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  1. I agree Nate, I'm just plodding along in my little FGC bubble where the game isn't dead at all so I'm not feeling as doom'n'gloom about it as many folks. Very much keeping my head in the sand I guess.
  2. I just like to press the buttons, not sure what I'm doing here really. That's probably what I'd say in the boardroom. Ibuki looks like soooo much fun. Two bombs per V-trigger with variable timers and you can bounce them about by hitting them. Oh my goodness. It's like Elphelt from GG or Viewtiful Joe from Mahvel except in a game I can actually play.
  3. Cersei is due to stand trial for her sins. She's asking for a trial by combat, like Tyrion's trial where Oberyn Martell was Tyrion's champion and The Mountain represented the crown. In this case, Cersei's champion is Zombie Mountain but the opponent has yet to be named. They did specifically have a scene in the most recent episode where Jamie said "you're standing trial soon, I need to be here for you" and Cersei said "It'll be a trial by combat and I have The Mountain" just to remind everyone of that. The show can be obtuse at times but I thought that was fairly clear.
  4. Oh my god that Ibuki trailer with the bomb combos. Oh my god.
  5. BoJack Horseman

    Series 3, 22nd of July. Yes.
  6. So first he does stand fierce into EX fireball and does v-skill roll through the wind from the fireball to propel him next to the opponent and take frame advantage. The block string he does then spaces him perfectly to his standing fierce into heavy fireball at max distance. He cancels the heavy fireball into V-skill jump, cancelling that into dive kick. The remaining wind from the heavy fireball propels the dive kick and alters its course. When the dive kick is blocked Rashid should bounce away and be massively punishable. With this set up he lands in front of the opponent and is actually at frame advantage. This allows him to get a counter hit standing medium punch, which combos into standing fierce. This combo only works on counter hit. He then cancels that heavy punch into EX fireball. He uses V-skill roll, propelled by the wind from the fireball to get him in faster and take frame advantage. He then does a point blank eagle spike, which again is massively unsafe, but the last few frames of wind from his EX fireball cause him to be propelled away to full screen and therefore remain safe. He then sets up V-Trigger. Forward dashes through it to take corner control back with the wind assisted dash. He then does a low short for a small amount of frame advantage and to set up spacing for the final gimmick. The low short makes them sit still, then he does what appears to be a totally random EX DP, but it's spaced so it forces them to block the first few hits, then lets them out of block stun JUST as it crosses them up, suddenly creating a Marvel mix up where they're not blocking the right way against Rashid and the tornado hits them. My goodness the science of it all. Outrageous.
  7. Had to post this for the ridiculous amount of science in one twenty second sequence. And they say this game doesn't have tech.
  8. Yup. Wouldn't have kept playing SFIV for seven years without that arcade mode.
  9. Look at these absolutely hideous t-shirts: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2016/may/12/show-world-who-your-street-fighter-5-main-one-these-awesome-character-art-tee-shirts-blue-marble-apparel/ Amazing. I particularly like that with the lady modelling the Laura one they've tried to create a whole look with the matching leggings.
  10. Third strike announcer's "Yeeeaaah! I'm a racist!"on character select is my favourite. Also in MVC2 I refused to believe War Machine yells "here's my Sunday best!" before his proton cannon super. Turns out that actually is what he says. Weird.
  11. Ainsley Lariat.
  12. Bulbasaur is the only one that has ever started out as a dual type, so I wouldn't worry about it. A lot of them get dual types later on but it's not always beneficial. Grass/Flying is much weaker than just Grass, for instance. I liked what they did in X and Y with the double triangle once they were all at their final forms though: Grass/Fighting > Water/Dark Water/Dark > Fire/Psychic Fire/Psychic > Grass/Fighting. So they all smashed/got smashed by each other extra hard.
  13. See also: Pokeball that evolves into Pokeball with a face and Magnet with eyeball. They've always been hit and miss and divided opinion, people just have rose tinted specs for the first generation. I actually like the fire cat the least of the three, though he's cool too and I'm happy with all of them. The seal is great, look at his little face. People hated Oshawatt and I liked him too though, so I will have to agree to disagree for another wave of starters. But look at how pleased he is when he stands up, and then does the super serious face when he's doing the water gun. I love him. Happy to see an Owl in there, and if you didn't love him spinning his head 180 degrees to take instructions from the trainer then I am sad for you. I tried my best to make Noctowl work but they are so utterly useless no matter how much training/breeding you put into them. At least it being a starter will give it decent base stats at the very least. Seal > Owl > Cat. Come at me.