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  1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11/11/11

    I've naturally ended up playing sneaky types, certainly in my last Skyrim game. This time I'm going to be roleplaying Logan Ninefingers
  2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11/11/11

    Do we think there is any possibility of Sony backing down on this? It seems that even the compromise is a bit of a stinker.
  3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11/11/11

    Actually, I don't care. That music is like magic.
  4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11/11/11

    Ah man, I wasn't all that bothered by the limited mod support on PS4 but some of this stuff has me very jealous.
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Oh my. Real Nick Cave/Warren Ellis vibe in the teaser soundtrack.
  6. Assume it's a charging cradle (charge cradle sold separately, £69.99)
  7. As a huge fan of both the Gamepad and PS Vita remote play I'm immediately in favour of the concept. All about the games, bro.
  8. Dragon Quest Builders (PS4/Vita)

    Oh dear. I've kind of mucked up then now I know that. My Chapter 1 town expands beyond the boundary with walls, a wee gatehouse etc. I've now got what I assume is the chapter boss to fight. Ho-hum, I was going to tear it down anyway now I have better materials. Does the area of light expand at all then, as I'm already feeling the pinch by fulfilling peoples requests.
  9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    I would actually like that if it wasn't delivered by my bosses. Also I KO'd maybe 2 people max, triggered no alarms and wasn't spotted at all.
  10. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    I'm actually glad this is a big, as I'm going completely pacifist and was a bit annoyed to be chewed out and sent to Psych evaluation for 'the mess I'd left' in an early mission when I've been extremely careful, particularly after almost failing the same achievement in Human Revolution when a knocked-out body fell from a building. Thankfully I had a back up save.
  11. Dragon Quest Builders (PS4/Vita)

    Day One on Vita for me. Loved the demo so can't wait to get into it. Seems perfect for mobile gaming.
  12. Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games

    I'd written this earlier but APM really nails what I'm trying to say so... Devin is a strange one. I must admit as a long time reader of his, from back in CHUD days he has always struck me as a...'complex' character. His writing could be excellent, insightful and, more recently, ferociously progressive. But it often failed to resonate with me in a deeper way because of his history of behaviour (frankly, the guy is/was a vile bully) and struck me more as him latching onto the 'SJW agenda' because, rather than pushing a cause it gave him a bulletproof suit of armour to attack whoever he wanted as spitefully as he wanted (the ridiculous attacks he launched of James Rolfe for not wanting to watch the new Ghostbusters was off the planet in its out-of-proportion-ness, for example). I suppose the message is there regardless of actual intentions, but it always sat uncomfortably with me. I don't know, I feel bad for feeling so cynical about him but it appears now he has quite a history of getting himself completely blotto and behaving like a prick. It appears this time - and on a few other occasions - he seriously crossed the line. That said, I saw a tweet relating to this whole thing that gave me pause. It wasn't going after Faraci, just a well-meaning message of support to the victim(s) that, paraphrased, said 'There shouldn't be any need for evidence, victims should always be believed'. Now I completely understand that in all too many cases of assault and abuse there is no evidence other than say so, and in the 'real world' I would completely agree. But when all it takes is a Tweet, a Tweet that could have malicious intent behind it (because, let's face it, there are fucked up people of all descriptions out there) to bring someone's life and career crashing down...I admit I start to struggle. In Devin's case, he accepted it as something he 'didn't remember' (hmm), certainly quickly enough that he recognised it as something he *might* have done, which is disturbing in itself. But what if he fought his corner? The victim loses and gets discredited. What if it was malicious - and I don't for a second believe it to be - designed to hoist a vocal SJW by their own petard? How the hell would you counter it? Maybe I'm just not into Twitter enough to appreciate the power of the platform, or maybe I'm coloured by experience (disclosure: my father was victim of a malicious and false accusation of workplace sexual harassment) and man oh man I hope this doesn't make me sound like a GG-er or rape-culture denier, that's absolutely not my intention. His victim was incredibly brave to speak up after so long, and she must have had some terrible times over the past decade watching him ascend as a paragon of virtue. If someone like Devin assaulted my wife or daughter in the way described I wouldn't give a hoot about evidence. I just find the easily-made-viral social media aspect of accusations hard to reconcile with my desire to see genuine wrongdoers punished for their genuine transgressions.
  13. PS+ October. Resi, Transformers etc

    Confession: I have never played a single minute of the first Resident Evil. Great looking month to be fair.
  14. Dishonored 2

    Been going through the remaster of 1 on my PS4 the past few, it feels like it hasn't aged a day. Wonderful game.