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  1. 8 team of the week players in one squad. Jesus.
  2. Well I scored 2 goals in a game for the first time in ages! Completely controlled a match! Hit the post! Kante missed an open goal! Thanks to a bit of lag Modric passed an open goal instead of shooting but it didn't matter because I was cruising! Then fifa. (It's the second game that starts at 18:21).
  3. Oddly enough, I don't have a definite formation to revert back to! The best I've ever been was using a 352 in Fifa 14. I've always struggled with the 41212 because I'm not good enough against congested middles. The 4321 leaves me too open at the back. The 4231 doesn't have enough attacking options. I guess i should just stick with the 433 (2). But when you're not very good and it's a Fifa version that has crap crossing, it's a hard formation to enjoy. I do realise I'm not helping you guys help me here. Sorry about that.
  4. Cheers, but I have kinda been doing that over the last three weeks. Got the same problems every time.
  5. I'm back into division 7 now, so not far off.
  6. I think I'm done with the game. I've won 1 game in 12 ( a disconnect after I scored on 9 mins). I've scored three goals in that period. I haven't conceded a goal which wasn't the result of: My keeper spilling a simple cross under no pressure, or me tackling them 5 times in the same attack yet them still breaking through, or my defenders taking a touch instead of hoofing it and being tackled as a result, or my CB charginging out of position despite me not controlling him, or any of the other myriad of 'unlucky' events that happen. I can't remember the last time I played a match that was actually fun!
  7. A philosophical question for you all. There is a call on reddit for people to wear the Chapecoense kit this weekend in tribute to the team at the centre of this morning's tragedy. If you were to hunt through your clubs kits, and found it sat in there, and then noticed it was going on the market for a large amount of coins... would you sell and take the meaningless digital currency? (And, no I don't have the kit in my club.)
  8. Modric might be my favorite ever FUT player. I'd go props gay for Luca.
  9. That is quite shit luck. But those stalwarts will be cheap as hell by tomorrow evening. Probably.
  10. Gambling is definitely the phrase though. I was prepared to drop 120k on it, and had plenty of players to use already, AND did open bidding to bring the price down. And I have a few duffs myself that either got recycled into it, or are now stinking up my untradables pile.
  11. Prices are different on PS4, but on PC, 83 rateds are going for 1.8-2k, so the total is more like 30k. On friday night, it was roughly 20k. That's assuming you have no 83 or 84's lying around you don't want. Plus, I used the guaranteed 82+ Player SBC to dump a load of unwanted golds, and scored a couple of 83s and 84s from that. So it may be cheaper.
  12. I was open bidding on 84 rated players, and have 15 left in my club after the weekend's craziness. They go for 6 - 6.5k right now, so selling them all off instead of doing more of the SBC means I'll have 100k by the end of today (hopefully).
  13. Now my plan was that if I got four TOTW players I didn't want, I was going to use them in two goes at the TOTW Tradeable challenge - which requires 2xTOTW players to complete. So that's an option too, but it starts getting very expensive. Hence me being ok with throwing 120k at it.
  14. There's a couple of formulas, but the one I found easiest was: 3 x 84 6 x 83 1 x 82 1 x 80 You get a random TOTW player from this week's TOTW. BUT... it is untradeable. So if you pack Ajax's Silver Dutch Striker Dolberg, you're stuck with him.
  15. Ha! Yeah, I should probably add a TLDR.