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  1. Football Manager and EvE Online hid the mundane stuff behind a spreadsheet like interface. :-D
  2. Playstation Meeting: Pro

    Sony has held the triangle button down for too long. The goalie has gone AWOL. The goal is wide open, you just need to slot the ball in Nintendo.
  3. Playstation Meeting: Pro

    No Destiny cross play between the PS3 and 4 because of pixels. COD cross is OK though.
  4. Playstation Meeting: Pro

    HDR is such a swizz. I understand it for cameras, exposure times and CCDs but pre baked graphics? Fucking swizz.
  5. Playstation Meeting: Pro

    Crickets scarring cleared up well.
  6. Nintendo NX

    I've been asking various developers on Twitter for details about their NX dev kits. I think @rebellion may have broken a few NDAs by giving me this info.
  7. Make sure you've got a big pipe. Stay safe.
  8. Nintendo NX

    Thanks kernow, that was some beautiful bank holiday monday shit posting. ;-P
  9. Found him in the wild near Acton Town station. :-D
  10. The street map looks great.
  11. 79p doesn't go very far. Half the 20 balls you get to collect a Pidgey is very bad value for money.
  12. Nintendo NX

    Gyro controls should be an option for all FPSes. Nintendo should give out the magic gyro formula they used in Splatoon to all the developers.
  13. Whoa. How have you found so many, what kind of distances have you travelled?