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  1. For anyone who harboured some hope for Energy Hook, then please, FFS don't make the mistake I just did and drop £13 on it. Always loved the concept and I'd totally forgotten about it until I saw it in the store today, and just bought it on a wave of enthusiasm... didn't even see the one star review on the store itself. It's a barely controllable pile of shite. Brought to us by the guy who did the swing mechanic for Spiderman 2. Whatever worth there is in the physics of it all, is utterly undermined by the god awful camera, which seems to be designed for a third person shooter, only for the developer to realise their mistake right at the arse end of development and just jacked the sensitivity setting to 11 to compensate. It's risible stuff, you just can't get a feel for the swinging because you're constantly wrestling with the camera, to keep your character something like centred. No story, theme or anything other than run over this poll, trigger some banal challenge, rinse and repeat. I know it's an indie game, but even by that standard the graphics and just general presentation are beyond the pale awful: Not been this miserable about a game purchase in many a year, total waste of money.
  2. XXX3: The Return of Xander Cage

    That looks every bit as nuts as I'd hoped. Sign me up.
  3. DOOM!

    Grabbed it on the same deal. Had a quick knock around with the demo and loved it. Feels so immediate and just different to all other FPS's out there.
  4. Cheers, that's exactly the image I was thinking of, but couldn't remember the details of.
  5. Isn't 4K a bit of a red herring for most people though though, don't you need like a 60 inch TV and to be sitting 6ft away to see any real difference with a 1080p screen? I remember this being a big issue with the jump from 720p to 1080p, I'm assuming it's the same with 4k?
  6. E3 2016 Conferences & Timetable (No Spoilers)

    Thanks all. Here's to making it to another one next year.
  7. Let's talk Prog Rock

    Finally got the new Katatonia. Sublime stuff, really love it. Other recent purchases have been: Frost: Falling Satellites: Solid return from this great band. They've employed a more modern sound throughout this one, with my favourite track, Tower Block, leading into a great multi track section. There's some beautiful piano playing across the album, which sits surprisingly well next to the wall of electronic noise, which some tracks build to. The final track, British Wintertime is one of those dreamy little tunes you just want to fall asleep and wake up to. Long Distance Calling: Trips They've gone full 80's with this one, haha. They've also got a full time vocalist on board, but their shining moments are still in the instrumentals. Seems weirdly superficial on the first listen, but repeated listens reveal their trademark complexity and layered sound have remained intact. Headspace: All That You Fear Is Gone I've really enjoyed Headspace's new album. It's one of the most traditionally proggy releases I've heard in a while, covering a lot of musical ground across it's 12 tracks. The Science Within Us is a classic multi part track, which veers between the soft to the heavy, but the overall mood of the album is pure prog with lots of counter melodies, instrumental segues and philosophical lyrics throughout. Been enjoying the less proggy but still linked releases from Ray Wilson, Poverty's No Crime and Blaqk Audio too, and I'm looking forward to The Pineapple Thief's new one next month. Needless to say, was gutted over the Piotr's death. I've seen Riverside live many, many times and you always got the impression he was the fun one of the group. Incredible player too, the loss will be felt for a long time.
  8. E3 Nintendo - Finished

    Yeah, there is a day two, but I've no idea what's set to be revealed.
  9. E3 Nintendo - Finished

    Sorry for the delay updating this one! Updated the OP with the full Treehouse event for anyone with 7 hours to spare. Also added relevant vids and a poll, this time with a bonus question asking members what they thought of Zelda. Will now read the thread!
  10. E3 Sony - Finished

    Well that's me done for the night. Sony put out a corker of a show, a lot of solid and interesting looking content. OP is updated with vids and poll and I've stuck the Sony presser in the no spoilers thread. Horizon looks to be game of the show for me, the way it plays, looks and the setting, all looks like an incredible package. Anyway, night all... was fun.
  11. E3 Sony - Finished

    Totally different format to last year then. Really lean, zero bloat. Great stuff really, just quality game after quality game.
  12. E3 Sony - Finished

    Jesus, this really does look great. He's being swarmed.
  13. E3 Sony - Finished

    More the cherry on the cake than anything else, but I totally get the point you're making. It still looks great too.
  14. E3 Sony - Finished

    Days Gone demo.... final scene reveals the subtitle, The Last Of Us 2. Audience goes mad.
  15. E3 Sony - Finished

    A decent Spiderman game. Could be epic. Looked very promising.