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  1. and the best part is, we can use this stuff towards paying for PSVR 2.0!
  2. it's always been VR, you just have to believe...
  3. Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games

    the grain being what? non-sexist, non-gamergaters, with valid opinions?
  4. theres a PSVR page in the playstation store, that must be some kind of confirmation of stuff that's available VR compatible:!/en-gb/playstation-vr/cid=STORE-MSF75508-PLAYSTATIONVR
  5. it's half the cost of the others though, even forgetting the price of a kick-ass PC to start with.
  6. is that not down to cost though?
  7. weird! I got an email last night I thought they'd already confirmed that? Anyhoo!
  8. maybe it's a soft-launch, with a sold out initial shipment, and then they'll ramp up production before the EOFY, with SKUs to push the product in EMEA and APAC?
  9. 'sake... it wasn't COD2, it was COD4 MW2... Does anyone want a copy of MW2?
  10. Ghostbusters (2016)

    is this Socratic irony?
  11. Sake... I just got a copy for £4, then I watched the video, and I'm like, "oh, this one..." Still, same price I traded it in for, so...
  12. So, the new issue of empire spoiled BvS for me Yay!