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  1. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2015-16

    Back from Wembley. Millwall were the dominant Team for 70% of the game... But when we weren't, Barnsley were just better. We were still settling into the game for their first after 2 mins and Barnsley's second after only 18 minutes was an utter worldy. And they were never letting us back into the game after that. Second half is one of the worst halves of football I've ever seen. Lots of running and very little quality. Best of luck to the Tykes next season. If they can hold on to Isgrove and re-sign Man U loanee Fletcher, they could do very well in the championship. And as for the scuffle... Not quite. Strange situation all in all. Barnsley had about 50 fans in the upper tier, with the rest of their support in the first and second levels. Millwall had a good couple of thousand up there. But there was no separation between the two supporters, aside from 3 stewards. After Barnsley went 3-1 up, they (understandably) got a bit vocal, and the three stewards weren't quite up for the Millwall response. It was a good 10 minutes later before any coppers arrived. I was very close, and saw no actual fighting. Just some shoving and a full display of wanker signs from both sets of fans.
  2. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    I agree about friendlies, I was talking about the ability of the squad as a whole, not basing anything on tonight's performance.
  3. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    I don't think this team are winning the championships, we're quite some way from Spain, Germany and France. A Quarter-finals exit would be par for us.
  4. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2015-16

    Well if we don't, our stadium is lovely, our stadium is nice, South Bermondsey is lovely... there's some good curry houses round the corner near London Bridge.
  5. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2015-16

    Millwall through. WEMBLEY!
  6. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2015-16

    The first leg of Millwall v Bradford was a bit... tasty. Given the atmosphere a sold out crowd at the Den brings, I fully expect the same this evening.
  7. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    This is in no way a defence of him, and I wouldn't take him... but here's what I reckon Hodgson's going for: He likes to play two deep central midfielders against stronger opposition - one ball-winner and one very good passer who stays deep - to protect the centre backs. Given our weakness in central defence this is a good thing. It also allows our full-backs to attack more. It's the old 'double pivot', as the football hipsters like to say. Henderson has typically fulfilled this playmaker role. Drinkwater has come of age this season and I think is 2nd choice to play there. Barkley has nowhere near the positional sense to play as a deep CM, and Wilshere is more of a 'shuttler' ball carrier. Carrick has been abandoned... and if you are worried about Hendersons' fitness enough to think he might not make it, Delph pops up. Delph has played this role for England under Hodgson and always done well. He's very technically gifted. So that's why I think he's in the squad. Like I said, it's not a defence, more of an explanation of why I think he's there.
  8. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Selecting the 29-year-old Mark Noble and the 33-year-old Defoe over the 24-year-old Wilshere and the 18-year-old Rashford is literally the exact opposite of 'young, hungry fearless players'.
  9. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Or we go with specific players who perform certain roles in a fluid system that saw us with a 100% record in qualifying - better than any other nation in Europe. What's the worst that can happen?
  10. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    If Sturridge, Vardy and Kane all struggle to score, we'll lose. But in a 23-man squad, there just isn't room for another out-and-out goal-scorer. And this is the joy of personal preference in football. If you'd rather take Defoe over Sturridge, cool. Plenty of people would agree. But to use it as the main point to decry Hodgson as a joke, it's more than a bit harsh.
  11. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Defoe is a goal scorer. The focal point, the spearhead to a team. He's fantastic at it. But we have Vardy and Sturidge for that. Taking four strikers to a tournament - two goal scorers and two that link with midfield, in this case Kane and Rooney. We're also blessed that Kane can also be a goal scorer, which squeezes out Defoe even more. He's had a great season, but to not include him with the four players above going instead... Well I can see the logic.
  12. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    England players clearly shouldn't picked be solely on 'form'. It certainly helps, but picking solely on form is mental. Troy Deeney has 4 goals in his last 4 games compared to Kane's 1 in his last 4, but there's no way you'd take Deeney over Kane.
  13. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Hey, remember that time Leicester City won the Premier league? Mental.
  14. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2015-16

    Millwall secure a spot in the playoffs. GET IN. Quietly optimistic about our chances of reaching Wembley.
  15. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    I think I'll just shut up now.