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  1. Great episode this week and last even though I'm not quite feeling it as much as I was some years ago. That's not necessarily anything to do with the quality of the show just life I guess or something or whatever. But I have been wondering about the Iron Bank. What's up with that? Who was is that owed them loads of money, the Lannisters? Maybe that story thread got resolved and I've forgotten about it. I quite liked the idea of the Iron Bank.
  2. vinyl lovers

    I have a soft spot for Marillion. And Kate Bush. Don't think any of it's especially valuable but look it up on Discogs.
  3. vinyl lovers

    Don't sweat it. Unless it isn't really rare and you could have got it loads cheaper ha ha sick. I think I spent about 70-80 on some AFX years ago can't quite remember actually. My records tend to go up in price for some reason like buy for normal and then oh shit. It's like, I better get a fresh copy, the one I have is a bit worn, righty Discogs here we go... and then oh fuck what the hell happened? I am NOT paying that kind of money.
  4. Nintendo NX

    It did. I love my 3DS, so no hate, but it felt kind of dated the moment it came out. The original 3DS should have been the N3DS. Still has those annoyingly low res screens though.
  5. Uhm yeah. It's a joke.
  6. vinyl lovers

    Every time I've moved (and I've moved around way too much) first thing up has always been decks, amp, speakers. Can't imagine not having music, would drive me nuts.
  7. It was an amazing episode, no doubt but there really is some stupid stuff going on with the writing lately as pointed out by CarloOos eloquent post. And pointing out these faults doesn't make you a misery guts. On the contrary, I'd say that's what rational people do. Just blindly adoring stuff is what nutty obsessed fanboy types do. Oh...
  8. Nintendo NX

    Crikey that's a lot of money.
  9. Nintendo NX

    And some folks claimed it was a better fit to 4:3 presumably because it was designed for the GC first. Don't know about now but for quite a while the GameCube version was kind of rare and expensive.
  10. According to HDTVtest the latest LG OLED has acceptable input lag Oh and just a small comment on the tired plasma/LCD debate, both have pros and cons and it's not really that clear cut to just say one is 110% better than the other, especially as LCD has improved quite a bit recent years.
  11. Import?
  12. That's really annoying. They know loads of people prefer the original voices and storage space can hardly be the issue. That it's always been like that is hardly an argument either. Christ, videogame companies make absurd and bad decisions so often it's a wonder they are in business.
  13. Wow. When even deKay thinks it's shit then you know it's pretty bad.
  14. Man that's good news. FF12 is one those games where you want to play it and mean to play it but never get round to it.