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  1. They need rid of him. He's looked like he's been phoning it in for a while now. I want someone to play the role that wants to play the role. Look at him in CR. There is a spark there that tbh has been lacking in everything post CR. Also, take the 100m cheque, do the bloody work. Don't want the 100m? Don't take the cheque. He reminds me of Raikkonen in F1 - sullen, spoilt brat in a way. You signed up for it and took all the good things that come with it. So do your bloody job with a smile and be professional.
  2. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Going to Monza for the first time ever this year. Just in case it's the last. Never been a fan but I had to go one day. And if this is the last chance, well I'll be there.
  3. Formula One - 2016 Season

    All the more reason to do it then.
  4. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I do like Monaco, but they need to do something with it. Extend the track out into the harbour by reclaiming some land and build an overtaking spot. They could do it. Not cheap tho.
  5. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Not even Planet F1 is covering it. I call bull. Slow news day = manufacture something.
  6. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Fucking hell... Yeah big time.
  7. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Max is great talent, 100%. It's pretty obvious that will climb the ladder and be a world champion. Now with that out of the way... Is F1 too easy? Just saying but could he have jumped into say a pre 2005 F1 car and done the same. Maybe, maybe not. You always get freaks like Schuey that come along and can do it. Max is probably one of them. But still it popped into my head. It was also the talk of Alonso saying he would be happy to race these cars with broken ribs. Would he have done the same in an 2000's monster?
  8. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Well at least there is no Ham penalty. The mountain gets steeper to climb with 1 less race but it's still possible.
  9. Formula One - 2016 Season

    After watching Ant's analysis I think it's a case of Rosberg realising he was deep in the shit too late and reacting to it with the chop. I think he misjudged the overspeed Lewis had, and thought the chop was going to be ok as he would be ahead and Lewis would simply jink to the outside. Remember he has previous with the chop and getting away with it. Lewis had enough of his car alongside to expect some space - especially from his team mate. It's a racing incident at best and negligent, dangerous driving from Rosberg at worst. If Ham had pulled out and then finished second we would be having a go at him for not going for a clear gap and wondering where his fight had gone. Senna quote etc. Lewis knows all too well that overtaking at this circuit is hard. He had to go for it and was justified IMO in doing so.
  10. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Yeah funny that...
  11. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Massive ramifications for the championship whatever happens in that meeting. Even if they thought it was Ham's fault would they give him a penalty for Monaco knowing that it's pretty much the end of the championship? Dunno, this could get political very quickly.
  12. Formula One - 2016 Season

    The guy doing the podium sounds like he's having a stroke.
  13. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Kimi totally toothless once again.
  14. Formula One - 2016 Season

  15. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I totally zoned out for the last hour. How is Ric in 4th?!