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  1. Overwatch - Halloween Horror Event Now Live!

    Had a brilliant moment last night defending on Volskaya Point A. It was into overtime and my team had just been wiped by Reinhardt. Playing as Zenyatta I somehow made it to the point in just enough time to take down both Rein and a Roadhog and then hold it long enough to secure the win The lootbox gods were kind enough to reward me for this victory with two sprays and a Bastion victory pose (And it wasn't even the new one)
  2. American Horror Story

  3. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    I'm so tempted to get the S - is it still worth the upgrade if I haven't got a 4K TV yet?
  4. Overwatch - Halloween Horror Event Now Live!

    Thank god they've let you buy the skins with credits this time - I've got enough to buy one of the new legendaries so even if the lootbox gods really hate me this time I'll be able to get atleast one or them
  5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Man this show just gets better and better - Holt's birthday party had me in stitches
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    I've just started watching this with the Missus on Netflix and holy shit I should've started it sooner - Haven't laughed this much at a series in a long time. As pretty much everyone says Captain Holt is fucking incredible.
  7. Forza Horizon 3. Metacritic 91. Players in 1st post.

    Digital code for the standard edition for £16 - most definitely a price glitch so get on it ASAP! http://www.target.com/p/forza-horizon-3-standard-edition-email-delivery/-/A-51746957
  8. Xbox One backwards compatibility - list in first post

    The Witcher 2 was on 2 discs wasn't it? Well happy with LO! I only finished the first disc on the 360 so I can't wait to carry on with it.
  9. American Horror Story

    Murde House
  10. Destiny - Festival of the Lost

    Is it worth buying gear from Zavala or should I save my legendary marks for something else? I want to get to 280-ish light before I start the RoI campaign - I'm currently at 255 and I got destroyed trying the first mission! The gear he has will give me a nice boost but I'll save the marks if I can get something better with them.
  11. Xbox One Raiders

    If anyone doesn't mind playing with a complete raid noob I'd love to join in with a group - I've yet to play a single raid so far though! Gamertag is Jimmy Shedders