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  1. The December update is adding 2 brand new maps, probably as part of the Season Pass but available to all in the Social playlist. Not sure what will happen to Checkout and Drydock maps, it'd be a shame if they left the rotation altogether. Glory Speyer A daily reward system is being added in the Dec title update (I'm guessing you'll get a free loot crate every day you log in). Also this weekend there's a PC /XBONE cross play event, being sold as a test event but giving better than double XP on Win/Loss match score in Versus mode.
  2. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Not from the Xbox one console itself. You can via a 360 but Xbox one wants a credit card.
  3. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Can you not buy Xbox 360 games with XBL points? I've some credit but Xbone is telling me to go to Xbox.com to buy and Xbox.com is telling me to add a credit card?? :/
  4. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Ah, that'll be it then, thanks. Hoping for an Amazon black friday headset deal now.
  5. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Cheers By default I'm getting party chat through the headset and game audio through TV and am hoping to get both just through headset. I cant find a setting to tweak it, maybe the headset is just really weak
  6. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Sorry, anyone know this? I've got a standard new pad with a 3.5 audio jack.
  7. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Gears of War 1 Xbox 360 full game code; 36X3N T7VMR 4KGP4 2Q9RT VCDH4
  8. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Yep, its a new non-elite Xbox One pad with the standard 3.5 audio jack and at the moment I'm using the bubdled in headset.
  9. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Noob headset question; Is there a setting or option to get in-game sound through a headset as opposed to the TV? Also is it possible to do the above and still use a headset w/mic for party chat?
  10. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Cheers for that! Ordered along with Sunset Overdrive for £29.47 total
  11. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Huzzah, I've also pulled the trigger and am now an Xbox One convert. Picked up a 1TB console with Gears 4 and Halo 5. Though I've only got about 4 friends now through XBL so anyone feel free to add me; GT- Apollo Cerberus
  12. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Right, I'm either gonna get the Elite console and pad for £200 or a 1TB console plus The Division and Gears 4 for £200. Is the Elite worth it for the same price as 2 games? I'd be getting Gears 4 if I went for the Elite anyway and I'll likely flog the Division code, so I suppose what I'm asking is, is the Elite console/ controller that good?
  13. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    Bah, back to £199 now
  14. The Xbox One Thread - 'Jump Ahead'

    As a Xbone noob is a 1TB S console much better than an elite? Or vice versa?