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  1. Muk - The Rogues Gallery

    Here you go then Mot, me Graduating just last week
  2. 6th Gen. Muk Raiding - Raiding when we can be arsed

    hah! this is the best raid! DRUID POWAH!
  3. Aye I won't be around either, work christmas party and Sunday i'll be in Iceland for a christmas break. Will probobaly be around at times but otherwise, merry christmas all!
  4. Show ends at 8.30 so earliest I be on is 9pm. Sorry
  5. It's Beacons got talent (gotta love the name) on Thursday, it should end around 8pm so I should be on but maybe a little late to start. Will keep you posted as best I can!
  6. Planning again today as weekend maybe busy Might be around for 15-20 mins again to do a few but not much more . Unless I somehow get through all these year 8 books!
  7. Like James, probobaly not going to be around tonight and wont be around Sunday
  8. indeed! I have been working until 9pm every night this week on lesson plans, probobaly be the same tonight (but I am not teaching tomorrow) so could raid if needed but id rather be planning - just call / text if you do need me and i'll see where i'm at, may need the break! Edit: actually 2 lesson plans to write up and my review on my lessons today, wont be finished until 10pm at this rate sorry folks I'm out!
  9. Heads up, i'm not around tonight!
  10. Glad you had fun! Yesterday I logged out of skype, thinking it was my skype not the whole of skype being down. Alas I dont know my password and with many an attempt to get back on, I have thus failed I may have to just make a new account, changing my password puts me into a endless loop with my microsoft account Will have to see, wrote to their customer services but sadly I dont remember the month and year I opened my skype account (it was 10 years ago after all!) so who knows, will let you know!
  11. Add ons are for chumps! Jera will not be around to raid tonight I should be but again wont be on too late, last week of uni for a bit though!
  12. Seems its all down to you John! With you we have healers and tanks, maybe a DPS shot. I shall stay anti social tonight and remain inside to raidz
  13. boo work sucks! I have been invited to the pub tonight, does it seem likely we will be raiding? if not i'm going to head out, just don't want to hang around if its a definitely not happening! but dont want to go if it could have happened with me!
  14. I'm out tonight maybe on later hopefully but cannot guarantee
  15. I wont be around tonight for raids, off down the pub Jera is working too so wont be on