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  1. Nintendo Humble Bundle

    In for the $13 tier! Haven't played any of the games in it (apart from SFIV but it's worth it just for a digital copy) so I'm looking forward to finally giving Freedom Planet a go.
  2. Rainbow Six: Siege

    This is so good - The first online shooter I've been properly addicted to for ages. I slowly getting better with occasional moments of brilliance - One match I played earlier came down to just me on my team against 3 on the enemy team to decide the game. I somehow was able to kill all 3 by myself and win the round - that felt fucking fantastic
  3. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    There is no greater feeling in gaming than being able to play through a brand new Souls game. Sogood
  4. Free console game codes looking for a good home

    Really sorry mate, someone PM'd me asking for it a minute before you!
  5. Free console game codes looking for a good home

    Got a code for the first Dark Souls on Xbox 360 / Xbox One going spare -let me know if you want it!
  6. Rainbow Six: Siege

    Finally got round to trying this and man is it good! I'm loving it despite being absolutely awful - I'mgetting the hang of it but man do I feel useless half the time
  7. My Nintendo - now live!

    There's a little secret mission on the main page for 10 points - Click on the Mario block in the bottom right corner then click your Mii a few times.
  8. My Nintendo - now live!

    Ah, fair enough - What else do they have apart from Wario Ware?
  9. My Nintendo - now live!

    Looks like DS game downloads for 3DS are exclusive rewards for this - was that a known thing?
  10. Hyrule Warriors

    It's currently £20.99 from Base! http://www.base.com/buy/product/the-legend-of-zelda-hyrule-warriors-wii-u/dgc-lozhwwiiu.htm?awc=2694_1459264197_4d1b1d2f169d04529c98dfc00781a225
  11. Hyrule Warriors

    This game just gets better and better.
  12. Hyrule Warriors

    Put a couple of hours into Legends so far and I think I enjoy it more than the Wii U version! I never got round to play much of Adventure mode so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it this time round
  13. Hyrule Warriors

    It does but you can't use the 3D,the framerate isn't as great + there's fewer enemies on screen as there is on then3DS.
  14. Nintendo NX

    Real consoles have curves.
  15. Character creation fails

    When I first got my Vita years ago the first game I tried was Virtua Tennis. It's create a player lets you take pictures of yourself and use them for your future grandslam champion. The resulting picture made me look like I had murdered someone andhad stolen their face