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  1. I Did It! (The Bragging Corner)

    I platinumed Guacamelee! STCE. Does that count?
  2. Android Games Thread

    I'm not sure if there already was a thread like this. Our forum search is coming up short as always. Anyway, newly discovered today (though it's already on the Market for a few days): Grand Prix Story! [img]http://static.blogo.it/mobileblog/grand_prix_story.jpg[/img] Full: http://goo.gl/ntXRz Lite: http://goo.gl/xi7Zk Another game in the Game Dev Story template, but this time you own a racing team trying to build the best racing car and making money by winning races. I liked Hot Spring Story, but it felt more like a 'Theme Hot Springs' without the humour. Grand Prix Story is a lot better and at least tries to come across as a bit deeper than its predecessors. Do you upgrade your current car or scrap it for better research? Sign that driver for another year, or exchange him for a crappy driver that brings along a monthly income? It's all rather nifty and watching a race, crossing your fingers, hoping your driver takes home a cup is excellent. To me the best 'Story' Kairosoft have developed so far. Anyway feel free to add more Android gems as we definitely need to filter stuff.