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  1. The Witness

    The thing I really like about this is that even when a puzzle seems impossible and obtuse at first glance the answer is (Sometimes literally) staring at you. I got to the orange and white panels last night and it took a few goes for it to click but once it does it's so satisfying. The one where you have to had me grinning like a loon.
  2. The Witness

    Making some good progress now - "Holy shit!" count is now at 4.
  3. The Witness

    Didn't make much progress at all last night - Mostly my fault as I kept giving up on a puzzle after only a few attempts and went to find more. Even then it was still pretty enjoyable just taking in the sights - this is one lovely looking game.
  4. The Witness

    I've been out and about all day and all I could think about was different solutions to various different puzzles - Yet to try them out but I think I've got the white and black squares figured out!
  5. The Witness

    Picked this up on the Bone whilst it's on sale and others have said it's utterly brilliant. I loaded it up last night to just have a quick 10 minute play - 3 hours later I was still there. So good - Did all the symmetry puzzles and got the first laser activated. There's been so many genius solutions to them already and I can't wait to see what else there is in store!
  6. Lego Dimensions revealed - Empty those wallets

    One piece of advice would be to get the game out now and get it patched / updated - there's been quite a few since it came out so do it now to avoid waiting for ages to play it!
  7. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Looks like there's a small sale on some games due to the Game Awards for the next few days; Firewatch - Down to £9.59 https://www.microsoft.com/en-GB/store/p/Firewatch/BQQKG9H2STC0 Oxenfree - Down to £8 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/oxenfree/bsk1gn27rb8r The Witness - Down to £21.43 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/the-witness/bx1wpt5rjsb2 Tempted by Firewatch!
  8. Final Fantasy XV

    Sold! Pretty sure this will be the first proper Final Fantasy I've ever bought.
  9. Final Fantasy XV

    Despite its massively long development time I know next to nothing about this - Am I right in thinking it plays a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles?
  10. Xbox One backwards compatibility - list in first post

    Burnout Paradise coming out next month as part of GWG!
  11. Hitman - Episode 6 Hokkaido - Out Today!

  12. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11/11/11

  13. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    I think that's only because the deals are gold only at the moment - they go live for everyone else on Tuesday I believe. There will also be a new load of deals that go live on Black Friday itself (The 25th)
  14. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Nabbed Inside with some leftovers I had on the Russian marketplace - looking forward to finally giving it a go!
  15. Hitman - Episode 6 Hokkaido - Out Today!

    To any Xboners who have yet to get this - The Complete Season is currently £22.50 to download. Buy it! Buy it now!