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  1. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    Fun session tonight. Ended on a win streak and have decided to quite while I'm ahead instead of going to bed salty. Notable sets: JLM 0-1 Imstilldadaddy. JLM 2-0 Ixion JLM 2-1 Gunslinga JLM 1-2 Evans. Good to see Evans playing the game again. Was one of the top two or three players in France back in the Vanilla SFIV and Super days. His Karin is really strong, one of the better Karins I've played against for sure. Ixion has been quite vocal on Facebook about not getting long with SFV so far. His Nash wasn't mobile enough in the match up. I think Nash beats Laura badly if he plays in and out dashy dashy like Infiltration but he wasn't really doing that, so I got in and mauled. Gunslinga plays very loose and risky even for a Ken. Made some nutty reads against me, pretty scary to fight against. Sad I only got one game against ISDD. It was a very thorough beating but I'd have liked another go at it. Looking at my battle log I've won 46 out of my last 50 in ranked. That's helped by almost everybody hitting rematch, partly because I can win 2-1 even if get blown up the first game and also because lower ranked players only lose 5LP or so for losing to me and will therefore often let me 2-0 them. Yes, I know I said I wouldn't play ranked again but creating a battle lounge involves sitting around for ages kicking out Brazilian players repeatedly until someone decent shows up. Sometimes you just want to play some games. I did get beaten up by Isam in a FT5 battle lounge though, so the Platinum does pay off once someone even vaguely local joins. Also, in my defense, I did go to another offline tournament this weekend. Play Expo Blackpool. I got top 8 but was very disappointed with both of my losses. Lost to SFO Savant's Chun because I went on tilt almost immediately and he just rushed me down and made me pay for it. He's improved a lot but I still rarely lose a set against him so was mad to completely collapse in tournament. I then lost to a really mediocre Nash player due to my own incompetence. I had the read that he kept jumping every time he was under pressure but somehow got standing medium punch cancelled into NOTHING three times in a row. Curse my useless hands. Also beat four people, so ended up getting my standard 4 and 2 when I could have done so much better. Still seething about it a little. Infernokong Birdie won the whole thing, unsurprisingly. SFO Savant got Third, which is his highest placing in any SF tournament. Really pleased for him despite my own extreme salt. One thing I've found over the past few sets is that I've yet to find a good Dhalsim online. All the 6500 to 8000lp Dhalsims are so reliant on people not knowing the match up at all. I find I can categorise them into two types: Raw teleport - > get jabbed - > mash jab on landing. In fairness, Gllty is getting to top 16 at every US major right now by doing exactly this and nobody seems to be stopping her either. Or Raw teleport - > get jabbed - > teleport on landing. The first time I jab them out of the almost inevitable raw teleport I'll try a meaty. If they teleport I'll remember to punish it next time. The recovery on grounded teleport is SO BAD. You can see him do it, jump and get a full jump in combo to punish the recovery. It's such an insanely risky thing to do when you've been air reset and the opponent has all day to see what you're doing, but nobody is punishing it so all the Dhalsims are doing it. As for the raw teleport itself, I usually find that the higher points ones will do a bunch of other stuff before doing it, but they'll all do it eventually so I will just wait at full screen until they get bored of zoning and decide to try it. It's really not great for a Dhalsim player to get bored of zoning before the opponent does. Also when V-trigger is active, firstly it's almost always an EX fireball afterwards, so if I have bar I can put my own out to beat it and their safe teleport turns into a raw teleport. Second, nobody ever goes low. Ever. It's always jump back jab sniper. Every single time.I swear Fchamp, Arturo and Overmostheads are the only Dhalsim players who occasionally go low there. So much Yoga Fraudulence.
  2. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    Apparently the replay thing is happening to a lot of people since the Guile update. Hope my old ones haven't gone, had some nice matches in there.
  3. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    Just lost my 16 win streak to ISDD's Guile. He's back folks. Still not entirely sure this Laura thing is going to work out. I'm improving with her and I'm getting plenty of wins but she still feels very limited and there are certain match ups where I wonder if it's worth the effort. I could play a mediocre mid-range game in the hopes of landing an opening and then hoping I can kill the opponent in a couple of reads, or I could play a character who can dictate the pace of the match up at almost any range and never has to make hard reads on offense in order to win. Against Nash in particular I feel like I have to work so hard to get in and then when I do feel like I have to kill him in one series of offense because he is so dominant on the ground at almost every range. It is theoretically possible to kill him in one sequence, but if he V-triggers or V-reversals successfully or has a good read on one of my command grabs then I have to do it again. He is in complete control of the match unless at absolute point blank range and there isn't really a good reason I should be able to get there. If I do then I had better not let him out or it's over. The problem she has is that she's Abel in a game without hard knockdowns, so do stop the opponent waking up with jab or getting out and killing your momentum, you have to commit to one of a handful of meaty set ups before you can even attempt another mix up. With Abel you've secured the mix up and you can stand next to them and see what they do, with Laura you have to do a set up just to make sure you actually get the mix up, which is a much weaker option. I think her resets and stand up game are better than her sort-of-vortex, to the point where I'd prefer it if she had a Karakusa instead of a tornado throw. If I could keep them stood up and run resets I feel like I'd have a better chance than having to try and make people take mix ups on soft knockdowns. I'm glad she doesn't actually have a vortex, but they've sort of given her a budget version of one instead and I'm not entirely sure what the aim is. As I say, a command grab that re-stands the opponent would be magic for me. I wouldn't want to combo off it as that'd be silly, but a little bit of damage/stun and then leaving you standing and with some plus frames like Alex's stun gun headbutt. I dunno, I think she's decent. I don't think anyone in the game is completely rubbish and I think the balance is fantastic in the game so far. I generally find her fun to play as well, but I don't think she's very strong and I'm not sure why anyone would pick her if they were looking to win a tournament when Chun, Nash, Ryu, Ken, Necalli, Birdie, Dhalsim etc. are available. I think she'll end up in the same spot as Abel actually, where people hate fighting against her and everyone will argue against her losing match ups by saying ''yeah but if she gets in she can maul you'' and then she won't win anything. I think Mr. Crimson taking CWC will be her only major win for some time and outside of Crimson in Europe I doubt we'll see her in many top 8s either. She just has to make too many guesses off too few openings to be viable at the highest level in my opinion. I'd like someone to prove me wrong on that though.
