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  1. RPL Town - Season 35

    I'm also unlikely to make it. I shall try to be on, though, as with Saint, you seem to do ok without me!
  2. RPL Town - Season 35

    I'll be missing as well tonight chaps! Have fun!
  3. Lukaku for POTM? He's scored in his last 7(?) hasn't he? Might also be worth getting some Spurs and Arsenal players, as they're playing each other next weekend and they 'might' be a marquee matchup for the Squad Builders. I invested in a fair few villa players last week, and made a nice little profit over the weekend. You have to be quick though, the values seem to spike the evening the SBC is released, then shoot back down pretty quickly. Villa players were going for 1.5+ for a couple of hours, then by the end of the evening they were down to 700! Argentina players seem to be good for trading with at the moment, as people are using them for the harder sections of the leagues squad builders. Found a few where I can bid for them and get them at 1.6k and sell BIN for 1.9/2k, Not huge, but builds up!
  4. RPL Town - Season 35

    Good stuff guys. The chat was good too, thought Charlie and Baring were awesome.
  5. I had Morata for a draft and he was amaaazing! He'll spearhead my second 11, which I'm thinking of going for La Liga with!
  6. RPL Town - Season 35

    Bah, not going to be on guys. Little boy isn't well. Sorry guys. Hope you smash them!
  7. RPL Town - Season 35

    Should hopefully be on around 9!
  8. RPL Town - Season 35

    Good to be back with some familiar rogues!
  9. Stick me down, can't guarantee I'll make each week, but I'm enjoying this FIFA and need a reason to hate it.
  10. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2016-17

    The whole competition is a joke. Looking at the companies official twitter feed (going at it with fans) and the companies CEO spouting about how much money he generates is pretty classy... The 'official' attendance tonight at Oxford was 1,500. From images on twitter, it looks a lot, lot less. More around 800. I wonder if they include players, all staff, stewards, birds in the stadium roof etc. Really hope they bin off the u23 teams. It's a shite competition anyway. Even making the final last season didn't make me give a shit about it. It's never been seen as a popular competition, this has only made the bad, worse! Also, extra point for winning the penalty shootout if the game ends in a draw is laughable!
  11. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2016-17

    Decent start for Oxford! Would've taken a point before the game! Started well and were the better team in the first half. Then our best CB pulled his hamstring (this after another CB and our RB were injured on Friday...!) and we had to have a huge defensive reshuffle. Chesterfield came back into it and got a goal that the keeper should really have saved. Heading to Birmingham on Tuesday for the league cup game, it's become a bit of a tradition over the recent years to go to a league cup game, can't wait!
  12. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2016-17

    If twitter is to be believed, we're close to signing Reuben Reid. What's he like, Neo? Never struck me as an outstanding player from an opposition point of view!
  13. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2016-17

    Rumours of 40%, which sucks. But still hopefully can reinvest!
  14. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2016-17

    Gutted to see Kemar Roofe go, but he's a brilliant player. Scored many superb goals for us and should make a huge impact in the Championship. Look after him, Leeds!
  15. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2016-17

    I'd expect so, he smashed League 2 last season!