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  1. This is kind of exploding. And we had such a nice #gurriegitter dry spell. Oculus Rift was already kind of surpassed by HTC Vive (they really need those Touch controllers and roomscale pronto), but I can see this tanking the entire project if left unchecked.
  2. Oh FFS. Palmer steps down from Oculus by end of day?
  3. Sonic The Hedgehog: 25th Anniversary

    This is why Sonic Rush is still the only proper Sonic to me. (The essence of speed, stunting and that soundtrack.)
  4. Nintendo NX

    You mean, "you can actually read and follow conversations here without everybody posting at 88 mph." (And really, that's supposed to be our shtick.)
  5. Warframe - F2P third person online shooter

    @Mgear I do agree with the pricing. It can sometimes veer into the absurd. Still you can get an awful lot of content for free and if the grind caught you anyway, then you might as well hunt down some alerts to get the good stuff. It's more that the times I did spend money on it, it never felt wrong; at times I even felt giddy (like buying a sentinel or an Orokin reactor). While in other F2P games I was left deflated with a sense of "is that it?" They used to do some Pt sales on PSN as well, which was a far more palatable price. These days I tend to opt for the Renown Packs to keep it going. The game keeps adding content, so I'm happy to pay for it when I do. That said, the Prime Access stuff can get fooked.
  6. Warframe - F2P third person online shooter

    Seems Leyou (owner of Warframe-dev Digital Extremes) finalised their acquirement of Splash Damage (which is raising some eyebrows). Kind of wondering if Splash Damage will get to do their own project or are going to supercharge Warframe PvP.
  7. Yes, you can mod the controller to cut off the LED light and the battery use goes back to PS3 levels. No, it's not useless. The light is needed to track and project the controller during VR. (So you don't have to go 'feel' around for it while wearing the headset.)
  8. The Last Guardian

    Which company this time? I've honestly lost track.
  9. The Last Guardian

    This isn't exactly Sony's best week, is it?
  10. PS4 Pro (formerly Neo) - 10.11.16 - £349

    Never mind the trust issues they've created with the entire Games for Windows debacle. Hanging out in the background with their exclusives is probably the only option they have there. If they go in aggressively (without severe improvements) it might only frustrate people even more. They might need to emphasise cross-network online play as a major feature. Though, I'm not sure if people are waiting for that even with control parity.
  11. PS4 Pro (formerly Neo) - 10.11.16 - £349

    Of course it's fantasy. I'm explaining the long-term stuff Microsoft is working towards. Battling Steam requires an additional strategy, but even there it might not matter that much to Microsoft. Xbox is part of Windows 10, so you're not required to download additional software. You're playing on Steam, but Xbox exclusives are still available to you. You're still on Windows.
  12. PS4 Pro (formerly Neo) - 10.11.16 - £349

    Based on Sony's notion that they could potentially lose gamers to the PC platform (and Xbox). See the paragraph before. Not saying it is definitely going to happen, just extrapolating.
  13. Sony vs Bethesda - No mods on PS4

    After AC: Unity, quality control has no reputation any more to start with. But yeah, I can see the point, but it still remains very odd. A simple warning of stormy waters ahead could be enough. Unless the mods would of course open up to the hardware in a non-sandboxed way. In such a case I would be surprised talks even started.
  14. Sony vs Bethesda - No mods on PS4

    If every mod needs to go through QA, instead of being treated like a user-created LBP level, then I can see how the conversation broke down. Bethesda would probably have to pay for each mod being approved and distributed over PSN. Which considering the nature of mods would be ridiculous.