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  1. The Last Guardian

    Don't forget Agro. The horse also acted beyond being just a car on legs.
  2. The Last Guardian

    Just ordered the ICO one. I've had the blow-up box-art promo poster of that hanging in my student bedroom for years. Will be perfect to officially enshrine it.
  3. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    For those who haven't experienced it yet: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes works great on PlayStation VR. Just be sure to print out the manual beforehand. Simple instructions turned into a shouting match quite quickly.
  4. Rez Infinite - Coming to PS4, VR support

    Some Area Y & Z DLC wouldn't go amiss.
  5. Oh god. No. NO. ANYTHING BUT THAT. (NS is the Dutch abbreviation of Dutch Railways.)
  6. Some people see Nintendo as a god...
  7. But what if it's backwards compatible with (digital) 3DS software? A touchscreen would then be needed. Same for (digital) Wii U backwards compatibility. Also depends on whether or not that Nintendo Network ID is finally going to kick in properly and give us a software library.
  8. If they would've done that, everybody would be bitching about how it can't do "proper AAA 3D games like Knack". 2D is possible of course.
  9. This just needs a Metroid. And a Kid Icarus.
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2

    TBH I kind of agree with Stanley. The game has an incredible setting yet has the same boring GTA-style missions that either go perfect or have some weird chaotic things going on with the result up in the air. I did enjoy the world, I did not enjoy the game as much. In its defence: it's the only GTA I actually completed.
  11. Rez Infinite - Coming to PS4, VR support

    Repost for those who missed it first time around:
  12. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    I'm just back from an evening chatting, playing pool and mucking about. HOLY SHIT GET SPORTS BAR VR. It's not the best simulation or game, but its sense of presence with others online is fucking amazing. This is what VR will add to social. I never thought I'd day this but PS Home has died too early. It would have been perfect for PSVR.
  13. Rez Infinite - Coming to PS4, VR support

    I don't care if you buy PSVR or not, but for the love of any particular god: EXPERIENCE AREA X.