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  1. Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir | PS3, PS4 and Vita | 2016

    If it's more like Muramasa I just want an infinite grind.
  2. Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir | PS3, PS4 and Vita | 2016

    Wait... wait... wait... God, I'll be so happy when this will be able to replace Muramasa after a good three years of playing.
  3. Yeah, the Entitlement Brigade over at the PS Blog is going ballsitic at the news. Then again, nothing ever satisfies them.
  4. Xbox Rumour Mill Spins Up

    This all sounds perfectly in line with this: If they play their cards right (and Nadella seems to be pretty good at that so far), this is going to be really fun and will leave Sony/Nintendo far behind.
  5. Jesus. The game itself, fine didn't expect anything else. But that trailer... Enough to ask for a refund.
  6. I am Setsuna - SquareEnix old school JRPG

    Just go fight Gato a few times and exchange the Silver Points for money. Alternatively, ask your mom for your allowance.
  7. NIOH - this 'Soulsburns until May 5th

    Seems this is getting some tweaks based on the alpha:
  8. Nintendo NX

    Sweet, One typo I didn't correct in the original post and this happens. You're welcome! (U after k, s, t, h or p can become silent though.)
  9. Nintendo NX

    No B? スマブラ You might be confusing the (previously) non-existing V-sounds which were substituted with B-sounds. Pokémon is a Japanese abbreviation, not the official name (which is Pocket Monsters). That name couldn't be used in the west because of some other collectible toy-line with monsters in pockets. So Nintendo opted for the Japanese playground name instead. And what's next, a dissection of MonHun?
  10. Nintendo NX

    Japanese abbreviation of the series name, similar to Pokémon.
  11. Nintendo NX

    Smash Bros.
  12. Nintendo NX

    It does. The third party stuff there is also just convenient because third parties want to appeal to a certain demographic. While porting is one thing, not having a clearly defined demographic is potentially worse. That's why I'd rather have a clear purpose NX (with or without third party support), than an easy-port-o-matic which might not appeal to anyone, if they don't get their own stuff in order. The WiiU slipped on that particular banana; it was defined as a machine that would return/appeal to the hardcore, then kind of deviated towards casual in terms of hardware and, looking back on it, was more of an "let's make this one giant Nintendo online gameplay experiment" when you take their own big-hitter games into account. Xbox One suffered similarly when Microsoft 180'ed on their decisions (while their digital download ideas were poised to leapfrog Steam and PSN concepts). Whatever Nintendo'll do with NX, focus is more important than third party. Get that focus and its audience defined within your own first party offerings, and third parties will follow suit, because then separate development might become an attractive offer. It goes without saying that an x86 architecture would be more convenient, I just don't think it's an absolute necessity. Now if Nintendo actually can maintain that focus… that's a different story altogether.
  13. Nintendo NX

    For Nintendo this is not a problem. If you think Nintendo needs third party ports, this will be a problem to you. TBH buying Nintendo for third party is always a bit silly. I hope the NX sells well enough that it attracts developers willing to create games for it that fit. I'd rather have 10 Bravely Defaults than 1 CoD-port. The WiiU and its games as a whole never appealed to me that much (Mario Kart and SamBra are their least attractive propositions to me personally), but if Nintendo would focus on the part of their IP library that gets my blood flowing, I'm more than willing to invest. Regardless of whether, say, EA is whining about dev costs.
  14. Nintendo NX

    Sure it's not just the buttons being broken? AOXD is pretty much engrained at this point, as is XABY. Can't remember the Xbox and DC orders.
  15. Nintendo NX

    Wow, bunch of bow-haters. [edit] You'll aim the bow a la Star Fox Zero, unless you want normal controls which are exclusive to the NX version.