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  1. There are differences between the two but they're both essentially the same game so you can't go wrong. The two games are sort of set in different time zones because of the Sun and Moon themes. Sun runs off the 3DS clock so it'll be day time in the game if it's day time in real life. Moon shifts 12 hours ahead so night and day are flipped. Perhaps for an 8 year old who won't be playing it late at night it might be better to go Sun, though there are benefits to both as certain Pokemon only appear at night and some during the day. There are also Pokemon you can only catch in one or the other. If you know if any of his friends have it/their parents are getting it for them it might be worth getting him the opposite one so they can trade the exclusive pokeymans.
  2. I'm still very excited for Capcom Cup and the reveal even though I rarely play any more. I've still been following the pro tour as I'm still very invested in the scene and the players and SFV can still be really good when played at the highest level. Having a bunch of mans over on Saturday to watch it/play loads of KOF. Can't wait. Also entered a fantasy team here: https://smash.gg/tournament/capcom-cup-2016/fantasy
  3. So happy they have got rid of the horrible HM system. I've been wanting them to scrap those for years and years and I think their removal is possibly my favourite thing about this game so far. No more HM mule, no more saddling some poor 'mon with Cut. Gone. The Pokemon rides are such a fun replacement for them too. Great decision. The Rotom Dex with the real time map view of the area you're in is very handy too, love that. Oh, and one of my other favourite changes is the menu they've added when you catch/receive a Pokemon where you can choose to send it to your box, swap it with someone in your party and send them to a box instead, check the summary of the new arrival or check your team's summary. Similarly, when you're doing a trade with an NPC you can go straight to your PC box on the spot rather than having to find a PC, drop someone out of your party, pick up the required 'mon, make the trade and then go BACK to a PC to finish your party admin. Again it's functionality I've wanted for years and I'm so glad it's finally in. The he fast travel options are much better this time as well, like the option to skip straight to the nearest Pokemon centre after completing a trial instead of having to trek there with a wounded squad. Some of the best progress they've made in quite some time in terms of removing those niggling issues that piss everyone off. Good stuff.
  4. Loving this so far. Particularly enjoying the Alolan forms putting a fresh twist on existing 'Mons. In X and Y I made a point of only using Gen VI 'mons but in this one I'm counting the Alolan ones as new as well because they have different typing, different abilities and changes to their movepools. Alolan Persian in particular is doing good work for me and has some nice perks over regular Persian. It has Fur Coat (formerly exclusive to Furfrou) which halves the damage from any physical hits you take. Persian was already a good lead and switch-in/pivot but this makes it so much better. Also love that they changed the model and gave it a ridiculously derpy face. Actually laughed out loud when it evolved as I've been avoiding spoilers and didn't know they'd made such big visual changes to the Alolan forms. It does get two extra weaknesses due to the typing change but I still think the pros outweigh the cons. Alolan Grimer is very different as well. New typing and a very different set of moves. Seems to me more attack-oriented than the usual defensive staller set up. I'm still going to make him as lame as possible though. Adding Dark to Grimer is an interesting one. Stops psychics completely destroying it like they used to but also adds weakness to Fairy, which evens up the match up against them a bit. Leaning towards it being slightly worse than regular Grimer at the moment but it's difficult to say. Only on the second island so far as I have been playing extremely slowly and trying to sweep up everything on every route. I've ended up over-levelling my squad so I'm currently using a B-team to explore this island to keep things interesting and let the trainer/wild 'mon levels catch up to my team. Main squad is: Burriole. I'm in the minority of people who loved the design of Popplio. Actually a bit disappointed by the middle evolution design though. Hoping he turns it around in stage three as I've avoided spoilers and am very much looking forward to it. Hard to gauge how good he's going to be but he already has quite an unusual set of moves for a water starter, themed around it liking to dance and make a lot of noise. Curious to know what the final typing will be and what its hidden ability is. Trumbeak I like this design a lot. Also think giving a Woodpecker Skill Link as its ability is an excellent choice. Think it'll realy come into its own later on as I'm guessing it'll learn bullet seed and some other nice multi-hitters that will all hit 5 times guaranteed thanks to the ability. Gumshoos Nothing special so far. Went for one with Strong Jaw for the sake of the story mode but would probably want one with Stakeout longer term as it's cool to have that threat of double damage on switching in. Will make people think twice about switching on it for sure. Alolan Persian As above, like this guy a lot. Fur Coat is a great ability and the new design is hilarious. Alolan Grimer As above, jury's out on this one in terms of how good it is but I like how drastically different it is from regular Grimer. Excited to see what Muk looks like after Persian's design was such