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  1. I don't trade a lot, but I'm having real success with Benteke, and have been for a little while. His price fluctuates wildly with no pattern that I can discern, but I'm regularly picking him up for 3500-ish open bids and selling him for 4200. It just takes a bit of patience to re-list him when he doesn't sell. This is on PC by the way, so the market may be different.
  2. I'll shift him quick sharp then!
  3. Is he likely to rise then? I've just started using him as a player to trade on, so have a few of him in my transfer list.
  4. FIFA 17

    I can watch Smithstock's Twitch stream in a corner window while I try and win FUT division 9.
  5. FIFA 17

    Well, I've picked it up after drastically falling out of love with the series a couple of years ago, and I'm really enjoying it. I've had to learn it again from the beginning (not that I was ever any good back then), which has made me learn 'this version' rather than the Fifa things I remember. 15 hours in and it's a lot of fun, I'm not frustrated by it, and I'm just having a good time playing a tactical game - working out how to attack and defend space and how to exploit the movement of players. Even playing the AI is a vast improvement on what I remember. Maybe it'll change when I'm much later into it, or maybe it plays differently on PC. Still haven't hit on a favorite formation yet, I like a CAM, but I also like width to stretch a defence.
  6. Premier League Predictions 2016-17 - Sep 1 deadline

  7. Summer Olympics 2016 Brazil

    Just outdone by Canada smashing Japan 45-0. And for those that don't know, Rugby sevens are seven aside with seven minute halves. Massive score.
  8. Premier League Predictions 2016-17 - Sep 1 deadline

    Pfft, easy. Man City Arsenal Spurs Man United Chelsea Leicester Liverpool West Ham Southampton Stoke Everton Watford West Brom Middlesbrough Burnley Bournemouth Crystal Palace Swansea Sunderland Hull
  9. Football Thread 2016/17

    Happy first day of the season everyone! *English season only **Not including West Ham last night ***But does include all leagues, so up yours, glory boy prem supporters
  10. 80 From the 80s - PAPERBACK EDITION out NOW!

    I've just finished the ebook and I've gotta say, it was utterly fantastic. Genuinely fascinating and properly engaging all at once. Good work Gooseman. I'd buy a '70 from the 70s' or a '90 from the 90s' in a heartbeat.
  11. Rivalries between teams are both unique and yet utterly uniform. The cheering in those videos is nothing we haven't seen between the Glasgow clubs, or Swansea v Cardiff, or Man City v Man United, or Portsmouth v Southampton, or Millwall v West Ham, or Millwall v Chelsea, or Chelsea v Fulham, or Chelsea v QPR, or Forest v Derby, or AFC Wimbledon v MK Dons... or plenty of others up & down the country and up & down the leagues. In fact, if that's those videos are the prime evidence, I reckon the majority of the list above have far worse.
  12. I'm with Fry on this. It's pretty weird. It feels very much like you're insulting all teams in the championship or lower too. You're picking out Brighton as a sign of misery - last season Brighton came within 2 games of being a Premiership side and Sunderland were 2 games from being a Championship side, so it's not like there's huge oceans of footballing prestige between the two of you. And I'm not buying the 'non-mackems don't get it' line either. Plenty of teams have rivalries at the same level of intensity.
  13. I can't be the only one who reads the phrase 'Hamper Scam' and instantly has Ram Jam's seminal hit 'Black Betty' start playing in my head, right?
  14. Summer transfer window 2016

    And in amongst all that, Mr Klopp has to challenge for the champions league spots or be sacked from his brand-new 6-year contract. Plus Koeman at Everton ruining some parties.
  15. I'm pretty firmly in the Not Hoddle camp. He was poor at Spurs and awful drastically underachieved at Wolves in the championship. He hasn't managed in 11 years and I question whether he still has the desire to conquer all before him, which is surely a vital metal trait in being a top level manager. Also, his comments about disabled people. People who believe the things he said should not be anywhere near a national institution like the England team. I don't really like that he gets to be on TV still. But on the other hand, I do believe people can change and should be given a second chance if they've paid their penance. Has he ever apologised properly, shown genuine remorse and spoken of changed views?