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  1. It isn't far off from what you imagined.
  2. My running watch and the auto pause option is a match made in heaven for lazy saturday morning runs. It's a pity my MOTO G 3rd gen doesn't have a gyro as it stops power saving mode engaging. :-( @Sng did you find anything more out about caching thr maps in Google maps to save data?
  3. Bran and Coldhands have this exchange in a Dance with Dragons, Bran: "Who sent you? Who is this three-eyed crow?" Coldhands: "A friend. Dreamer, wizard, call him what you will. The last green-seer." Bran: "A monster," Coldhands: "Your monster, Brandon Stark." Brandon going back in time and controlling Benjen somehow in TV show land maybe?
  4. The lord of light followers are the new children of the forest. They're creating a new weapon in the people they have brought back to life that they're going to lose control of. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Splatoon - "Go ahead... Make a mess"

    @strawdonkey My tips woulds be, don't worry about swimming away. Learn the range of your weapons and keep your opponents at the very tip of your range. Juat have fun. More from reddit, 1. Turf War as much as you can. Doesnt matter if you win, lose, play awesomely, suck. Everyone just goes there to experiment, practice, and/or have fun. No pressure. 2. Focus on different weapons, gear, and stats that play to your strengths as a gamer. 3. Its a shooting and platforming game. Practice both. There are a lot of tricks you can perform by being creative. Just play around with stuff and see what works 4. Motion Controls. I dont care what anyone says. If you want to win games and be competitive with people online you will need this.
  6. @CovisGod make the most of it. Before you know it children arrive and take up all your precious gaming time.
  7. Short Video Game Consumption Survey

    Do you me to share with people outside the forum?
  8. Don't click unless you've seen Episode 9 (nine).
  9. What are you looking forward to from the Microsoft conference?
  10. The wall is laced with magic spells. I think there is a trumpet that someone needs to blow in the books to negate the spells .
  11. Sandor chopping wood was a good nod to the books. Arya mentions that she had never seen someone chop a tree for fire wood with such violence in A Storm of Swords.
  12. 'oh, i love a party with a happy atmosphere'
  13. Russ Abbott as the Blackfish was an inspired bit of casting. ;-P
  14. Had my first nightmare in a long, long time thanks to thrones last night. It involved LSH watching a gruesome battle in some castle keep. She didn't look too fresh