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  1. Bargain buys for everyone.

    10% off at 365 games currently with the code "game" Just got specter ops for £27
  2. It's going far too quick if anything though. Look at the time they gave Arya with the Hound, and Brienne with Hedwig compared to everyone just turning up where they need to be this season. Edit: what Timmo said!
  3. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Lively atmosphere at carrow road last night, loads of positivity, plenty of people staying for the lap of honour. Had a very nice evening and seeing us score 4 goals was fun! Not too fussed about relegation, the club's finances are in great shape, doubt we'll lose many players, I just really hope Alex Neil stays, he can take us straight back up. He gave a really nice honest interview after the game. It sounds like he's considering leaving at the end though Well done to Sunderland.
  4. Star Wars!

    Not surprising they're cashing in on the new films, Rey sounds fun to fly, preferring to get ships in arc, encouraging clever flying. This is still for sale by the way...
  5. Dark Souls 3! Miyazaki Directing! PRAISE THE SUN!

    Quick question regarding upgrading weapons, if I spend shards to get it to like +3 and then later infuse the weapon, does the weapon start afresh or keep the +3?
  6. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Wow, little old Norwich had always previously been called too nice, I'm kind of happy you're saying this! I'm not sure we are much dirtier than you lot though, just less clever about it. I also love that you're criticising our young, passionate manager when you have big fucking England manager material Sam, haha. What a crappy mind set you have, take your points and be happy, don't post all this negative shit.
  7. Star Wars!

    Am going full Imperial so selling off a few Rebel bits if anyone wants (includes all upgrade cards and stuff). - B wing expansion - T70 X Wing expansion - Rebel Aces expansion £30 (plus £3 p&p) for the lot. I also have an alternative art C3PO crew card from the tournament at the weekend which I would swap for either Emporer Palpatine or a pair of Autothrusters (from starviper set)
  8. Star Wars!

    So yesterday I played my decimator/fel list in a 45 man tourney. Came 14th with 4 wins and 2 (extremely close) losses! I had the fourth best MoV somehow too! Really happy with that but it was kind of sad not making the top 8 and getting a range ruler. My losses were: 65-64 (Fel full health vs Poe dameron with 1 hull) 67-63 (Decimator on exactly half health which counts as half points) I'm not complaining, it was awesome being part of such close games, and my opponents played well. I also got plenty of good luck with soontir fel evading all day, I love flying Fel <3 My problem now is, I want to fly this list again, its so good, but that would be boring...
  9. Games Exchange

    Agricola for sale. £34 delivered. It's the z man games edition with the lovely animeeples, in very good condition (honestly the components look unused!).
  10. Star Wars!

    Had a bit of a sort out of my stuff today. 2 months collecting got a bit out of hand! Going all in on imperials now, I like their awesome ship designs and their agile ways.
  11. Star Wars!

    Thanks for the advice on the Deci. I've been flying it this morning with my exact list above, won all 3 games against skilled opponents. I honestly can't see the value in changing anything. Gunner was especially essential, predator meant I was boosting and still having a mini target lock every turn. I'm loving this combo! Going to keep with it for now, palpatine is tempting but so many points. The great thing about the abilities in these guys is that rolling luck is already well accounted for with Autothrusters and evade on soontir, and with gunner on the Deci.
  12. Star Wars!

    How do you guys like to fly the Decimator? It's a really exciting ship to list build with as there's a ton of load out options. My favourite so far.... TIE Interceptor: •Soontir Fel (35) Autothrusters (2) Stealth Device (3) Royal Guard TIE (0) Push The Limit (3) VT-49 Decimator: •Rear Admiral Chiraneau (65) Engine Upgrade (4) Predator (3) Gunner (5) •Rebel Captive (3) •Ysanne Isard (4) Total: 100/100 Tempted to use Vader crew instead of Ysanne though. It would make it a very effective ship for killing any threats to Soontir then leaving him to clean up. With Ysanne I could survive a bit longer and maybe do some kiting, allowing Soontir to dish out a hurting. I love this game.
  13. Star Wars!

    Thanks for that advice, I went with stealth device instead of targeting computer to get me to 98 points. Won 2, lost 2, dead pleased with that! It was very hard flying those ships against really talented players but a lot of fun. Next time I think maybe just soontir fel and the decimator. Or Han/po. There's a big store tournament at the end of this month, can't wait!
  14. A wee gaming club

    We were recently featured in the local newspaper too with the 'board game resurgence' theme, once you're going it might be worth contacting some media outlets if you want to spread the word!