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  1. Just stumbled onto this site that has all these amazing step by step lego builds for some awesome looking retro gaming stuff (and more) http://chrismcveigh.com/cm/building_guides_-_gaming.html http://chrismcveigh.com/cm/building_guides_-_technology.html I started to go through the C64 one, adding parts via http://shop.lego.com/en-GB/Pick-A-Brick-ByTheme , but seems some parts are no longer available? I'm no Lego expert though Looks pretty cool though if you have a large stock of random Lego parts lying around
  2. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Just backed the Dark Souls board game. Models look lovely and it's ridiculously good value in the kickstarter phase. £80 currently includes all the unlocked stretch goals, which is a good number of additional models and cards etc that they currently say is £180 of retail (and highly likely more to come, they're expecting to go over £3m) Only a few days left for anyone interested https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game
  3. For me it's mainly demoscene stuff from the group I was in around the early 90s. I did convert some of them to adf (using an original a500) and uploaded to pouet, but have loads more. Also have disks of art files I'd like to rummage through Honestly my cheapest/best option is probably a second hand a500, but new shiny thing would be cool if it worked
  4. Even Amiga Forever can't read disks though: https://www.amigaforever.com/kb/13-118 I'm sure you all know already, but the Amiga had a custom and software programmable disk drive. Some demoscene releases (and games with custom protection schemes) made heavy use of it. It's not something that existing hardware can cope with, and it will be interesting to see how this 'armiga' thing copes with some of the custom stuff.
  5. Yeah the selling point for me too would be the disk drive reader (and adf creator). I'm well aware there are cheaper/free Amiga emulators, but I still have stacks of old Amiga disks (mainly demos and things that aren't already available on the internet) that I'd like to create adf's from and upload. That's all providing the disks haven't deteriorated of course :/
  6. 80 From the 80s - Ebook out NOW!

    I can't believe I missed this thread until now. I have read a couple of your essays this morning and I am completely in love with this project. This is exactly the kind of book I would love to own in print. Very impressed with your research and writing skills. Consider me a purchaser
  7. Maybe it's based on stock, like if they only have a handful of something left they'll reserve them for Prime members? Cutting off sales to like (guessing) 90% of their potential customers would not make sense. Edit: I massively underestimated how many Prime subscribers there are. That percentage is probably closer to 60-70%
  8. Another vote for RobotRon here (which as every true fan knows is the correct way to pronounce this game)
  9. Poor old Cuba Gooding. Must have thought he had the starring role, but it turns out to be quite a shallow representation of O.J. Other than the first couple of episodes we're only seeing 'angry OJ'. It is one of the weaker characters in a cast full of great actors. Bit of a shame really. I'm sure OJ must have had conflicting emotions, regret, sadness, but without anyone to confess to I guess we don't see him expressing any of that
  10. Well yes, at the end of the episode that's clear, but during that long shot my anticipation was that we were going to see something amazing. It was a huge technical shot that probably took hours and hours to choreograph and capture, and all we get is some forgettable guy with a lolly.
  11. I thought that at first too. But then I thought.. it's a lot of effort for them to just go 'whoops, wrong address'. What if instead Jimmy knows that the redirected property is empty, and he's planning to hijack the mail or something.. But yeah. Probably just planning to make them look silly. Anyone else notice the really long opening shot?Looked fantastically technical, (steadicam to crane back to steadicam, crane removed from shot)had some nice choreographyand I was waiting to see where it went .. but it pretty much fizzled out to 'man gets lollipop from box'
  12. Crashed and burned. I was feeling a little more optimistic about this weeks event, having spent a few hours practicing during the week (with the lower class cars, but still) First stage, puncture within about 30 seconds. Repaired. Second stage the wheel just fell off entirely midway round a corner. (I blame the mechanics). Third stage someone put a tree directly where I wanted to drive. So I'm out.
  13. Arcade Club (Bury, near Manchester)

    Just a heads up that this Easter weekend we're running '8BitFlip' at Arcade Club. We're adding a whole slew of machines (mainly pinball) onto the new second floor, where you'll also be able to get hands on with a brand new 'The Hobbit' pinball machine. There are competitions and things going on, and with everything available (including the Escape Rooms downstairs) it should make a good family day out. If you're local, and particularly if you enjoy pinball, come along and check it out. Tickets at 8bitflip.co.uk include entry to Arcade Club
  14. Steam

    Thumbs up for good find, but I wonder why they want your steam id? Could they manually be checking the region against each account I wonder? I plugged a fake name in there, so I'll see what happens... (Edit: Turns out I completely misunderstood what a steam id even is. Had to go through this: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/25786/how-can-i-find-my-steam-idto find it)
  15. Hopefully I just submitted a request to join the league Can someone explain the deal with the events? You have to complete all six stages without writing off your car (fair enough), but do you only get a single stab at it? I literally played this for 10 mins last night, so complete rookie here.