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  1. 'Playstation Now' coming to PC.. somehow.

    UK, BE and NL.
  2. NIOH - Beta in August, release in 2016

    It feels weird that your enemies still suffer from it. The lock on is better though. I think they added another layer to the stamina system to compensate, but I'm not enitrely sure. It feels easier without necessarily being easier.
  3. Games you think aren't as bad as people say.

    Super Mario Sunshine. [edit] YES!
  4. Rumour: Slim PS4 Realising Corporeal Form Soon

    If anything, this seems to imply they wanted to announce you could get it the very next day or so.
  5. F-Zero GX

    Third person is actually a life-saver compared to first person.
  6. F-Zero GX

    This is why we can't have a first-person Space Jump.
  7. Rumour: Slim PS4 Realising Corporeal Form Soon

    Guys, what's the point in muting Boozy if you keep quoting The Clown?
  8. F-Zero GX

    Heavy. It's properly, spine-tingling amazing to be in these environments. But it's so not optimised for VR that playing for more than 15 minutes is physically challenging. It's kind of an abusive relationship.
  9. F-Zero GX

    You guys really need to try this in DolphinVR. Just keep a bucket nearby.
  10. Rumour: Slim PS4 Realising Corporeal Form Soon

    That "box" is a splitter to send the PSVR view to the PS4's connected screen. I don't think that'll be incorporated in the console. Also considering how their redesigns frequently absorb feature changes, I'd say this is simply "Neo". More interesting, with this being battle ready and no clearances sales (yet) on the normal model, this would suggest the PS4 is still selling well enough to not have to clear stock over the summer (something Microsoft have taken advantage of).
  11. It's beautiful. But as it's physical, I'll never see it. Weird people with their non-digital libraries.
  12. Metal Gear Survive

    Pfft. The trailer actually ended at the credits. That's normally the half-way point. 3/10 for aping purposes.
  13. The Super Mario Galaxy replay diairies were one of the best things to happen on here. I'd rather have those for every game for ever than endless Metacritic analysations. Sorry, but this meta-talk about how to talk about games is absolute garbage.