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  1. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    Yup, that's a surprise. The Part 2 sub title makes me think they must have a worthy story lined up.
  2. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    Last Of Us 2???
  3. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    Bizarre choice of reveal, but okay. Even the crowd don't know where to whoop. lol
  4. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    Housemarque bringing the goods again.
  5. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    Knack 2! Yeah, why not, I rather enjoyed the first, for what it was.
  6. PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm

    Damn, I'm slipping. Completely missed this, good catch @gospvg, will be tuning in.
  7. Steam Secret Santa 2016

    Pinned as it's a great idea, I hope plenty of members take part.
  8. GameAwardsShow 2016 - Replay in 1st post

    Thanks for remembering this. Any likely reveals or is it strictly awards?
  9. Yup, lovely little game. I somehow was able to complete it on my phone, but I'm all up for a second run through on the Vita.
  10. Went for the Ocean doc, was so great to see that story told. It's an embarrassment of riches when you see it all written out like that, impossible to choose a bad one.
  11. Bulletstorm Remaster

    Looks like this is edging closer and it's launching with the title, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Source:
  12. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    Absolutely. I've not played the game as it's not the type of game which appeals, but yeah, this should have been kept as a $30 indie title which was given room to grow. I think after the shower of praise they received at the reveal, they bought their own hype and rode Sony's marketing train straight into disaster. I can understand all parties really, the game will legitimately appeal to a good group of people, but the hype, the trailers, the awards, all pulled in an audience who were expecting all the trimmings of an AAA game, and given Sony's decision to go with a $60 price tag, it's hard to blame them. Sure, Sean Murray did his bit to promote the game and maybe he over egged things now and again, but he was probably taken off his feet with all the good will surrounding the game. Very sad for the team, they've been painted as pantomime villains by a lot of gamers, I guess the pressure of that plus the expectation around the next patches must be overwhelming.
  13. No Man's Sky - Overhype drive engaged!

    Oh dear, Polygon are reporting that this is indeed a tweet sent from a distressed Sean Murray. Bloody internet Lynch mobs, fucking hell.
  14. So is the campaign the real deal then? It's not dressed up death matches, there's a narrative, set pieces and some solid AI?
  15. GAME reaches new low

    There's nothing wrong with the concept I guess, but the prices seem incredibly inflated. £3 / £6 would seem more reasonable, but I guess it's up to people to vote with this wallet. I would love a go.