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  1. Cosmic Encounter - Every critics #1

    Got the new Iron Throne game. It's a Game of Thrones re-implementation of cosmic. My review is below... Verdict Can't believe there's not more buzz around this. Absolutely brilliant. The play is swift, the card play, alliances and fun interactions happen on every turn. It will replace Cosmic Encounter for me, for reasons outlined below... Positives - Quick to teach and play (~1 hour). It is a simple game defined by the interactions between the players. - Hostage rules are brilliant, essentially you take cards from each other and can choose to return them or torment them (doing big damage to your enemy). This adds loads to the diplomacy as how you treat hostages effects all the relationships at the table. You can also bluff about what the card is that you have. We had lots of chain interactions sparked off by someone murdering a hostage. Brilliant. - Negotiations are varied, you can offer crowns and hostages as well as the standard influence. - The card play is clever, your character cards have neat interactions and once you know what they do, you start getting suspicious when 'character x' is presented in an encounter. Also, your leader's card is smartly designed compliment it's main power, resulting in some really neat moments. For example Tyrion's power is to make encounter cards subtract instead of add, then if you play his character card you can force your opponent to discard their chosen card and play a higher one if they have one, giving you the advantage. - The theme fits the gameplay really perfectly, betrayal, intrigue, alliances, death and greed. The discussions are more thematic than "help me", it's more like "never trust the filthy Lannisters!" Negatives - The cards are not quite as explicit about when they can be played. Cosmic has the neat graphics at the bottom showing the phases. This just has text. - Lots of reviews would put lack of variety here but this is NOT a complaint from me, it has loads of it and expansions will come. Yes cosmic has more but that's like saying Syrup is sweeter than Honey. In comparison to... Cosmic Encounter Easier to teach, more thematic, quicker playing, more appealing to 'normals', more interesting discussion/negotiating points beyond "help me I'm weak" or "stop him he's strong". Could/should you own both? Yes maybe. They're very similar though. Cosmic might suit people that love space themes and/or hate Game of Thrones. I'm debating this now. If I keep one though it'll be this.
  2. Bargain buys for everyone.

    http://www.bookdepository.com/Gravwell/9781617682933 Gravwell for £18. Looks fun! Shut up and sit down liked it.
  3. What are you playing?

    That's just asking to be house ruled. Play blind date with the cards with a few of you acting as the characters and having to drop your traits into your answers, fun for a smaller group
  4. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Bought Captain Sonar today because I was excited to see it in stock at the FLGS. Wondering when I'll get to actually play it though, is it good for non gamers and family?
  5. I wonder if they'll sell the 'Split in 2' controller seperately. Would be perfect to only have to buy one more to be 4 player ready
  6. Bargain buys for everyone.

    Sorry! It's actually quite a slow website to dispatch so I've gone for a £25 copy from The Board Game Hut instead
  7. Bargain buys for everyone.

    Flick em up (plastic version) is only £23 with shipping from Wayland Games. It looks really fun, and only the price of a filler!
  8. What are you playing?

    Karuba is the new hit with me and the girlfriend. It's a simple tile laying game where you make routes on your player board for your men to travel down. Highly, highly recommended! Was a runner up to Codenames in the SDJ this year, surprisingly not many people talking about it. I much much prefer it to Isle of Skye, for example (although they're quite different!). https://goo.gl/images/Ld6Pts
  9. Thomas And The Great Race

    You're not wrong about that sexy train
  10. The Witness

    Done all the lasers! Now I'm It's tricky in here. Game of the generation for me so far.
  11. The Witness

    194 panels solved. 4 lasers activated. The design philosophy, the way it presents ideas and adapts them reminds me of Mario games...
  12. The Witness

    Got it today in the psn sale. It's lovely, really lovely. I'm over 80 puzzles in now. Quick question, is there an order to play the areas in? I did the mirror section then stumbled across an area full of symbols I'd not been introduced to yet. After loads of wandering I've found somewhere I can solve next. Feels directionless but i assume I'm doing it right. Haha.
  13. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

    I think they have to be signed into psn, not necessarily on PS+
  14. Bargain buys for everyone.

    10% off at 365 games with code - save10 Think it only works until tomorrow. I bought Risk Europe for £32 must be some good bargains to be had.
  15. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

    Do those images have any in game use? The stadium you can see before a match, is that all? What about the manager?