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  1. Pick this up the other day for £7.99 - I didn't realise it's EDF2025 jazzed up a bit. At first I was a bit gutted about it, but playing it further you can tell it's just much much smoother and the load times have been reduced massively. Really, really enjoying it. I swear there are some new (stupid) dialogue bits from your fellow soldiers as well.
  2. I'm playing the main game for the first time. Just wondering if I can continue to ignore the settlement building stuff? Doesn't appeal to me one bit. I'm worried it'll come back to bite me in the arse.
  3. Well 15€ is only £12.75 at the moment...
  4. DOOM!

    Picked this up yesterday for £29.99 in Game (first time I've been in there in years... the horror!) I'm really enjoying it - love the speed and the unreconstructed shooter-eynees of it. I'm amazed as the first I knew about it was the trailer I saw at the cinema before Civil War and I thought it looked boring as hell. Glad the word of mouth got to me. One thing I'd love would be some kind of score-chasing mode - a bit of a Bulletstorm mechanic overlaid on this, maybe unlocked after you finish the campaign. The mechanics seem to suggest it to me.
  5. Alienation - PS4 from the makers of Super Stardust

    Couch co-op and a bunch of other additions/enhancements coming next week, July 5th I absolutely adore this game.
  6. Jackbox Party Pack

    Anyone see they released Drawful2 today? Had a fun session tonight, playing with some randoms I found on Twitch.
  7. Just Cause 3 - 1st December 2015 (PC/XB1/PS4)

    I love everything about the game except this. I'm playing the second DLC and getting killed repeatedly, presumably because I barely did any challenges so I've hardly got any upgrades. The challenges are SO BORING. Such a bad design decision.
  8. 100 ft Robot Golf

    yup, and Justin posted this regarding their involvement :
  9. Just Cause 3 - 1st December 2015 (PC/XB1/PS4)

    PS4 version tells me the new DLC is available for Expansion Pass owners (i.e. me). PS Store option in menu flashes to tell you to go there. Click on it - nothing in the store. Anyone know how to get this DLC? Driving me potty. EDIT : I can answer my own question! I had to visit the PSN store from my computer, search for Just Cause 3, "buy" the Mech Land Assault expansion (it's free because I already bought the pass) and then tell it to download it to my PS4.
  10. Nuclear Throne

    I like the combo of a melee weapon and "Stress" (rate of fire increases the less health you have).
  11. Nuclear Throne

    Gamma Guts doesn't protect you from all damage from enemies touching you. It depends on the enemy I think. It's really useful though - and it's very satisfying to take out Big Bandit in an instant with it I've never reached the throne. I've been playing it since early access launched on PC and now on PS4. Still love it. Did get to the throne once and got trolled massively. I won't spoil it here - it did make me laugh though. The PS4 version is gagging for a patch though. Really crashy. Leaderboards hardly ever work either, usually giving an error or crashing to the dashboard.
  12. I accidentally negged that brilliant pic. So sorry!
  13. Had some excellent races tonight with Joe McSpeed, Colbaker and others - private lobby seemed to be working perfectly. This game is so good these days.
  14. Mad Max "Shiny & Chrome"

    Very much enjoying this. Tend to game in short spurts these days, so repetitiousness can be a blessing (I'd forget how to play the bloody thing otherwise). Has anyone else noticed that some of Max's dialogue seems to have been recorded with a different actor, doing a very strange impersonation of the main guy? Or is it just me?
  15. Mad Max "Shiny & Chrome"

    Anyone spotted any good deals for this in bricks & mortar shops? And the repetition doesn't bother me at all going in - I only ever really play games in snatched bursts, an hour or two here and there. In fact I probably actually prefer games that are a bit repetitive, so I don't forget how to play it between sessions