a cool surprise. Charjabug Not a big fan of the design but liking the typing and moves so far. "Battery" is quite a cool ability for doubles battles though, as buffing allies' special attacks just by being there is quite handy. Curious to see the final evolution as the coccoon stage is a bit ugly and not as cool as many of the ones from previous generations. B-Team is: Mudbray I like this guy but the one I caught currently has a terrible set of moves, so currently levelling him up to try and make him a bit more useful. "Stamina" is a good ability though. Raises your defense by one stage every time you get hit. Pretty nice. Oricorio Ridiculous design. Love it. Looking forward to trying out the other forms. "Dancer" is a situational ability but I think it's a really fun idea. The deal is that if another Pokemon uses a "Dance" move (Swords Dance/Dragon Dance/Quiver Dance etc.), Oricorio will automatically copy it and use it as well. The perk is that it does this without using its own turn. There is some fun bait and switch fun that could be had with this, where you could put out a stalling/lame Pokemon. The opponent will take the opportunity to do, for instance, Dragon Dance to boost its attack and speed as they'd expect you to start setting up your own boosts/poison etc. Instead you could switch in Oricorio and copy their Dragon Dance, so you have that boost for yourself before making your first move. I'd be interested to know if it counts when allies in doubles do dance moves or if it has to be an opponent. If it can also copy its partner's boosts that would be really strong.The whole design of it seems to revolve around Baton Pass (which mine already has and it's only level 17), as it seems well suited to boosting stats like a mad man and then passing on the benefits. I assume it'll also have some kind of special move that will change to suit the form it's using too. Crabrawler Like that this guy is pure fighting type but still gets bonus water moves by virtue of being a crab. Hyper Cutter (cannot have its attack lowered by other Pokemon) is coming in extremely handly as there is a lot of intimidate, growl and baby-doll eyes happening at the moment and he doesn' care about any of it. Good stuff. Cutiefly Only just started training this but it looks like it'll be a pretty good status/support type. Getting loads of free honey from it is nice too. Rockruff Again, only just started training this so unsure what to make of it so far. Like the design of it but otherwise haven't seen it do much. Alolan Diglett. Like the tuft of hair it has going on. Tangled hair is an interesting ability. Works the same as Gooey (lowers the opponent's speed if they make contact with it), but it doesn't work too well on Diglett as it has never been able to take a punch. The bit of extra protection from added steel typing is decent, but Diglett is still way too frail to have an ability that relies on getting hit. It's made worse by the fact that regular Diglett has Arena Trap (prevents opponents from switching out), which is an exceptionally good ability and infinitely better than the new one. So yeah, really enjoying playing the game at a very leisurely pace so far. I'm making a point of training everything Gen VII and every Alolan form I come across. The only exception is Alolan Rattatta as I already have a whole lot of Dark going on in the team. Might be able to slot him into the C team though. Just can't help myself.
  5. Marvel Vs Capcom 4 Rumour.

    Also yes, Mahvel 4 would be amazing. Marvel 3 was the clear highlight of an otherwiseunderwhelming Evo this year, would love to see a new one and I think the players working tirelessly to keep UMVC3 alive deserve it.
  6. Marvel Vs Capcom 4 Rumour.

    SFV was geared towards the Capcom Pro Tour and their esports-centric business plans, but to say it's aimed at pro players is not entirely accurate. Gameplay/system-wise they made it much more accessible than SF4, to appeal to casual players, to the point where many pro players and intermediate competitive players have completely rejected it. Japanese SFV players refer to it as "Streetfighter Duty" as they don't like it but feel obligated to play it ecausw of the Pro Tour. They stripped out enough of the depth and finesse to alienate hardcore players but also failed to teach casual players how to play and didn't include any of the content casual players would want in the game. Then the net code issues, terrible matchmaking and failure to punish rage quitters properly for the first 8 months or so only alienated casual players further. They didn't fail by pandering to the pro players, they failed by releasing a half baked product that managed to alienate chunks of players at all levels and then answering this by throwing money at it/asking for MORE money from the already frustrated existing users. I tried my best to like it and even had the bonus of a really active competitive scene local to me that stopped me caring about the online issues etc. and I *still* cannot be arsed with it. It's gutting to me that a new SF game has Urien in it and I have no desire to play. Our local scene runs King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, SF4 and just about any other fighting game we can (been dabbling with Fantasy Strike a lot lately, it's a lot of fun!), but SFV is all but dead. So disappointing.
  7. I tried to stay up for top 8 of Canada Cup. I caught the end of teams and they said "we just need to wait for Smash to finish and then we'll get into SFV singles top 8". Sat through Winners finals of Smash, then the next game that came on was losers semi-finals. They weren't even down to top 3. I gave up. Smash takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.
