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  1. Never Alone (PC/XB1/PS4)

    After reading the glowing praise in this thread I thought it would be polite to mention that this is going for £2.49 on the Wii U eShop.
  2. Eve: Valkyrie

    Had a go on the PSVR demo disc last night. Wow! It was like the opening of Episode 3 mixed with Battlestar Galactica. It was the only game that made me feel woozy. And that was only brought on by doing barrel rolls with the L1 & R1.
  3. Next year isn't far away at all. Revealing the whole thing might result in it getting lost amongst whatever turns out to be the must have thing his Christmas. Nobody saves pennies over Christmas, the sales over new year put a stop to any of that. :-D
  4. It's as if they're torturing the poor thing.
  5. What does your Mrs do whilst you game?
  6. An android sandbox with a Nintendo curated app store maybe? Investors would love a bit of that.
  7. What are the 3DS mask ROM speeds like? I've never owned a 3DS.
  8. EGX 2016

    Some of the games running on the beastly PCs looked amazing. Felt at a little shocked at Nintendos complete absence. A Splatoon and Smash tournament for brand building reasons would have gone down well I reckon.
  9. Football Manager and EvE Online hid the mundane stuff behind a spreadsheet like interface. :-D
  10. Playstation Meeting: Pro

    Sony has held the triangle button down for too long. The goalie has gone AWOL. The goal is wide open, you just need to slot the ball in Nintendo.
  11. Playstation Meeting: Pro

    No Destiny cross play between the PS3 and 4 because of pixels. COD cross is OK though.
  12. Playstation Meeting: Pro

    HDR is such a swizz. I understand it for cameras, exposure times and CCDs but pre baked graphics? Fucking swizz.
  13. Playstation Meeting: Pro

    Crickets scarring cleared up well.