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  1. Terraria

    I've played this for a bumload of hours and A) I;ve never fought a boss and B) I've never seen a Goblin. Thanks for the brief guide above, I might actually make some progress!
  2. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    How? I keep getting an error when I try to make my dummy account.
  3. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    I'm literally a year behind you all, but I've just completed the Bloody Baron questline. As a father who's suffered similar loss twice, it made me howl.
  4. E3 Nintendo - Finished

    I'm out. Looks great.
  5. E3 Nintendo - Finished

    Mario Kart in a crisp Mario Golf/Tennis RPG-lite sugar shell would make me a happy lad indeed.
  6. Pocket Card Jockey (3DS)

    It's a good job this is so insanely charming because I'm finding it more stressful than any game I've played in probably the last 5 years.
  7. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

  8. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Seeing this everywhere prompted to get back into it, restarting from scratch. I forgot how beautiful and involving it is, but more than that, boy oh boy am I grateful for the patch making the UI larger. I can read things!
  9. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    She's easily my most-feared opponent. I cannot counter her no matter who I am unless there's support around me.
  10. Playstation Vita

    Oh well. That'll teach me for buying on release, I suppose.
  11. Overwatch - Ana Reporting for Duty

    Yeah, couldn't resist after reading impressions here. Will be on in the evening and relying on emotes and pre-scripted phrases to get my point across: PSN: meester_cheemp
  12. DOOM!

    I must have this game.
  13. May PS+

    Chuffed with Tropico, had that sitting in my wish list for a while.
  14. Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    There's a couple of DLC bosses that IMO are among the highest points of the entire trilogy, but I'd broadly agree with your point. In the main game there are a few memorable ones (Mirror Knight, The Pursuer) but for the most part they're a bit weaker than DS1.
  15. Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games

    The gang currently gunning for Peter Tatchell as no-supporter of LGBT rights because e decries homophobia in fundamentalist Islam might hit that dubious note.