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  1. Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games

  2. Videoball

    no, it's crossfire.
  3. A movie watchers blog

    Have you guys mentioned No Escape? It's on Amazon Prime I did a search but, well, I don't want to spoil it, but it's got that euro-feels about it, where Owen Wilson and his family; wife Lake Bell, and two kids, move to a SE Asian country, just as the locals decide they don't want western intervention, and decide to stage a coup. Then it becomes a race to escape the baying mob. A lot of it plays out like a zombie film. The gore level goes through the roof, and there are scenes you'd swear were a love letter to the resident evil series. Pierce Brosnan is, accent aside, BRILLIANT in this. Another passenger on the plane, a character that you immediately suspect of being a sex-tourist. He's good with kids, and takes an interest in the family almost immediately. Really good film. trailer contains spoilers... as usual (maybe only watch the first minute)
  4. I'd settle for a cassidy flashback or two, rather than a mini-series, but with only two episodes to go...
  5. vinyl lovers

    jesus really? someone's donated the included CDs to me because they only wanted the vinyl to replace their old CDs... I'll ask them to A-B them for me when I collect.
  6. hey, it's slightly more acceptable than my first thought at was going to happen...
  7. Hardly any resemblance. For starters
  8. I hope they do something for him
  9. Films you forgot existed

    great film. and remembered everytime we google stuff to do in the school holidays. this week was "things to do in Guildford... When you're dead" the other half works there, and I want to take my son near the cathedral, just to check he's not the antichrist. could be worse, he could be Godzilla, and I'm Tokyo...
  10. Star Wars Anthology: Young Han Solo

    You're not wrong.
  11. Star Wars Anthology: Young Han Solo

    Thank god smitty's back to save us from ourselves.
  12. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Argos have history for this though... [edit] now, I'm not saying that Argos deliberately post pricing errors to generate traffic to the website and then take the hit on the few orders they do honour, because its cheaper than proper advertising, but...
  13. good idea!
  14. halo and stubbs the zombie