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  1. Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread

    Damn it. Posted an amazing deal Game were doing on Venom arcade sticks (£30 each!!!) but they've unsurprisingly sold out already.
  2. Two episodes left for me, been enjoying it so far but would put it behind Jessica Jones and Daredevil.
  3. Yeah this Plinkett review really felt like he'd done it for the sake of doing it and I found myself bored, which is a shame when I absolutely loved all of his prequel reviews. Also on the Hulk/Plinkett comparisons, thought this response from an old Hulk Q&A was quite relevant:
  4. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I am the biggest advocate of Chun Ultra 1 in almost all match-ups, sometimes to my detriment, but it's especially easy to make the case for it in the mirror match. I feel like the Chun with U1 in that match is literally a better character than the one without it. I'm sad that U2 is the default for so many Chuns but I can see why they pick it. It ended up with decent damage after the buffs, is easy to land, doesn't require charge, you don't have to worry about screen positioning. U1 though, U1: More damage than U2, punishes Devil Reverse, EX psycho crusher, Honda headbutts, projectiles, sweeps, can land it in most of the same spots as U2 except slap bang in the middle of the screen. Hosenka's the best.
  5. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I'm sad I don't have any more to add to that aside from agreeing with all of it. The "I don't think I could ever do that" mentality is something I've only got over relatively recently. What I've found is that I don't have bad execution but rather that I am too lazy to improve consistency once I can land a combo some of the time. I can teach myself to perform just about any combo but my problem is that once I can do it 5 out of 10 times I lack the patience to fine tune that to 9 out of 10. It's then easy to just say "I have crappy execution" when that's not true as I've managed to go from 0 out 10 to 5 out of 10, so with more time and dedication could improve that. The breakthrough on this for me came with Fuerte's run-stop-fierce in SFIV. This was a long-standing "I just can't do it" combo. I left Fuerte's last trial incomplete and, even after watching tutorial videos, could never land more than two. Then one of the SFO mans picked up Elf and, after coming from a similar "this combo is impossible" mindset, ended up hitting at least 6-7 reps of it in matches on a regular basis and sometimes landing more. He did this by doing training mode fight request when playing ranked with his main, leaving Fuerte in training mode and drilling RSF continuously every time he had a ranked session. Seeing this fairly rapid improvement inspired me to give it a go, and after just a few evenings practising I can now typically get 4 reps on average and have done as many as 7-8. I think the fact that combo has the incredibly satisfying rhythm to it that you describe is the key to this, and it also helps that this combo in particular has a somewhat unique high score element to it. I guess my point is that for me to want to grind the things in training mode, the things have to be fun to do, they have to be challenging enough for me to want to do them and they also need to make me feel satisfied when I improve. The combos in KOF are currently providing me with my fix of that. They're not quite as joyous as SFIV combos, but the buttons feel snappy and responsive and I find myself hitting the buttons really hard and doing celebratory button mashing during the bits where I don't have to press anything. These are all excellent signs. With Dudley in SFIV I mash the buttons during EX Machine gun blow for non-existent extra damage every time I land it. Every. Single. Time. Landing a Dudley b'n'b into that move feels soooo good that the joy of it never diminishes. In fact KOF as a whole has reignited my love of pressing the buttons. I tap the buttons in time with Sylvie's entrance dance, tap the buttons and waggle the stick in between rounds, mash for extra damage when I'm landing supers. It feels so good to press them in the game that I want to press them in between as well. As Alistarr says, you can see the same thing when you watch Mago play SFIV. He has wonderfully precise and speedy execution but you can also tell he just fucking loves pressing the buttons. SFV doesn't make me love pressing the buttons. Now that I think about it, along with the 8 frames, homogenised strategies and ranges amongst the cast, the complete removal of reactive play, I think diminishing my love of pressing the buttons might be the game's greatest failing.
  6. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I am better at one frame links than I have ever been, which is really frustrating. I think it's just the lack of any sort of pressure attached to the game. As soon as I am invested in the result I can do NO COMBOS. So far sticking to random select exclusively for ranked in the wilds of PS4. Won 55 out of 65 so far, which isn't too bad. Also endless battling it up with Rose and my other semi-mains. It is still the best game.
  7. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    Bunny and Cool moments Peter "Carrotfiend" Rabbit Rolling Thumper Watership Hard knockdown 8 frames Roger Rabbit
  8. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    But rabbits are delicious. Nice and gamy. Random select is keeping it fun too. Really puts my Dhalsim to the test when playing against PSN shotos with nothing to lose.
  9. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    Tremendous. Also I'm still playing this. PS4 ranked is hilarious. After eight years of grinding and learning almost the entire cast, my reward is retiring to ps4 ranked to beat 15k BP Ryu players within random select Yun.
