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  1. Street Fighter V - Greninja out now!

    Watching Thaison from SFO fight Willei from RLLMUK on an MBA stream. What a world.
  2. The King of Fighters XIV - PS4 - 2016

    Early tier list:
  3. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I'll get it soon. Still playing every weekend on trusty 360. Still by far the best game.
  4. Also Juri's out at the end of the month. Ono announced it and they went to a break shortly afterwards. I says, facetiously "ooh, break time, here comes the Juri trailer". Everyone lol'd. Deary me.
  5. Street Fighter V - Greninja out now!

    That was delightful Joffles. I don't know why he was walking about throwing standing MK like that when he had the match won though. Must have watched too many Cobelcog matches. Also I'd have mashed DP like a mad man after that blocked hooligan as he barely had time to bait you. But then I would say that having watched the replay and confirmed that it'd have been the right decision. I am so smart.
  6. Twas an excellent weekend, though I'm really sad that much of that was in spite of Evo. SFV Pools was the least entertaining Evo day 1 since I started watching, partly due to the sheer numbers diluting the good players and partly because I just don't love the game like I loved SFIV so am less inclined to watch lower level players. The SFV factor is a big one though. I remember on several occasions thinking "oh awesome, it's X vs X... oh, they both play Necalli now" :(. That said, there were some highlights: The SFV panel was hysterical by the way. "We hear you on the 8 frames thing but it isn't being fixed any time soon, please give us twenty quid for some costumes and a stage. Cheers." You know the DLC model is fucked up when I , JLM, who bought every available shred of DLC for SFIV and would have bought twenty more costume packs besides, gives the Pro Tour DLC a resounding "Nope!". Contrast with the Guilty Gear announcement. "Here's the Dizzy trailer, by the way she's free of charge, by the way she is available RIGHT NOW". It's not difficult is it? All of the overwhelmingly negative PR Capcom have had and their response is to announce some ludicrously expensive window dressing. Christ. At least it looks like the third "costume" is going to be another character. I hope the Akuma rumours are false and it's actually Goutetsu as it'd least be someone new, but I doubt it. Oh, I also enjoyed the MVC2 side tournament, particularly the ever-impressive VDO running his Rogue/Colossus/Ken team and beating people when all MVC2 logic dictates that none of his characters are actually in the game. Much like with SFV generally, I'm really grateful to have fighting game pals both locally and from further afield to bring the good times and the hype as it was still a thoroughly enjoyable weekend even when Evo itself wasn't up to previous years for me personally. I think the best bit of it all (aside from the hilariously shit "assemble your own" burritos) was the SF: The Movie seven player round robin. It was more hype than any of the matches from Evo. I'm not even joking. I think if I do drop SFV I have found my new main game.
  7. Street Fighter V - Greninja out now!

    Revelator's fun yeah. As I say I'm loving Skullgirls at the moment also. Looking forward to KOF too. Still loving fighting games too much, I was just hoping SFV would be the new love of my life and it's falling way short of that.
  8. Street Fighter V - Greninja out now!

    Urien is so much fun. Think I may well switch characters when he comes out. Not a fan of what they've done with Juri at all though. Generally not feeling too enthused about the game to be honest. I'm giving it every chance but at casual sessions and in my own time I find myself playing more and more poverty fighters/alternative games/SF4 when in the SF4 days I'd have happily played that game alone for ten solid hours. Wake up jab, light anti-airs and the sheer amount of guessing you have to do is frustrating, but it's more about how much of a brawl most matches are. You have to play footsies at an uncomfortably close range, dashes are almost unreactable, neutral jumps are really powerful and reaction whiff punishing is nearly impossible. This means that if a character's designated poke is better than yours or they have better walk speed, you're forced to make big guesses in footsies/swing wildly with your crush counter poke and just hope that what you're doing will check their dash occasionally. I should say here that I'm doing alright results-wise. I'm generally getting about as far as I did in SFIV tournaments and I'm 10,000LP/Super platinum online, so it's not that I'm losing and whining about it, I just don't like how it plays out. Basically if I win it's because I went in and did all of my shit, and if I lost it's because I couldn't stop the opponent doing the same. There are exceptions but the majority of the game plays out like that. Watch Tokido vs Daigo play Ryu mirrors in this game and then watch Daigo play Valle in SFIV. It's not even remotely the same game and I certainly don't think the SFV version does it better. Why is Ryu's best poke crouching medium punch. Also it's insane to me that this game was supposed to be the antidote to the "single player mode" setplay/vortex stuff but they saw fit to include Rainbow Mika. It's not just her though. She is the most obvious example but the game generally is just make a bunch of guesses in the mid-range, then go in and make a load more guesses. SFIV's neutral game is vastly, vastly superior and the only times I found myself hating it is when characters were clearly designed to completely bypass it (C. Viper). In SFV bypassing it is the default. Justin and Infiltration are playing correctly and (for me) make the game interesting to watch. Outside of them I'm not enjoying it as a spectator sport nearly as much as IV. I feel to actually play an interesting and entertaining neutral game you need to be as good as Justin and Infiltration, whereas in IV even at intermediate level I found the neutral game to be loads of fun both to play and watch. Playing long sets against friends is still loads of fun and I'm enjoying messing about on ranked, but I'm losing the will to play it competitively as I don't really feel very satisfied when I win and feel fairly apathetic when I lose as well. On the plus side I'm enjoying Skullgirls a lot at the moment. I think that's part of the issue really. I'm still playing SFV plenty and having fun with it at house sessions etc. but it's just something I play for a bit whilst flicking between an increasingly long list of alternatives. I dabbled with other games during SFIV but could easily sit and play just SFIV exclusively for 8 hours straight. SFV just doesn't grab me in the same way and that makes me sad. .
  9. Street Fighter V - Greninja out now!

  10. The King of Fighters XIV - PS4 - 2016

    I'm excited for the game but I'm grateful that I have a strong local scene for fighting games as I have zero confidence in the netcode being any good. It never is. I hope to be wrong about that. I'm also sad that they've switched to 3D models because KOF XII and XIII were absolutely gorgeous and this looks much worse, but I'm gradually getting over it and am now just looking forward to getting my hands on it. This and Revelator were what finally pushed me into buying a PS4.
  11. Presumably it'd have sleep talk, which picks a random move out of your move set when you're asleep. The main disadvantage of this (aside from the obvious one of not being able to choose your move) is that it's usually paired up with Rest, which puts you to sleep and fills up your health. If you use sleep talk and the random move it selects is Rest, you completely waste your turn. This pokemon obviously won't need rest, so sleep talk will always pick something at least slightly useful. Permanent sleep also means it can't be poisoned, paralyzed, burned or frozen, which is a nice perk. It does mean that it's always vulnerable to moves that rely on the opponent being asleep though. Wondering if it's meant to be a hindering ability like Truant, or possibly one that it'll lose when it evolves and it just makes it a bit more challenging to train early on. Or perhaps it'll have a whole strategy and some signature moves based around it. Once again I am obsessing over every drip fed bit of information even though every new game is largely the same as the previous ones. I do rather enjoy Pokemon.
  12. Street Fighter V - Greninja out now!

    Urien in entirely the wrong costume. Something something censorship something SJW something.
  13. Komala's ability is a really interesting one. Permanently asleep, curious to see what move set it has to work with that.
  14. Street Fighter V - Greninja out now!

    LI Joe has all of the Urien hotness: I could not be more aroused. Oh my god.
  15. Street Fighter V - Greninja out now!

    Shut up scrub.