  6. Nintendo NX

    Gyro controls should be an option for all FPSes. Nintendo should give out the magic gyro formula they used in Splatoon to all the developers.
  7. Whoa. How have you found so many, what kind of distances have you travelled?
  8. this story and the thread on Reddit talking about how slow and unresponsive Niantic is doesn't bode well. :-/
  9. Nintendo NX

    I believe between the Pope and yourself that this would be an ecumenical matter.
  10. Nintendo NX

    I think the 'why' is the cost of game production. A small company like Nintendo can't afford to create content for two separate machines.
  11. Nintendo NX

    Can a modern handheld run something CPU intensive like Zelda U for any amount of time without getting too hot and running out of juice quickly? Seems bonkers.
  12. It isn't far off from what you imagined.
  13. My running watch and the auto pause option is a match made in heaven for lazy saturday morning runs. It's a pity my MOTO G 3rd gen doesn't have a gyro as it stops power saving mode engaging. :-( @Sng did you find anything more out about caching thr maps in Google maps to save data?