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  1. Heart Of The Swarm - Due March 12th 2013

    Title says it all really. Blizzard have given an ETA date
  2. Forum Structure - Starcraft 2

    No objections
  3. Levelling system

    Hehe, wow, somebody posted in here TBH, I used to watch a lot of pro games, and follow Day9 quite a bit. They need more pro-cheesers! It does get quite boring, and I don't watch as much now. Even the commentators say things like "Oh, he's doing this build for the 5th game in a row"... Khos and Ely both have access to the HOTS Beta, and Khos said it isn't really all that much different. I'm not sure if it'll help. I generally play with Khosro, Pink Ninja, Elysium (non-forum), and Impervium (non-forum). RJ tends to come on as I'm leaving, so not played with him for a while. Rarely see any others. I don't play for anything like as long or as much as I used to. I just roll in for a bit of a laugh. Win or lose, all good to me! Edit: Whoo, not been on here for a while, changed my nick to my SC2 one
  4. Shoutcraft Invitational 4

    No, would it be wrong if I did? I might know loads about the game, but just not have the aptitude to play well. Like RJ said, other sports don't require current or ex players to cast/commentate (as far as I'm aware anyway) I'll be honest, that video about TB you posted - didn't follow any of it.
  5. Replays - personal

    lol, I tried to cheese in a 4v4 last night. I totally suck at it though. Maybe I should practice
  6. Shoutcraft Invitational 4

    That's harsh. I'm only silver, and near the bottom (because I haven't played that many 1v1s lately). I find it really hard to figure out where I'm going particularly wrong.
  7. Replays - personal

    Yeah, probably cheesed his way up to gold. You stayed in your base for quite a while, I probably would have used stalkers/cannons to shot out the cannon from the top and moved to expand earlier, but easier to say than do when you're not actually there. Looked close a few times when you were up at his base. Well done!
  8. Shoutcraft Invitational 4

    lol... Sorry, just felt like it had to be done. The Saturday was very long, I remember flicking it on not too long before I started this thread. Then I went to see the missus and when I got back, at the end of the night they were still casting the final few games. I didn't mind his commentry, it was the way he criticised some of the games he reviewed. That's by the by though. As you say, it's about the games...
  9. Shoutcraft Invitational 4

    You can always mute it I used to be subscribed to his YouTube channel, I found it a good way to find Indie games, but some of his comments started to annoy me, and one game that he reviewed broke the camel's back.
  10. Shoutcraft Invitational 4

    Watch some pro players on a 2 day event
  11. Replays - personal

    Yeah, it was definately the minerals. One thing I noticed - you'd reached 400 minerals at one point, you could have snuck a probe off, created a new base, transfer only a few probes to it, and start building up again. One thing I (nearly) always do vs a protoss, is Attack-move one of my workers to the ramp straight away (or after the 1st worker completes). This gives me plenty of warning if a probe tries to sneak in. The trade off is lost mining time, but you can't have everything
  12. Replays - personal

    I was really impressed - I held off a 4v1 rush. I'm red, starting at 4 o'clock. Really impressed with this. Needless to say we went on to win 002 - Nice
  13. 2v2 Rotation Ladder?

    You should be fine, my league range is from Platinum to Bronze The rotation of teams will keep it balanced. So who've we got in? # roflLameDuck # rjpageuk # Chauntea (?) # ThePinkNinja (?) # neom (?) If all we all play with this, that's 30 matches (10 teams, max 3 opponents per team, see attached sheet) 2v2 Rotational.html
  14. 2v2 Rotation Ladder?

    Yes That's why I thought rotating teammates might make it a bit easier for anybody who's not played in a while. Whilst one particular team still might dominate, the fact everybody is teamed with everybody else means it won't (hopefully) be an all or nothing. Don't see why we couldn't also draft in non-rllmuk players. The rotating teams means that you don't even have to have an even number of players
  15. 2v2 Rotation Ladder?

    How would anybody interested in a 2v2 ladder - but rather than fixed teams, everybody partners with everybody else. So say with have players A, B, C, and D; teams would be AB AC AD BC BD CD Obviously a player can't be on two sides at once, so certain matchups will not happen (ie. AB v AD), but should still give us some nice ladder system.