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  1. Offal

    I love liver (chicken, calf or pig - not so keen on lamb or beef), and sometimes just have chicken livers in tomato sugo or in a salad just for myself - my boyfriend doesn't like them. I also love haggis, black pudding and most offal sausage products I've tried. I didn't like the flavour of beef tongue as a child, but haven't eaten it in a long time now. I've only had sweetbreads a couple of times, but they're delicious too!
  2. World Cup 2014 - Germany win the WORLD CUP

    danny murphy.
  3. World Cup 2014 - Germany win the WORLD CUP

  4. The Low Carb/Paleo recipe thread

    Whoever posted the mashed broccoli idea: you're my new hero. I've had it twice this week, and it's amazing. I didn't have any pesto handy, so I mixed in some cream cheese. Delicious!