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  1. What was the last legit timeless cult classic?

    Old Boy The original, obviously. Then The Raid and Dredd for pure violence, easily up there with Hard Boiled.
  2. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    Got this through a mirror, it keeps crashing though. I have a Moto X I thought that would be modern enough to play it. Might have to wait until the UK release...
  3. Euro 2016 thread

    Bummed in the gob
  4. Euro 2016 thread

    Nice one Poland
  5. I think its suffering from lack of GRRM input, before they could cherry pick and then improve what they wanted. Now its getting a bit predictable. Its still good fun, but now you can more easily guess who is going to die (usually anyone who requires expensive special effects) and the characters are acting far less intelligently, less convincingly. Jon is just an outright idiot, I mean horror movie protagonist stupid. Obviously we will have to wait for the books, but I suspect at the end of the day the TV show will have a far more conventional ending, the books will probably be more ambiguous, more compromised. So long a we continue to get massive battles though I don't mind :)
  6. Euro 2016 thread

    Fuck why didn't I watch Wales. This is grim.
  7. I can't stop seeing Sansa Stark now.
  8. I wouldn't go that far, but given we book readers are finally getting to see what (might) happen next maybe I'm biased. Also not one mention of Hound cock in either thread. This place has changed.
  9. Zootopia/Zootropolis

    So yeah, this is really good huh? Been off sick so was catching up on my films and this stuck out. Loads of daft animal puns in the background and a pretty decent message. Well animated too. Only downside was that bloody Shakira song. Its the world cup all over again.
  10. X-Men Apocalypse - Singer returns to direct - 2016

    Watched this, daft fun but I'm getting a bit bored of millions of people getting killed with zero outward repercussions.
  11. Finally saw this, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting but it was pretty weak. Murder Batman was just odd, and having the final bad guy being the cave troll from the first lord of the rings movies was such a lame choice. I generally don't mind Zac Snyders directing style, but this was just dull. His Watchmen adaption was fine, so I can only conclude that he really needs an amazing script to be any use, which this didn't have. Also perhaps with such a direct comic book adaption so much of the film wouldn't have been so... flat? Had he just done a direct frame for frame adamption The Dark Knight Returns with Ben Affleck in old makeup kicking the snot out of the Mutants and the Joker it would have been about 10 times more fun that this.
  12. Person of Interest

    Oh man just caught up on this, so damn good.
  13. I know, I was looking forward to seeing Charles Dance chewing some scenery.
  14. Stellaris - "Make Space Great Again"

    Holy shit my game just got awesome last night. After a small victorious war with a militarist next door, I acquired another 3 vassals, but was feeling a bit exposed so began expanding my Grand Alliance to another 4 empires, meaning we were the largest alliance in the game mainly around the galactic center. This turned out to be a mistake of epic proportions, as clearly the rest of the galaxy decided we were space Axis and two huge alliances sprung up either side of me and attacked. I was not ready for this, I had been spending my time uplifting primitives (making them strong to be sources of troops), not fleeting up. I ended up playing till 1.30am last night fighting off fleets coming from three different directions, one little shit even got into my home system. In one pitched conflict I had a 16k fleet defending a starbase, and a 11k of more advanced aliens coming in - despite being weaker on paper they'd wiped the floor with another squadron previously with the same power differential. Luckily I had to constructors in the systems and hid them behind the main fleet and built two defence platforms which swung it in my favor. Of the two wars we have a warscore of 25% so look to be winning (me and my vassals are occupying 7 planets all said) but another alliance has just declared and joined in. One of my vassals has turned out to be disloyal so isn't contributing ships - I set them to integrate. Planning on genetically modifying them to be more compliant in due course. I've just unlocked xenomorph troops and I'm experimenting with dangerous Sentient AI, all the while pumping out ships from any available shipyard. Anything to give me an edge. I'm getting to the point where I am realising I'm the evil empire in this game.