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  1. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    I thought it was Atletico Madrid that were responsible for most of the cheating and gamesmanship in that game - despite having the ball for 3 times as much time Barcelona still managed to commit more fouls apparently. Every time any Atletico player received the ball (after the first 20 mins when they went 1-0 up) they did everything they could to pretend they were fouled to get out of trouble and waste time or to try to even up the numbers of players on the pitch. There was only one team trying to play football for most of the game. Suarez theatrics aside all the worst fouls were committed by Atletico players including a ridiculous two footed lunge that got away with just a yellow in the second half.
  2. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    I know this thread has just turned into a place for people to vent about Liverpool but come on you are supposed to support the team. The whole ethos of the club is to support players through thick and thin. Henderson clearly gives 100% every time he plays for Liverpool and even plays through the pain barrier these days and your comments are ridiculous. He has been an important member of our squad for a number of years now, and yes his form has dipped recently and for a lot of this season but that hardly warrants the kind of abuse you are giving him.
  3. Starcraft 2 - Official Thread

    I am still on all the time and would be happy to play some 4v4s, or any team games for that matter. I have played almost no lotv and the one or two team games I did play I was terrible as things are so different. Its really disconcerting feeling that the last however many hours playing are thrown out of the window such are the major changes but I guess it will only take a little time to learn new build orders.
  4. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    No idea how we made that so difficult for ourselves - the first Villa goal was a terrible goal to concede but their second was just a great cross and header. Sturridge makes such a difference for us and that ended up winning the game today with two great goals and he could have had one or two more. His link up play with all the other attackers especially Coutinho is so good. Thought Ings did really well too, worked really hard and was unlucky not to get a goal.
  5. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    First Liverpool game I haven't been able to find a stream for in ages - it doesn't sound like I missed much! At least we got through. Angel you are really boring in here. Almost every other post is just you saying the same thing about Rodgers over and over again. We all know your opinion on it by now.
  6. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    So you are saying you have to go back 4 years to find Klopp performing better than Rodgers in a much easier league with a relatively better team. What happened since 2012? Dortmund are doing great this year without him.
  7. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    In the 3 full seasons since Rodgers has been manager of Liverpool (2012/2013 - 2014/2015) he has a better average points per league game for Liverpool than Klopp does for Dortmund (1.81 vs 1.79).
  8. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    First time I have been to Anfield for a few years and what a disappointing result . I didnt hear any boos from the kop but it was frustrating. Can seemed so reluctant to push forward and there was so much space ahead of him all game long. Ings must have played himself into contention with that performance and it was nice to see sturridge back. Most good things we did came through moreno so I am sure he will stay in the team too. Milner was very poor today I didn't think he had that kind of performance in him everything he tried today went wrong.
  9. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    Sakho played well I thought with some really incisive forward passing, I really wish we would play him in the league. A lot of youngsters played some of them pretty well but it was asking a lot of them in the end especially once Can moved back into defence. It was a shame Ings couldnt score his chance to finish the game but a draw was definitely a fair result.
  10. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    By better managed do you mean as a club or do you mean their manager is better? As a club, five years ago Man U finished 22 points ahead of Liverpool and they have over the five seasons since spent around 140M more (net) than Liverpool and spent many millions more on wages and you think the teams are roughly equal in quality so obviously they are doing something a lot worse than us. If you mean their manager, this is the guy who has somehow managed to spend around twice as much as Liverpool last summer and leave his team with 1 striker who has any experience of playing in the Premiership in the entire squad (assuming Wilson goes on loan). Their second choice striker is Fellaini! The only reason why Liverpool have a hope of keeping up with Man U is because they have been so badly managed over the past few seasons.
  11. Starcraft 2 - Official Thread

    Did anyone watch lilbow win WCS Europe? He lost in the final last season and won this season beating most of the top koreans in it on the way, and giving him enough points for entry for the end of year WCS finals - an amazing performance.
  12. What is the third last mission? I got to Prosperity Tower (which I thought was the last mission in the game) and kept hitting little bugs or oddities and it put me right off . I dont remember any hard matrix bits. I loved the previous two games but never seemed to get into this one much. There is just so much dialog!
  13. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    Liverpool are currently 1/7 on at the bookmakers to finish in the top 6 and 20/1 to finish in the bottom half so if you actually believe this I would suggest you put some money on it as you can get very good odds.
  14. Its funny to me now looking back because over the 2 months since that video I have discovered Smashboards and videos online to try to learn to get better - my strategy there was developed from playing friends/For Glory for a few months with no real background knowledge on Smash games at all. There are so many thousands of hours of collective knowledge over the various games to try to catch up on. I used roll so much as I used it to space and was never punished so didnt understand why it was so bad. For a pro player to take almost the entire match to turn off autopilot and actually think about what he is doing and punish me accordingly is surely far more deserving of derision that me employing terrible and exploitable strategies and winning for the majority of the match with them! Dig Dug - you should join our smash group and play some games with us online. It sounds like you are really good so it would be good to learn how to play better. I dont know how you (and so many others) seem to be so proficient with so many characters at the same time. I have only played Link and it has taken me so much time to get to my level with him its just daunting thinking about going through the process again with another character. I see a lot of people on smashboards moaning about Final Destination too, but its really the only stage I have played on in the WiiU version so I am comfortable with it now. It does add more variety to add platforms, but I dont really think too much of it. Its pretty rare for For Glory games to go to sudden death, but I can imagine in games where it matters who wins and players play a bit more defensive it probably adds to that. Congrats on the win
  15. Turns out I nearly beat a top pro in For Glory mode: I thought I was quite experienced at being part of online communities but it has shocked me how toxic the Smash community is - the level of disrespect shown toward players who employ suboptimal and easily exploitable strategies is really weird to me. That kind of attitude is evident in the video, although it is pretty funny . It was a shame I couldnt finish the job.