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  1. Arsenal

    how'd he miss that!?!
  2. tbf @Nathan Wind is a chareedee, mate. he's runs a retirement home for consoles that never made it big.
  3. and charging £42 for the ps4 camera
  4. i keep a copy on my tablet, I wanted to post it, but I'm at work.
  5. aww... I was expecting
  6. yes, no.
  7. Football Thread 2016/17

    Ian wrights new book opens with the departure of George Graham, and he names other managers who took the brown envelope. Alladayce is named as one. saying it was just the done thing, as long as you didn't get caught
  8. I've never eaten a saveloy

    no, just a frankfurter. savaloys are huge, Madame. [edit] 'sake, we bought two savaloys and a sausage yesterday, and i didnt photograph them
  9. Dara O'Briain's Go 8-bit

    it is.
  10. 6 months ago that mag could have come with a free move controller...
  11. Performance Enhancing Drugs in Cycling and Other Sports

    stop cycling you drug-taking twats
  12. Ghostbusters (2016)

    maybe he was still wandering the streets of New York after filming his cameo in Little Nicky...
  13. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

  14. I've got the comic book edition Blood Feast (1991) #1B variant, somewhere...