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  1. Titanfall 2 - Stand by... 28th October

    So is the campaign the real deal then? It's not dressed up death matches, there's a narrative, set pieces and some solid AI?
  2. GAME reaches new low

    There's nothing wrong with the concept I guess, but the prices seem incredibly inflated. £3 / £6 would seem more reasonable, but I guess it's up to people to vote with this wallet. I would love a go.
  3. The ZX Spectrum Next

    Jim Bagley has been demoing his first project for the Next. It's a remake of Donkey Kong: As to the project itself, the final hardware is currently being tested after the initial feedback lead to some upgrades of the spec. The last update had the following info: It's taking longer than planned, but they seem to be going about it the right way, making sure the hardware is rock solid before starting the campaign, you can tell they want to get it right. Although yes, as they've said, Brexit has pushed the price up.
  4. John Wick - Chapter 2 - Feb 2017

    Oh hell yes, looks bigger and better than the first already.
  5. ZX Spectrum Appreciation thread

    Classy eh?
  6. ZX Spectrum Appreciation thread

    Maybe it's more of a gaming thing then. I've seen nothing like it in the other communities I follow. Certainly not to the level of people actually trying to actively get people in legal trouble!
  7. ZX Spectrum Appreciation thread

    I don't know if many on here are active on the FB Spec scene? There's a lot of drama running through it isn't there? I've been supporting a fellow called George Roper for a while as he's invested a good bit of time and money into giving some of the big new Spec games a proper physical release, via his label Bum Fun gaming. From there I joined his FB page and it seems he's locked in some really bitter fight with Preston Thomas, the owner of one of the larger (if not largest) ZX fan pages, Spectrum 4 Ever. It's reached such a point, that Preston has recently tried to get George in trouble with Konami, by alerting them over Twitter that he sells a boxed copy of Spectral Interlude. I've enjoyed posting on these pages as well as Sinclair For Show and Sinclair For Sale, but across the board there seems to be a lot of feuding and the state of World Of Spectrum and the Vega Plus is a whole other pit of vipers. I wonder why a community centred around the love of a home computer produces such drama. It doesn't happen to this degree in any other group I follow (well, vegan ones aside as they're a whole new level of nuts, ), so I wonder if I'm alone in noticing how much conflict is present in this scene.
  8. Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    Was asked by my sister in law to accompany her to a New Model Army concert in Maastricht the other night and had a blast. Wasn't really familiar with the band to be honest, but when they opened with the second cut of their new album (Burn The Castle) I knew I was in for a high energy night. As soon as the lights dipped and the band came on, the guy in front of me pulled his shirt off and literally launched himself into the middle of the audience, knocking a load of people around but he quickly found kindred spirits and the centre middle of the hall became a throng of bare chested, fist pumping fans, most of whom were covered from head to foot in NMA tattoos. Was a cracking gig though, great sound, great vibe, crowd surfers, brilliant set. They even came back after the lights had gone up and did one more unscripted track. The highlight was probably another cut from their new album (and yes, I came home with it), Born Feral, which is a real drum driven track. The bassist came to the side of the stage and there was a second set of three drums set up from which he hammered out the tribal beats of the track, which the actual drummer complimented wonderfully. Incredible moment and they got such applause for it, louder than even for the final encore I think. Great night anyway. Nice to go and see a band where you don't quite know what you're going to get and end up enjoying it. Would almost certainly go and see them again.
  9. Let's talk Prog Rock

    Yeah, I've got it playing right now. Way too early to make any judgements, (although I've very much enjoyed The Leavers suite). It's clearly got depth to it and the lyrics have a real sense of desperation about them. Only on my second listen but I've enjoyed it both times. It's more subdued than I'd thought, it has it's moments but there's a somber vibe which runs throughout. Some wonderful playing but Hogarth's voice is beginning to show it's age. He's getting a more grizzled tone, which helpfully suits this album for the most part. The album is very much a journey, there's no attempt to capture radio plays with this album, the whole album is based around three large suites, each with their own theme. Just listening now and it's really nice to see Mark Kelly stretching himself. To be fair to him, he's always kept his sound fresh but it really shows on this album and gives the album a familiar but fresh sound. The name took me back at first as a bit cheap, but I understood it more when I heard the song it's based on, The New Kings. I think they're just at a point where they're not holding back what it is they want to say or how they say it.
  10. Let's talk Prog Rock

    Yeah, it's a shame the thread is running as slow as it is, easy to forget and abandon it. Pineapple Thief were never a favourite band of mine either. I always enjoyed What We Have Sewn, as a real prog tour de force, but they seemed to struggle to find an identity. I think this album gives them one. More gutsy than somebody like Gezpacho, but overall, still offering that soulful, gentler sound. I've really fallen in love with the album. Wisdom of Crowds was a standout release and came out of nowhere. They made a hell of a combo, both going harder than they typically do with either PT or Katatonia. Flows Through You and Frozen North still get regular plays. I do hope they do another. Also on the pile this month, I grabbed the new Evergrey, which is more of the same really, razor sharp melodies, some killer hooks and a few nice ballads. They probably don't fall into the prog basket anymore, other than the fact that most of their albums are hung on a theme. Hard to beat them for what they do though and they've got a real energy on this new record which probably makes it amongst their best, the lead off single is killer stuff: Other than that, I'm just getting stuck into the new Devon Townsend offering, Transcendence which I still need time to digest. Sounding like a solid outing though, with a lot of female vocal support. Oh and totally unproggy, but Ray Wilson's two album releases are... as Alan Partridge might say, "lovely stuff".
  11. Let's talk Prog Rock

    To answer my own questions, it's a thing of very real beauty. They have markedly changed their sound for this album, a few more synths, a lot more acoustic and some wonderful drumming courtesy of Gavin Harrison. It's blown away my expectations quite frankly, one of the most moving collection of songs I've heard in many a year:
  12. So with TGS 2016 done and dusted, can we assume that this is sat with the dodos. Anyone know what the hell happened to it? Seemed so promising initially.
  13. Dying Light

    I think this would be prime material for a Playstation Pro patch.
  14. ReCore : The Mack Daddy

    Seems there's some good will towards it, even if reviews have generally accepted that it's not doing anything to really distinguish itself. I'm pleased to see MS go for a mid tier price point out of the gate, rather than chase the full one. The mid tier console game has been sadly AWOL this gen (save for a few titles like Shadow Warrior on the stores).
  15. Sony TGS - Kaz Defence Force

    Yeah, not a lot to crow about there. Some nice showcases and it's always good to see more Yakuza and EDF. Kojima's strand thing sounds like it could really shake up co-op as we know it.