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  1. Wipeout HD

    I've survived F-Zero GX in VR. Metroid Prime VR is much, much worse and akin to RIGS in terms of intensity. WipEout VR will just be a speedier Driveclub VR.
  2. Wipeout HD

    How? HOW!? TELL US?!?!?!
  3. Wipeout HD

    That makes the summer 2017 release date even weirder. Did they just start porting this or something?
  4. Wipeout HD

    It is. But for me the most important aspect is that WipEout's not dead. That its carcass has been farmed out to a random assortment of studios (incl. XDEV) is less assuring. Getting the idea Housemarque actually worked on this and then Nex Machina happened. Still, 4K WipEout Fury should be retina-burning and 2048 with SENSIBLE loading times is a god send.
  5. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    Summer 2017. Curly says WAIT.
  6. Wipeout HD

  7. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    Youtube. Search for playstation experience 2016.
  8. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    TERRANIGMA HD REMASTER. One can dream, right? I'm also fine with Vib Ribbon VR.
  9. You know, I think Mallory Archer would currently be an upgrade for parliament. That's including the notion that Sterling would probably become a secretary of state. I don't think she has a Wii. Lots of Scotch though.
  10. Final Fantasy XV

    Meanwhile, if all these new-fangled post-IX FFs aren't your cup of tea, I Am Setsuna is on sale on PS4.!/nl-nl/games/i-am-setsuna/cid=EP0082-CUSA04740_00-IAMSETSUNAGAME00 Must say the final game looks a lot better than I anticipated. It's like they purposefully brought out the horrible demos to make sure people would be pleasantly surprised.
  11. Years of building straw, wood and brick houses hasn't learned this little piggy anything.
  12. No, they shelter you alright. It's just that I could literally not stay outside for more than 30 seconds before I started dying. I don't mind survival in a hostile environment, but that one was taking the cake a bit.
  13. I had hoped these 'types of persons' would've gone once they discovered how much NMS had 'swindled' them. Apparently, the patch also works to let people come in once again to shout how much the game is not what it should be. Well, it is what it is. Go back to GTA if you want GTA. Reminds me of all the WoW players back in the day wanting something else than WoW, playing other games, then complaining it isn't like WoW. Urgh. Anyway, there's more game inserted now. It's slight but the rebalance makes me explore more and actually search for resources than tripping over ginormous quantities of, say, Plutonium and Thamium. A bit less walking simulator, a bit more Subnautica. Sadly, the one habitable base I found was in the middle of a constant 5 Rad planet, which chewed through my support systems like a knife through hot butter. Off to another base then. Thing I still dislike a bit is trying to keep track of your journey throughout the system; a "simple" waypoint route from your starting planet to your current one would be very welcome. Especially now that you can claim a planet as your home. Looking forward to further updates.