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  1. Rumour: Slim PS4 Realising Corporeal Form Soon

    Well it's certainly legit. As for aesthetics, well it looks like a budget PS4, which is precisely the sort of faint praise it warrants. Make it cheap though and yeah, Sony will mop up over Christmas.
  2. Gamescom 2016 Awards

    Nice to see For Honour getting some love. The combat looked very polished, it's definitely one I'm looking to fill out the Christmas stocking with.
  3. Battle of the Shooters 2016

    That looks crazy good. Day one for that, good old fashioned OTT fun. Damn I enjoyed Doom.
  4. Battle of the Shooters 2016

    The new CoD looked great at E3. I very rarely bother with them but the space combat looked like a lot of fun and to be honest, I feel like something fast, loud and silly to play this Christmas.
  5. EA Might Start Doing Remasters

    Bulletstorm, Burnout 3 and the Crysis Trilogy please.
  6. The State Of Fanboyism

    So I've just seen the Jim Sterling video on No Mans Sky fanboys and I'm genuinely stunned at some of the fervour displayed by (so called) fans of the game in the examples given. Death threats for reporters who do nothing more than share legitimate news about the game (in this case a delay), vicious personal attacks on the developers and we're now at a point where receiving death threats over Twitter for posting a bad review seems commonplace. I've long since stopped caring about format wars or which reviewer gave which score to what game, but it seems the new generation are bordering on insanity when it comes to this stuff. Is it just the rise of social media magnifying the voices which have always existed, or are the new generation of fanboys legitimately more... out there, than they ever have been? Oh and this absolutely is not intended to be a No Mans Sky thread, if you'd like to discuss the specifics of that game and it's critical reception, please check out Vn1x's thread:
  7. Metal Gear Survive

    We've not talked much about Gamescom this year (which is going on right now) but probably the biggest announcement of the show so far has come out of left field. Konami have announced what looks to be a new Metal Gear game, Metal Gear: Survives for next gen consoles and PC. It also looks as though the game is going to be a budget (€30) title when it releases in 2017. This is being billed as a co-op 'survival action game', done in the Metal Gear style and going off the trailer, looks to have a focus on fighting zombie like enemies across a wasteland style play area. What's immediately turning heads however, is the absolutely mental plot they've come up with, which involves a random worm hole opening up just as The Mother Base falls. This then sucks up a number of those trapped on the structure and dumps them on this planet where they have to find a way home. Seems crazy for crazies sake and the whole endeavour smacks of cynical brand exploitation. That said, I'm happy to wait and let the game do the talking when it is eventually released. Edit: Started a separate thread as this dropped off the first page with frightening speed, so didn't notice it.
  8. Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Open World Free Running

    Some great and detailed write ups in this thread, thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort folks. I haven't taken the plunge yet. The early negativity surrounding the beta put me off a quick purchase and now I'm thinking of holding out until it hits the 20 pound mark. Based on the write ups, it seems that would be a good price to wait for.
  9. The ZX Spectrum Next

    Yeah, I'd say that still looks like a Speccy game still. In fact I'd be happy if that was the evolution we saw with Next games. Nice Photoshop work, could be something to share on the main Next FB group?
  10. The ZX Spectrum Next

    I go back and forth on colour clash. There’s actually pretty advanced ways of hiding it these days, but it’s such a classic Spec trait, that I wonder if getting rid of it is a good idea. Had this come out to compete against the Amiga, then yes totally, it should have been on the top of the list, but given that this machine is a bit of a wink to the nostalgia train, I think the new games should look like Spectrum games. Maybe a few more colours, smoother scrolling, more action on screen but I hope the new games still look like Spec games. They could always have an option in the games / machine to play with different screen modes I guess, PC style options in a Spec game, haha.
  11. The ZX Spectrum Next

    For myself and others, it scratches the itch of seeing the Spectrum evolve. It's designed by Rick Dickinson, will play classic Spec games via SD card or cassette and yes, will have upgraded modes for developers to build new Speccy games from. I've got six or seven devices which can play Spec games, the Next isn't about that, it's about wanting to be part of the continuing Speccy story and owning a new box with the Spectrum branding. In Russia they've been playing with the Speccy specs for years, building games which go beyond the limits of the old machine. A lot of classic and active Spectrum developers have exhausted the capabilities of the Spectrum (just see games like Doom, Mortal Kombat and Castelvania), the scene needs something fresh and I think this is it. You're absolutely entitled to your view, but there is real excitement amongst many Spec fans for this project and it goes beyond the mechanics of having a new plastic box to play old Speccy games.
  12. The ZX Spectrum Next

    Legendary Spectrum programmer Jim Bagley has just posted the early fruits of his time with the Next dev kit. Impressive stuff I have to say, the Next could really deliver some great software. Hope they don't go crazy and they're able to keep the games looking like Speccy games.
  13. Playstation Meeting Announced

    Come on man, these things are always fun to speculate about. I'd be very surprised if they held a dedicated event like this and then just showed the new hardware, talked up the specs and closed the curtain. There will be some games there and I'd wager at least one surprise announcement.
  14. Playstation Meeting Announced

    There was talk of Red Dead Revolver 2 being pulled at the last minute from Sony's E3 show due to the tragic Orlando shootings, I wonder if it will make an appearance at this show?