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  1. 1980 1. the empire strikes back 2. superman II 3, flash gordon All three contain scenes that have stuck with me, all concerning near-death experiences, han in carbonate, superman taking a bus to the face into a Marlboro truck, and the execution scene in flash. I was 5 going on 6, and saw these in the cinema. 1981 1. Raiders of the lost ark 2. Stripes 3. Omen 3 the final conflict The first needs no explanation, and the second was a VHS rental a LOT later than 1981. Omen3 finale answers the questions of what the duck is god up to when the antichrist is getting busy, and has sam Neill fucking nailing it. The bit with the crucifix in the dark room. 1982 1. Star trek II the wraith of khaaaaaaaaan 2. The thing 3. Blade runner Khaaaaaaaan!!! kill it with fire!!! Tennhauser gate!!! 1983 1. The keep 2. Return of the Jedi 3. trading places stylish AND smart, I caught it late one night, might have been channel 4, a star wars film, possible the best comedy of the 80s. 1984 1. Ghostbusters 2. Indiana Jones and the temple of doom 3. Star trek III The search for Spock I dont need to say anything, do I? 1985 1. BTTF 2. Brewster millions 3. The quiet earth 1986 1. Aliens 2. Platoon 3. Star trek IV the voyage home 1987 1. Robocop 2. predator 3. Prince of darkness 1988 1. Die hard 2. Akira 3. Scrooged 1989 1. Batman 2. Bill and Teds excellent adventure 3. IJ and the last crusade
  2. Logan - Wolverine 3 - March 2017

    Mel Gibson gets paid to be a cunt and beat his wife!?!
  3. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    if only the demo wasn't so fucking short...
  4. Logan - Wolverine 3 - March 2017

    calm down, sugartits...
  5. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

  6. Logan - Wolverine 3 - March 2017

    It's a sequel to DOFP, a year later, on the second (blue) timeline? Or a sequel to DOFP, a year later on the original (red) timeline? There's only one way to find out: FIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!
  7. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    Watch Allumette. Oh, and big cinema mode is a good match for the order 1886
  8. ffffuuuu! wait, do I even have that?
  9. PlayStation VR: £349, October, OUT NOW!!!

    the heist, mickies's shooting ranges (there are 4)
  10. I'll buy it when it hits the bargain bins.