  8. Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread

    Damn it. Posted an amazing deal Game were doing on Venom arcade sticks (£30 each!!!) but they've unsurprisingly sold out already.
  9. Two episodes left for me, been enjoying it so far but would put it behind Jessica Jones and Daredevil.
  10. Yeah this Plinkett review really felt like he'd done it for the sake of doing it and I found myself bored, which is a shame when I absolutely loved all of his prequel reviews. Also on the Hulk/Plinkett comparisons, thought this response from an old Hulk Q&A was quite relevant:
  11. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I am the biggest advocate of Chun Ultra 1 in almost all match-ups, sometimes to my detriment, but it's especially easy to make the case for it in the mirror match. I feel like the Chun with U1 in that match is literally a better character than the one without it. I'm sad that U2 is the default for so many Chuns but I can see why they pick it. It ended up with decent damage after the buffs, is easy to land, doesn't require charge, you don't have to worry about screen positioning. U1 though, U1: More damage than U2, punishes Devil Reverse, EX psycho crusher, Honda headbutts, projectiles, sweeps, can land it in most of the same spots as U2 except slap bang in the middle of the screen. Hosenka's the best.
  12. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I'm sad I don't have any more to add to that aside from agreeing with all of it. The "I don't think I could ever do that" mentality is something I've only got over relatively recently. What I've found is that I don't have bad execution but rather that I am too lazy to improve consistency once I can land a combo some of the time. I can teach myself to perform just about any combo but my problem is that once I can do it 5 out of 10 times I lack the patience to fine tune that to 9 out of 10. It's then easy to just say "I have crappy execution" when that's not true as I've managed to go from 0 out 10 to 5 out of 10, so with more time and dedication could improve that. The breakthrough on this for me came with Fuerte's run-stop-fierce in SFIV. This was a long-standing "I just can't do it" combo. I left Fuerte's last trial incomplete and, even after watching tutorial videos, could never land more than two. Then one of the SFO mans picked up Elf and, after coming from a similar "this combo is impossible" mindset, ended up hitting at least 6-7 reps of it in matches on a regular basis and sometimes landing more. He did this by doing training mode fight request when playing ranked with his main, leaving Fuerte in training mode and drilling RSF continuously every time he had a ranked session. Seeing this fairly rapid improvement inspired me to give it a go, and after just a few evenings practising I can now typically get 4 reps on average and have done as many as 7-8. I think the fact that combo has the incredibly satisfying rhythm to it that you describe is the key to this, and it also helps that this combo in particular has a somewhat unique high score element to it. I guess my point is that for me to want to grind the things in training mode, the things have to be fun to do, they have to be challenging enough for me to want to do them and they also need to make me feel satisfied when I improve. The combos in KOF are currently providing me with my fix of that. They're not quite as joyous as SFIV combos, but the buttons feel snappy and responsive and I find myself hitting the buttons really hard and doing celebratory button mashing during the bits where I don't have to press anything. These are all excellent signs. With Dudley in SFIV I mash the buttons during EX Machine gun blow for non-existent extra damage every time I land it. Every. Single. Time. Landing a Dudley b'n'b into that move feels soooo good that the joy of it never diminishes. In fact KOF as a whole has reignited my love of pressing the buttons. I tap the buttons in time with Sylvie's entrance dance, tap the buttons and waggle the stick in between rounds, mash for extra damage when I'm landing supers. It feels so good to press them in the game that I want to press them in between as well. As Alistarr says, you can see the same thing when you watch Mago play SFIV. He has wonderfully precise and speedy execution but you can also tell he just fucking loves pressing the buttons. SFV doesn't make me love pressing the buttons. Now that I think about it, along with the 8 frames, homogenised strategies and ranges amongst the cast, the complete removal of reactive play, I think diminishing my love of pressing the buttons might be the game's greatest failing.
  13. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I am better at one frame links than I have ever been, which is really frustrating. I think it's just the lack of any sort of pressure attached to the game. As soon as I am invested in the result I can do NO COMBOS. So far sticking to random select exclusively for ranked in the wilds of PS4. Won 55 out of 65 so far, which isn't too bad. Also endless battling it up with Rose and my other semi-mains. It is still the best game.
  14. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    Bunny and Cool moments Peter "Carrotfiend" Rabbit Rolling Thumper Watership Hard knockdown 8 frames Roger Rabbit
  15. Ultra Street Fighter IV

    But rabbits are delicious. Nice and gamy. Random select is keeping it fun too. Really puts my Dhalsim to the test when playing against PSN shotos with nothing to lose.