  4. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    Something seems to have gone wrong with replays. The last couple I've saved are not on my replay list and I've got a weird Ryu mirror replay from the year 1906 stuck on the bottom of the list. Booo.
  5. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    In attempting to do a training mode 999 hit combo with Guile, this guy discovered that SFV has counter-measures against infinites:
  6. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    You're nevbamshew's brother?! Ha, had no idea.
  7. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    It's similar to Chun's SBK combos. You can cancel the cr. MP much later than you think. Press fierce, start charging immediately, press crouching MP - > pause for a beat - > special move. It's really unintuitive at first (and completely different from SFIV, where you'd want to pretty much have the entire charge before pressing the last normal before the cancel). It's easier than SF4 but you make it more difficult for yourself, which oddly makes it harder at first. You can let Guile's arm extend all the way out on the MP and still cancel it, so you have plenty of time to charge.
  8. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    But Streetfighter V doesn't have combos. Maybe they patched in combos during the April update. That combo would be a fun high score challenge to see how many hits you can reach before they rage quit. Would also like to see the extent and ferocity of an opponent's mash during a 20 second long combo.
  9. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    So hype. Anyone around for some sub-par Guile mirrors? Also keen to see if the little hitbox fix they've done on Laura's standing medium punch stops it whiffing in any other situations as well. No balance changes but I'd consider that a bit of a buff for her if it does.
  10. Edge #293

    Cover is pure Langdell bait.
  11. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    He was a really strong Guy player in SF4 but was banned from major UK tournaments for offensive messages and concerns that there'd be fights if he turned up. Always been perfectly nice to me personally but it seems that isn't the case for a lot of others!
  12. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    Nicely done. I hit my 7,500 target this evening. Mixed bag of opponents as usual, actually didn't have any rage quitters at all which is the first time that's happened since I started playing the game. Notable opponents: JLM 2-0 Miligano JLM 2-1 Hurricane237 JLM 1-2 Infexious. There were some other decent 7-8,000LP mans in there also. I think I played everyone 2/3 except for a couple of 2,000LP guys who got beaten pretty badly and declined the rematch. Was nice to finally play Infexious at this game. It's mostly an oppressive wall of Gief low jabs, moving you toward the corner slowly and steadily like a big hairy iceberg in speedos. It's not quite as demoralising as fighting the Hugo was (I took a game and could have had the third one if not for my own cock ups) but I'm sure it will be in time. Was chuffed to beat The Hurricane as it required a lot of discipline to not get shimmied by his relentless Cammy. He also beat the ever living piss out of me in game two, so to keep calm and take the third one felt very good indeed. That's me off ranked for a while then. The rematch option made the stretch from gold to platinum really good fun despite the rage quitters. Plus it's always fun when a known UK tournament man shows up, or one of the old Dragonman rivals from Xbox live. It's by no means the best way to play the game but I'd say it's more worthwhile than SFIV ranked even with the quitters, simply because best of 1 is the worst format ever and you at least get a chance of a full set here.
  13. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    It was so very, very good. So good. Everyone watch it. It was really good. In other news, Alistarr has sorted me out with a thing that makes Survival Mode skip straight to the final stage for the PC version. I now have purple Laura. This pleases me. I have no shame in admitting I cheated here because Survival mode is utterly, utterly hateful. For the record, my achievment for completing hard survival mode is NOT LEGIT. It's not legit guys. Call me on it if you like. It is not real. Purple costume though.
  14. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    Oh my days F-Word's jacket. What a guy. Bracket's here by the way: http://challonge.com/fr/Redbullkumite2016
  15. Street Fighter V - Hegg

    I think it evens out again at Platinum aside from people who are actually good and also cheating. If you're really shit and *just* cheating then it'll take a long time to get to Platinum as you'll still need to win enough games to get there even if you cheat to stop yourself losing. Getting 5 and 10p for beating Bronze/Silver players it's going to take a long time to do it. Ranking points are always ultimately meaningless but personally I'll be at least a bit pleased when I hit Platinum because I know I've never quit out of a game because I was losing. Not one single time. I've quit in the first five seconds of round one due to teleporting opponents because it was blatantly not going to be playable, but aside from that my record is clean. I've also had loads of really fun 2/3 sets with super/ultra gold players along the way. There are loads of cheaters but there are loads of people not cheating as well. Again though, I mostly just want Platinum because most of the good players I want to be playing against are about there and, if SFIV is anything to go buy, it's the equivalent of that 3,500PP sweet spot that makes people play you. The helpful part there is that most people quitting to boost their points will stay in ranked anyway and won't be stinking up the lobbies.