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  1. Red Dwarf

    I'm happily watching as if it was Last of the Summer Wine in space.
  2. Agreed, they should just bury everything after season 4 and pretend it never happened. To be honest, the strain was showing in season 3, but John Lithgow was such a magnificent bastard in season 4 he dragged me back in.
  3. I mean, I think this is just weird. The psychiatrist kind of encourages the adoptive siblings to boink... Seems a bit unhealthy.
  4. South Park

    "'member Reagan?" Ha! Loved it.
  5. I think the only thing I liked about the Joker in this film is that one of his henchmen was a Panda with a machine gun. That was cool, more stupid stuff like that please.
  6. The inner light really was great right? I think I only saw it once when it was on BBC 2 but its one you always remember.
  7. Underworld: Blood Wars - Kate Beckinsale Returns!

    This is going to be complete bobbins, but yeah of course I'm going to end up watching it.
  8. The Official Iain M Banks Thread

    I don't think it's possible to over think these, Banks was pretty masterful. I was chatting to a mate who grew up in Fife, he was more into Bank's non sci fi books. He said it was always a bit odd to think that the quiet, hairy man you saw lurking around various pubs near Kirkcaldy was dreaming up all this stuff.
  9. Nicolas Winding Refn's The Neon Demon - 2015

    Just another vote to say I enjoyed this. Only God Forgives was good, but this was just utter gorgeous to look at
  10. The 25th James Bond Movie - No news is good news

    I was watching a moviebob show once and he suggested the only good way to do another bond would be to set it in the 70's. Either camp as hell, or a bit Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston in it. I think it could work.
  11. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Regarding the Harvester Jensen is such a prick!
  12. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Strangely I didn't have any issue with any friends dying after I started my Kill Them All tactic. Probably as Jensen was the only armed person left alive in the Czech republic.
  13. Christ this show, after the end of 6 I couldn't face any more. 4 was ace, 5 was just about average but then... Man.