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  1. Formula One - 2016 Season

    He's class, he'll pick something up easily when he's ready. I'd guess he just needs time out to be with his family. Hope he's back in the paddock soon.
  2. God I'd love it if we got a bit of a league going again. And McCheers for putting up with our requests!
  3. Mr. Robot - Amazon video

    Damn you! Thats was what it was missing! Ok so I have to watch the third episode now THANKS.
  4. Formula One - 2016 Season

    For sure.
  5. PLEASE BE GOOD... When you are there could you (pretty pls) jot down the FFB and wheel settings codies use/suggest. The first few days with an F1 game traditionally seem to be tinkering time to try and get it too feel good.
  6. Mr. Robot - Amazon video

    What a pity. Second season is just boring me so far. It's not anywhere close to the first half of S1 and doesn't feel like it's going anywhere imo. I was looking forward to this a lot but I think I'm out.
  7. So true. I've always felt a bit sorry for Boro, you don't have a rivalry. Always trying to get involved with the barcodes and Sunderland but neither are interested. I lived in Boro when you guys were living the dream, Ravanelli, Juninho, Robson. What happened? Genuinely hope you do well this year. But not too well eh.
  8. Formula One - 2016 Season

    They will make it interesting. 'For sure'.
  9. Formula One - 2016 Season

  10. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Some great engine saving there.
  11. Formula One - 2016 Season

    But now ham picks up the pace.
  12. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I think they are going to ask Ham to let Ros go.
  13. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Struggling I think.