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  1. Shadow Complex Aug 19th 1200 points

    And thus the fifth Anglo-Dutch war started and the Earth trembled.
  2. Shadow Complex Aug 19th 1200 points

    I have literally no idea. Neither do people closer to the fire. If I didn't know better, I'd say the inclusion of the word 'Netherlands' is just there to spite me personally.
  3. Shadow Complex Aug 19th 1200 points

    Well it's one way to commemorate Remembrance Day…
  4. Shadow Complex Aug 19th 1200 points

    OK, so we're getting a new Metroid. OK, so it's not Metroid but a co-op shooter with space football. OK, so here's a new Shadow Complex instead. OK, so it's a remake to test the waters for a true sequel. OK, but it's free. OK, so that Epic Games account thing was bugged to hell and beyond so I can't download it AT ALL and can't play it on PC, not even buy it. OK, calm down. OK, it's coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016. OK, blood pressure is lowering. OK, so it's finally coming out this week. OK, so… *twitch* Netherlands?! *twitch*
  5. Nintendo NX

    Metroid is so dead and buried I'm now debased to replaying the latest high profile Metroidvania over and over again.
  6. Nintendo NX

    In the case of Metroid, something… happened…
  7. Nintendo NX

    We're extrapolating rumours here to the point they'll tear a dimensional rift. Unless the PS4 Neo and Xbox One Mk.2 both demand a new set of games, this will be 'the latest model' and not so much 'the next must-have'. Remember that the WiiU suffered because of that same perception. If they are commanding a new set of games exclusive to those consoles and have backwards compatibility with the previous hardware, they're actually a PS5 and Xbox Two in disguise. So, based on that I'm suspecting a bonafide new Nintendo console will be a bit more attention grabbing than updated current hardware and I don't see it as direct competition (nor do I suspect consumers in general will). Unless Sony or Microsoft position this as the next gen, which will piss off current consumers. Whatever the case, I think it's safe to say that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are all striving to make hardware irrelevant to being able to play their content and we will lose these '1-2-3 monikers' soon enough as Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox become genuine platforms.
  8. Nintendo NX

    I'm not really understanding how the new 'Slims' are now suddenly direct competition to a spanking new Nintendo console (even if they have the spec upgrade).
  9. Nintendo Mobile

    Makes so much more sense. Though I'm afraid it'll make me place tiles all over my village, all day long. Never mind the stalk market.
  10. May PS+

    LocoRoco Cocoreccho?
  11. Nintendo NX

    By all means, if you want to play the games, put down money and play the games. I've spent more money on my Dreamcast than with a WiiU with three games would cost and I've never ever looked back at it as a terrible investment. This is what I seriously don't get about "modern gaming", we don't just want the products, we want the products to be rock stars as well. It's not enough to just enjoy Super Mario Bros., it needs to be the best game of this generation, and all the previous ones, and needs to be plastered all over Time Square, and needs to have its own emoji set, and needs a marketing cross-over deal with Mountain Dew, and its console needs to sell gangbusters to massage your self-esteem. Fuck that. If a game is what you want, get the hardware and software, go and fucking play it. Don't wait until a company only exclusively communicates you through the (social) medium of advertisements. It's not even needed. You can go to video sites, look at the game and determine if you want to play that. And if you want to, you get the hardware needed. For the love of Sol, don't buy something because it's cool, hip and happening, or the outside world deems it "good" that you can buy it. That's how Sonic and PS4 happened.
  12. Nintendo NX

    This is so disappointing for all us forumites visiting E3 this year.
  13. RIP Nintendo

    Let me guess. Your console broke as soon as you tried them?
  14. Star Fox Zero

  15. Nintendo NX

    "Deploy the @Spainkiller!"