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  1. They need to something, it's depressing how little neutral game there is when one of the big selling points this had is that it was a return to honest Streetfighter rather than hard knockdown set ups. As it stands, braindead anti-airs, neutral jumps, forward dashes, stubby poke ranges, no whiff punishes and crush counter punishes for having the nerve to try and play footsies makes for an ugly, terrifying neutral game where the optimal strategy is to do whatever you can to bypass it and start your particular brand of nonsense. It's telling that the best player in the world and the most consistent performer is the single player on this whole planet who has found a way to stay out of the madness, maintain control and not find himself in the blender. The fact that you have to be Infiltration and that only one character is capable of doing it nicely sums up why I am not loving the game. Replacing the vortex with flailing like a mad man and making wild guesses until somebody dies is not the alternative I was looking for. USFIV had largely eliminated the vortex as the main thrust of the game anyway.
  2. About eight hours into Uranium so far and very much enjoying it, though I'm only a couple of badges in as I've been trying to train almost every new 'mon that shows up to try them all out. Designs are hit and miss but I like plenty of them so far (Birbie in particular was an early one that sold me on this team's ability to design cool new Pokemon) and they have some fun abilities and type combinations to set then apart from the existing mons. Bug/Fairy, Poison/Psychic and one or two other quite unusual combinations have shown up so far.When I've entered a new route and an old/existing Pokemon turns up I've felt a bit disappointed that it wasn't one of their new creations for me to catch and dabble with, which is an encouraging sign. It's great to have a new game to play through to tide me over until Sun and Moon come out, thumbs up from me so far.
  3. Just had the Streetfightingest of weekends. Retro games night at a bar in town on Monday. SF2 Turbo on SNES and SFV tournaments. Managed to win both of them and won two excellent framed prints of the the SF2 Turbo SNES box art. SF2 was harder to win as it always is at these casual/retro nights as there are always a couple of people who can secretly play a bit. Fortunately I worked out early on that cross up jump MK - > cr. MK - > fireball is an almost guaranteed dizzy for Ryu. Made things much easier that did. Then today it was SFO monthly where I entered SFV, the returning SF4 and my first attempt at running a tournament for Streetfighter: The Movie. Had a very successful day, finishing second in SFV, second in SF4 and third in SF: The Movie. SFV was sadly the least enjoyable of the three games both to play and spectate. I really don't take much satisfaction from wins in SFV as it just feels like I established my turn first and made a few good guesses, and if I lose it's because the opponent did the same. The few seconds of neutral per round are so fleeting and so terrifying and just feel like a hurried rush to try and establish dominance and then start running your nonsense. I've got reasonably good at it but I still don't particularly like it. It's not doing too great at SFO either. It's pretty much split our scene in half as a good chunk of our SF4 mans have dropped 5 and switched to Guilty Gear instead. My grand finals set was watched by about two people as everyone else was either in the Guilty Gear room or gathered around the SF:The Movie set up getting hype for that game's utter madness. It was just lovely to play SFIV in tournament again though. I'm still playing it every casual session and also entered the side tournament for it at VS Fighting so thankfully I'm not too rusty. Lost in grand finals to IND ALaughingGoblin who is an excellent player and serial character dabbler like myself. Had some excellent back and forth games, I reset the bracket in grand finals and took it to 2-2 in the second set before he switched to his evil Seth when he decided it was time to win. How I feel fighting Seth in SFIV is how I feel in every match of Streetfighter V. I'm trying to react to what he's doing but there are too many options to consider so I end up jumping and swinging wildly, then when he's in I just have to make some guesses and hope I survive. SF: The Movie brought the hype as it always does. Everything juggles into everything so you get occasional ridiculous combos in amongst the scrambly madness of what is a truly broken mess of a game. So far in SFO tournaments Honda remains the strongest character with Guile and Balrog close behind him. We also discovered today that Ryu can steer his fireballs up and down after throwing them. Lord knows why but it's pretty great. Had 23 entrants for the game in the end, including rllmuk's own Willei. SFO Broodoo and SFO Ghost were the grand finalists, which is not surprising as they had both played before in the amazing round robin tournament we had on Evo weekend. Honda's butt slam juggled into hands juggled into super is too good. Coleslaw.
  4. Ah I need to do a VS write up soon. Will do shortly. Jammerz is actually Andi Peters.
  5. Just playing some early hours fighter before VS Fighting and have just had the best Guile hair freak out I've seen so far: Inverted Johnny Bravo. Wow.
  6. Pokémon X and Y - 3DS, October 2013

    You can redeem the code and collect the Pokémon from any Pokémon center in the game, but you'll struggle to use it in battle until you have all your badges. There's a system in the game to prevent you trading in high level Pokémon and breezing through it, whereby Pokémon of higher levels will refuse to obey your instructions until you've earned enough badges. Once you've got your last badge all Pokémon at all levels will be trainable.
  7. Ha, yeah that was for Breaking Max, not familiar with your new opponent I'm afraid. I feel like I'm entering SFV because it's the only game I'm currently playing in the line up rather than it being the game I want to enter. It probably doesn't bode well that all of our casual sessions these days have a few sets of SFV and then quickly change into any and all poverty fighters and then about 100 games of SFIV. I mean I'm glad that happens because I have a lot of fun, but it's not the best preparation for a SFV tournament. I'd attend VSF and Hypespotting even if I wasn't entering any games though, and if I'm going anyway I should probably enter the game I know how to play. I'm sure I'll lose to someone dashing/neutral jumping my face in and have a big old rant about how the game isn't very good afterwards, but on the plus side I'll have hung out with all of the mans I only get two see twice a year, hopefully run into Jonster for the first time and get a chance to meet K-Brad.
  8. Ha, mine's moved a lot since I last checked it. SFO-wise Thaison would face Chris T in his second match if he wins the first. SFO Savant would play Luffy second and Willo would play Brentt second. Hope everyone can win their first match as I'd be hype for all of those. At least none of us have an absolute killer first game. I'm pretty familiar with your first opponent Jonster. Decent Cammy player, though my observation from playing him is that he doesn't throw enough to make me start tech-ing. I default to expecting the shimmy against Cammy and have to be bullied out of it and I don't think he did that when I played him.
  9. BoJack Horseman

    Had a group of friends who had all agreed to avoid watching this until we could all get together and binge it. Just finished it now in what was an almost six hour continuous screening. Absolutely brilliant. I generally try to keep my expectations in check for any new series of my favourite shows but I was very excited for this and it delivered on every possible level. Already renewed for a fourth series as well. Long live Bojack.
  10. We're running the SF: The Movie at the next SFO Monthly. Need to work on some Blade combos.
  11. Lovely stuff Joffles. Last few minutes of the latest Funny and Cool moments has some excellent Ibuki things: Lots of amazing clips from a variety of games as usual, but the Ibuki montage starts at 11:30.
  12. Watching Thaison from SFO fight Willei from RLLMUK on an MBA stream. What a world.
  13. The King of Fighters XIV - PS4 - 2016

    Early tier list:
  14. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I'll get it soon. Still playing every weekend on trusty 360. Still by far the best game.
  15. Also Juri's out at the end of the month. Ono announced it and they went to a break shortly afterwards. I says, facetiously "ooh, break time, here comes the Juri trailer". Everyone lol'd. Deary me.