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  1. Civilization VI - October 21st 2016

    You could play as Kongo, they seems to want to be converted and have loads of religions in their territories. It looks like Kongo get all the benefits from any religion operating in their territory, meaning I doubt the AI will waste much energy trying to convert you.
  2. Civilization VI - October 21st 2016

    Played through one game on Warlord setting to get a feel for the mechanics, I won but I must have missed something as I got a Cultural victory by accident while I was going for a scientific one. The archaeologists are a great late game addition and totally in keeping with the theme of the game, lets you have little missions while your big cities are all ticking over. Playing through a second game as Russia on Prince difficultly, and already turning into a sprawling land hegemony again, 5 enemy cities conquered and still going strong. I'm not having any issues building wonders so suspect I have the best technology too, but still only on the home continent. I should probably read on how the some of the adjacency bonuses work, but I'm got religion pinned. This time my pantheons are all built around expansion and production. Was up to 1am last night got in that awesome "zone" where you are processing all your little troops, planning trade routes and blocking off areas that you want to settle, think I'm easily at 16 hours now. Christ its quite good eh?
  3. I thought it was decent, certainly had less self indulgent spaces as Bitter Lake. Clearly not perfect but some of the sections, such as Gaddafi made it worthwhile. Also good to see a documentary really thinking and articulating how the internet makes echo chambers, and the impact of this on politics. Could do with being trimmed down but what do you expect from Adam Curtis.
  4. Have you looked at his IMDB? Its mad. Hardest working man in Hollywood
  5. I feel like a bit of a fanny as I've just realised Jeffery Combs i.e. Weyone and everyone else is Herbert West: Reanimator. That's all. You can go back to sleep now.
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    S6 had some interesting ideas, and some terrible ones. I don't blame people for not liking it though. I still prefer it to S7 which dragged on and was boring with the exception of possibly 4 episodes.
  7. HBO's Westworld. Yee-Haww Co/w,bo.Y@@@ [FATAL ERROR]

    Its full sized and set outside, the control tower is on a big rock. The miniature was a holographic projection.... Anyway I loved it. Some on the nose exposition but that's pilot symptom I think. Argh I just want to binge watch this!!
  8. Marvel's Luke Cage - Netflix Original 30th September

    Enjoying this but not crazy about it. I was kind of expecting daredevil but its far slower, and focused on the neighbourhood which i like, its a nice change I guess. Soundtrack is amazing.
  9. Red Dwarf

    I'm happily watching as if it was Last of the Summer Wine in space.
  10. Agreed, they should just bury everything after season 4 and pretend it never happened. To be honest, the strain was showing in season 3, but John Lithgow was such a magnificent bastard in season 4 he dragged me back in.
  11. I mean, I think this is just weird. The psychiatrist kind of encourages the adoptive siblings to boink... Seems a bit unhealthy.
  12. South Park

    "'member Reagan?" Ha! Loved it.
  13. I think the only thing I liked about the Joker in this film is that one of his henchmen was a Panda with a machine gun. That was cool, more stupid stuff like that please.
  14. The inner light really was great right? I think I only saw it once when it was on BBC 2 but its one you always remember.