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  1. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    You just can't handle his edginess
  2. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    Thanks for all the tips! I'll bear them all in mind next time I'm on Speaking of Roadhog he's my current new go to character - Forcing enemies down the well in Ilios will never get old.
  3. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    Are there any tips for playing as Winston? He's the one character I can't quite get the hang of. Whenever I'm against one I seemed to get wrecked but when I play as him I may as well be standing in the corner staring into space.
  4. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    Went for a walk at lunch and got a Pikachu from a 2K egg - chuffed with that!
  5. Rainbow Six Siege - Skull Rain DLC - Aug 2nd (with Anticheat!)

    This is now £15 to download from th Xbox store ahead of the free weekend - I absolutely loved playing this before Overwatch started stealing all my spare gaming time. I'll be using this weekend as a chance to get back in it!
  6. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    I hope I get to play with you guys again soon! Haven't had as much time to play lately and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. Real life suuuuucks
  7. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    Try to see through the dragon's eyes. Then you'll understand.
  8. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    I've started to use (and enjoy playing as) Hanzo Does that make me a bad person?
  9. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    I've finally got enough coins now to buy a new legendary skin - Here's where I now spend ages trying to figure out exactly who I want to buy one for, and which skin to get!
  10. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    I got a PotG yesterday as McCree for killing 3 people with his ultimate. All I felt was shame.
  11. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    Only just noticed that I killed a McCree who was about to tell everyone the time in this PotG http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Jimmy Shedders/video/18500951 Had a brilliant moment last night where a Mei on the other team got PotG after freezing and then icing 3 of my team mates in the face only for the clip to end with me reviving all 3 who then quickly got their revenge. Best game.
  12. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    Had an absolutely glorious game earlier in which I captured both objectives without dying (and getting the achievement in the process), got the PotG as Pharah (who is now my absolute favourite) and to cap it all off I finally got a gold skin for a character I like to use! (Mercy's Imp skin) Best game.
  13. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

  14. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    I think I've spent about 70% of my time playing solo and the rest teaming up with people here. I've had just as much fun either way (Of course we do tend to win more in a big group!) You get the odd moment of frustration when you come up against a team of turret Gimlis or budget ED-209 but (for me atleast) they seem few and far between. Also, Mercy
  15. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    I literally cannot stop playing this. 13 hours played so far and I still can't get enough - there's still loads of characters I've barely touched too!