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  1. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    I agree with Pockets. Both dives were I'll timed, for the first the was off balance. The second - he doesn't look big, commanding, and doesn't have a decent spring. Yesterday was clearly awful - however I'd say we have lost our new striker and goalkeeper which doesn't help. Still we are miles behind now it appears. It's just that kind of begrudging acceptance isn't it? The malaise that the club seems to be under, which then trickles down to us. Strong words are pushed forth, manager, echoed by players. And yet we still sign the also rans, the tier 2 or 3, miss out on any chance of stars or stars to be. All bluff and bluster, Liverpool FC are a shadow now - ghosting around reminding people of their past glories. Occasionally scaring, usually retreating back to the attic when a light is shone upon them.
  2. Summer Olympics 2016 Brazil

    Germans beaten on a penalty shootout? Hope!
  3. Liverpool Football Club 2016/17

    I've just seen this is on Sky Sports!
  4. I caught a couple of decent ones by the Primark on Northumberland street.
  5. Scope is scope. If you were to build a planet a team of 15 billion is a small team. I doubt anyone would actually call it a small team, because it's not a small number.
  6. That's not a small team.
  7. No Man's Multiplayer? I did laugh at the "Gone gold" pic - saying how proud they were that a "small team" had produced the game....was there 20 people in that picture? Hahahaha.
  8. Caught his chap last night (he was already over 1000, then i powered him up), quite pleasing
  9. There's an update today - has anyone tried/any issues/etc?
  10. I had four 2km eggs incubating with 0.1km to go - so at 10:30 at night I went for a walk around the block... YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  11. Likely I'm just an idiot chaps
  12. I've done that a few times, I thought I was going for an opposing gym! Mind you I saw a red gym today with some REET low types in it. I just don't have time to get there, bloody commuting!
  13. I'm sure I attacked a red gym...