  10. Been bingeing this and have just finished all four seasons. Going to tag this as people are clearly at different points of watching this:
  11. The King of Fighters XIV - PS4 - 2016

    Had a lot of fun playing this at the weekend. Had about fifty games offline against one of my local fighting game scene mans, with my Athena/Sylvie/Yuri against his Luong/Mature/Mai. The matches tended to go: Athena 7-3 Luong Sylvie 4-6 Mature Yuri 4-6 Mai I think the latter match will even out once I get more consistent with Yuri. Mai beats her pretty badly in the neutral, but Yuri should be able to do 500-700 damage off any hit. Right now she's only doing that occasionally, so even when I land enough hits to win I'm not doing it. It's encouraging that Yuri is starting to land hits and I am sometimes hitting the big 5 bar combos of doom though. The nice thing about playing her as a pure anchor is that converting hits into damage is pretty much all I need to learn with her. In training I just do: Cr. lk - > cr. lk - > stand lk xx DP. Cr. lk - > cr. lk - > stand lk xx MAX xx standing hp xx EX Saiha - > Tings Cr. lk - > Stand HP xx MAX xx standing hp xx EX Saiha - > Tings Then it's just a case of remembering which Tings to do to suit 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bars. Then going into any of those from a short hop jump in, a short hop into low and off a waist-height dive kick. That is basically it. She has more gimmicky stuff and some fun resets and other more advanced bits and bobs I'll try to stick in over time, and obviously I'll need to get better at actually playing the game with her through sheer numbers of games, but for the most part her only job is to make sure that any hit she gets turns into something big. It's tricky trying to practise individual characters in this game, as with Yuri I often only get to play one round of the match with her, but if I switch to singles VS. then it doesn't recreate the anchor role she usually plays. She won't have 5 bars to burn, she won't be fighting their last character in the game deciding round and she won't have the life lead or life defecit she would normally have in that situation. That said, playing singles VS. with Sylvie when she was the only character I'd played at all has really helped as I am so much better with her than the other two. I did some more training mode last night, just drilling those Yuri combos as above. Not bothering with the game online as, although the netcode is actually solid when it's working, the hit confirms in the game are incredibly rapid and even the tiniest bit of delay makes it nearly impossible, especially at this early stage of learning it. Going to make sure to do some training mode whenever I can and get at least a couple of offline sessions per week. Currently finding Mature very hard to deal with. It's partly just the odd frame advantage in SNK games though, which I'll get used to over time. He running slash looks and feels extremely punishable but is actually positive on block. It took me about forty games to stop pressing a button after blocking it. What I need to start looking for is guard cancel roll punishes and also gaps in strings. When Mature does a normal cancelled into the running slash there is a gap where she can at least be grabbed before you have to block it. It seems to be the case with a lot of moves that it's not simply a case of blocking and punishing but rather avoiding the block in the first place or using guard cancels to punish things that are otherwise safe. There are plenty of things that are punishable in the traditional sense as well, but I need to get used to looking for the other things. Sweeps are another big one, where a lot of them have a ton of push back on block and can't be punished like you would in SF, but what you can do instead is read the sweep, hop over it and get a full combo. Fighting Mature is also teaching me to use guard cancels a lot because she has absolutely outrageous corner carry. Rekka characters always have that, but she also has the classic Rugal style wall slam super that carries you directly to the corner, the running slash attack and a rapid forward dash. It's well worth spending a bar just to get the space back. Even though the game is much easier than XIII it's still going to be a steep learning curve. I'm determined to give it a good go though as the game is tonnes of fun, plus obsessively theory fighting while learning a new game is the best.
  12. The King of Fighters XIV - PS4 - 2016

    Going with Athena/Sylvie/Yuri for my team at the minute. I am that creep. Athena is going at the front to upset my opponents and build meter for her pals. The problem I'm having with her is that her basic confirm of low short low jab xx uppercut is really difficult for me. I don't know what it is about her specifically as I'm doing similar combos with Yuri with no trouble but I just can't get it down with Athena. Lots of practise required there. It is frankly ludicrous the array of tools the character has though. Incredible fireballs with barely any recovery, invincible DP, a dive kick, a low crushing overhead that cancels into dive kick, a reflect, great normals, solid mobility, builds loads of meter and, for some reason, has a command grab on top of all of that. Pretty pretty good. Sylvie in the middle as she is nicely versatile meter-wise. She builds it at quite a rate but also likes to have two bars to stick EX OTG lightning super on the end of her combos/after any knockdown if needed. Doesn't need to spend as much as Yuri though. She also has horrible match ups due to her extremely stubby range, so is best placed in the middle for protection. I feel like it's risky putting her at the front or relying on her as anchor but I'm determined to use her because she is hilarious to me. Sylvie will build more meter for Yuri if things are going well but spend it if there's a defecit to make up. Yuri as anchor because she's very aggressive, has solid damage, is not good at building bar but really good at spending it. Spent about three hours in training with her last night. Put some time into practising some extremely damaging meter splurging combos as that's what I'll need her to be doing. Also working on getting low short low short stand short DP into the muscle memory as it's a really handy confirm. She has a lot of fun stuff. Kara fireballs off her sweep makes up for it not going full screen, lots of demon flip shenanigans and resets, a really good dive kick, raw CD/blowback cancelled max mode and then an EX demon flip allows for some tricky follow ups, she can link low short into stand fierce (ahem, crouching B into standing C) for good damage and she absolutely thrives with a few meters to burn. What I also like about this trio is that I can always put Sylvie at the front and Yuri in the middle if the opponent's team calls for it. Athena can be deployed in any position and do work. She's really quite good. Having a house session on Friday, really looking forward to trying all my new stuffs out in offline matches as at the past two offline sessions I'd only ever played as Sylvie. Game is fun, I like it a lot.
