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  1. Yeah, I do feel like I've had a bit too much exposure to the game and it's taking a bit of the excitement from launch day. I could, of course, have chosen to let it pass me by and just wait for February 16th, but if there is Streetfighter to be played I am certainly not the sort of person to stand idly by. It's a problem for me.  It's been oddly beneficial that all the cracked betas I have been using have had broken versions of Laura where her V-Trigger doesn't work. It means I will still have a lot of stuff to play around with when the game comes out. I've also stuck to the same handful of characters throughout the beta/cracked beta period, so a good chunk of the cast are still relatively unexplored for me. That said, I have also been ravenously devouring any and all video/written content relating to the game, so I've seen perhaps more than I should have for the characters I'm yet to play as well. I'm grateful that FANG hasn't been available to me at all, so there will be something brand new to get my hands on when I get the full game.   Oh, and on the written content front, Viscant's third article is up: https://www.brokentier.com/blogs/brokentierblog/87000897-hit-the-ground-running-3-the-next-8-fighters Totally agree with him about Rashid's gameplay as we've seen it so far being, as he puts it, "unsustainable". I have had him down as my early pick for worst character in the game since it came out, so I'm really interested to see how his gameplay evolves and hopefully proves me wrong. Absolutely spot on about Gief as well. He really isn't Zangief in terms of how every other game has taught us to understand the character. It's a massive departure from the norm that he can be pressured and jumped on just like the rest of the cast. Doesn't make him bad but it really sets him apart from being the archetypal grappler you'd expect him to be. Man, Viscant really is top tier at theory fighter. Love it.
  2. For me personally, all I want is a fully kitted out training mode, offline versus mode and decent online functionality. Anything outside of that is completely non-essential, partly because I'm involved in the fighting game scene but also because I've always found fighting against AI in fighting games to be either extremely dull or extremely frustrating. To me it feels like criticising a rock/paper/scissors simulator for its lack of single player content.   The only thing it doesn't have out of the box that affects me is spectator mode for lobbies, and I'll have more than enough offline events to attend in the first month for that not to be a major issue. I think myself and a lot of other fighting game players who feel the same way are part of the reason why it's deemed acceptable to release a bare bones package like this. The cinematic story mode actually sounds like good fun and I will definitely give it a bash when it comes out, but honestly I wouldn't be fussed at all if it wasn't happening. That said, if you buy it on steam for FORTY FIVE QUID (lol!) I can totally see why you might be after a more complete package. I think I may be part of the problem.
  3. What does that Birdie title say in full? Loveable rogue? Loveatingeverything? The people must know.