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  1. Moving house tomorrow, fingers crossed BT FON can handle PSN! If so I recon I'll be up for some racing on Sunday after Spa.
  2. Can you set custom race lengths or is it still 3 laps 25, 50, 100%?
  3. I'd love to but I am away for work. Next week I am totally up for it! A mini championship in a night sounds like a great idea.
  4. Maybe a short championship with 25% races could be fun. No set ups, one shot qually (or no qually, random grid) and a couple of races per session. Lower the barrier to entry / weekly commitment.
  5. Hello hello fancy seeing you here. Come in the water's lovely!
  6. I think i'll be playing this for quite some time, hopefully with online races too!
  7. Calling it a night chaps, no idea what was going on with my headset but it's eaten up my play time. Got to get up for a flight at 3 so it's bed time. Cheers.
  8. It's still not strong enough but it's good enough to be able to feel the back end sliding and more so to be able to control it. Power sliding and drifting is controllable and feels great. They have clearly done a lot of work. It's not up to the level of project cars but damn is it a step up. The cars are fun to drive with a wheel - way more than 2015 for me.
  9. Tuesday was always the magic day for getting more people onboard.
  10. Fantastic that everyone is enjoying at and more peeps are coming on board! It really is the best F1 game codies have pushed out by a massive margin.
  11. Ack! Just saw your message I was too enthralled with career. Will see if you are still on later. What a game! Absolutely loving it so far. Codies have knocked it out the park.