  13. Sad to hear your scene is bitching about you. At SFO we insult each other almost constantly but it's all love in the end. We all love seeing each other get battered but would be even happier to see SFO mans win something big. I think that's how a fighting game scene should be. As you say, the scene itself and my love of fighting games generally is what's keeping me going despite the main game not grabbing me like the last one did. Thankfully there are plenty of like minded folks at SFO so there are plenty of people to play at SFIV, Super Turbo, KOF, Guilty, Poverty fighters etc etc. No representation for NRS games or KI. Little bit sad about the latter, not so much about the former. NRS games and Tekken are just a short trip to Manchester away if I wanted to though. I'm in a very fortunate position fighting game-wise where there are people local to me who are happy to play a Data East "classic" for three hours and then let me run it at the next tournament. I'd probably still show up to SFO and go to tournaments to see my friends and enjoy the hype regardless, but I don't think I'd be doing it quite so avidly if SFV was the only game in town and the other games only had five entrants. It is a shame that it's split our community up though. It used to be one big tournament for the main game and then smaller side tournaments. Now it's four or five small tournaments and no big one. I miss having the main game grand finals with everyone in the venue crowding round to watch it. I'm excited to watch that First Attack top 8 though. Love that R/Kappa are still bringing players over and he was great choice after his heroic effort in that team tournament a few months back. He beat Fuudo and Haitani back to back and had the most amazing pop off afterwards which you rarely see from Japanese players. Loved it and his Rashid is superb. First major win for a Rashid there. Can't even recall him in a top 8 before in fact.
  14. It has little flashes of being really good, and when I'm playing with friends and we have a sort of unspoken gentleman's agreement to try and play Streetfighter and not just flail wildly then I can really enjoy it. In tournament though, you're playing to win and doing what's most effective, and what's most effective is uuuugly. I've fully accepted that trying to feel out the opponent and play some neutral is a fool's errand, so now I just go in and maul and rely on being fairly good at reading and conditioning people. The up close adaptation, baiting v-reversals, going through the wheel of mix ups etc is OK, but the problem is that it's all there really is to do in the game. That and the shimmy. Boy am I tired of the shimmy. The decision to stop playing in tournament until/unless major changes are made actually came after winning my losers' final match this month. I fought a Vega player who, when he ran out of ideas, just jumped over my head and did neutral jump repeatedly. I dealt with it but it is ludicrous how effective that is as a "strategy" in this game. If I beat someone doing that I'm not pleased with the adaptation I've made and happy with the win, I'm just sad that this is the game I'm having to play. Same as when I beat a Necalli. I don't feel satisfied that I outplayed them, just sort of relieved that I was able to stem the tide of the utter bullshit that character throws at you on this occasion. Had another pretty successful outing at SFO yesterday though. Got to grand finals of SFV (lost to the same Mika 3-2 again!) and grand finals of USF4 (lost to Brylarke Elena). Also won the Breakers Revenge side tournament. Turned out there were a couple of secret Breakers players in attendance, which made for a fun tournament. 16 mans for Breakers, amazing. Bit torn on SFV at the moment. I'm not having a very good time playing it in tournament and really want to quit, but getting to grand finals has paid for my SFO and traditional post-tournament meal for the past two months. It's become a bit like a job I suppose. Loving having USF4 back as a regular tournament game though. Somehow went 1 and 2 in KOF despite my team consisting of Sylvie anchor and two meat shields because I haven't practised anyone else yet. This is encouraging. Got a new converter sorted so I can actually do some practising this week. Want to play Athena/Sylvie/TBA but I'm a little bit saddened to see that Athena is seemingly on every team in tournaments and is second only to Nakoruru (who is the game's current arch villain) in the KOF14 tier and hate list. Probably won't drop her though, I'll need all the help I can get until I can figure out what the hell I'm doing. Plus she's a purply psychic lady with orbs and a reflect who has lovely normals and makes everyone upset. She is EXACTLY the character I'm looking for.
  15. The King of Fighters XIV - PS4 - 2016

    Once I have my new Brook converter I'll be looking to play some onlines. I'm really terrible, so it should be fun. Currently looking at Athena/Sylvie/TBA. Only been playing single character VS so far as I just need experience playing the game against people and don't want to delve into learning all three characters before I have at least some semblance of a neutral game and a couple of hit confirms with my first one. That said, this Reddit article on team composition is really good, so I'll be keeping some of this in mind when I do assemble my main team: https://www.reddit.com/r/kof/comments/509896/character_position_and_function_guide_kof_xiv/ So currently I'd have Athena as the battery to build meter, Sylvie in the middle as she builds good meter but prefers to start with at least some already available, then a more meter hungry anchor so I can get some nice scrubby comebacks.