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  1. Caught his chap last night (he was already over 1000, then i powered him up), quite pleasing
  2. There's an update today - has anyone tried/any issues/etc?
  3. I had four 2km eggs incubating with 0.1km to go - so at 10:30 at night I went for a walk around the block... YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. Likely I'm just an idiot chaps
  5. I've done that a few times, I thought I was going for an opposing gym! Mind you I saw a red gym today with some REET low types in it. I just don't have time to get there, bloody commuting!
  6. I'm sure I attacked a red gym...
  7. So I was attacking a gym with 1 pokemon. Apparently you can select several! WHAT!
  8. I can't get on, anyone else?
  9. Trading is coming, as is battle just vs friends. That will give it a boost. Where can you request a pokestop? I can only see reporting problems with them.
  10. Where do we think Pokemon Go will Go? I wonder if it will be short lived or not. Will people soon lose the will to play? I'm guessing the updates/battles/trading will give it an additional boost. This is quite the time, not quite knowing what is going to happen with this one...randomly I find that unpredictability quite exciting! However I do predict a "Rare Pokemon sold for $10,000" story, at least.
  11. I noticed when I evolved a load of Pokemon I got a fair bit of XP. Do you get more with the lucky egg, for evolving?
  12. Yeah if you try to sign in now a fresh it isn't letting you in. Has anyone tried this on more than one device? I've been able to get the same account running on my iphone and ipad. They seemed to both work fine, and one didn't disconnect when the other was active. Could you use multiple phones/devices to rinse through pokemon and eggs?
  13. Na, bugs be bugs. At the very least they'll be able to give people coins - even if it's just going in and doing it from the server. I'd imagine they've got some kind of Admin panel set up to find a username, and there it will show your coins/items/etc. Then it's a case of changing values. It's all held server side, so it should be pretty easy to do.
  14. Seriously, knowing a little about games dev - they would have been foolish to NOT have a system where by they can gift items or similar. It's a Pokemon game, and because of it's server requirement nature, there was going to be problems where stuff gets lost/can't be used. Even if they didn't believe it would be so big, not having a system like this built from the start is a massive oversight. It MUST be there!