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  1. Pokémon X and Y - 3DS, October 2013

    Added everyone on the list, would be great if you could add me back... Gotta get my friend safari on.
  2. Pokémon X and Y - 3DS, October 2013

    My code is: 2148-8134-2125 I'll go through the thread and add people.
  3. Pokémon X and Y - 3DS, October 2013

    Is there a list of people's friend codes somewhere?
  4. Diablo III

    I don't see how PvP is going to be balanced in this at all. It's really going to need to be a separate entity where you earn pre-set equipment based on wins. The paragon levels will have even more of an impact on PvP as they also increase base stats for every pLvL. Then it becomes a matter of time played = win (Lv100 Paragon gives you a load of stat boosts, plus the benefit of finding better gear with the passive MF).
  5. Diablo III

    It does seem a little overpowered. It's nice to have some incentives to continue playing the game, but once you've reached Paragon Lv.100, what then? Passive 300% GF/MF, Boosted stats, nerfed enemies... They're going to have to do something to offset the nerfed enemies and buffed stats. It's the right direction, but it does seem more of a leap than a step. Scaling it back will only annoy the people who have invested X amount of hours reaching Paragon Lv100, so hopefully they have something in mind to balance it. A few ideas: Have a medium core (ladder, basically) - Better base drops and exclusive Legendaries/sets, but when your character dies they become "softcore". Have a low chance to encounter Uber's - these are single chance elite packs that are slightly stronger but always drop 3-4 Rares of ilvl61-63/Plans/Brimstone depending on Act. The random quests give a nephalem valor like bonus for a set period (Help the Necromancer, A2 = 5% extra damage to Undead). Same as above, but for the Unique monsters (A2, Kill "The Elusive One" = 5% bonus to dodge for 3 mins). Whilst the Paragon thing is nice, I think it will - in the long term, be more of a hindrance than a help.
  6. Diablo III

    I guess it depends on when they got to Act 2, if it was after the nerf (1.0.3) then it's not surprising that the step up didn't seem too bad. The elites you come up against can make all the difference too, you can be lucky and get a string of packs that have a waste of abilities.I managed to clear A2 before the nerf due to getting good (for me) Elite combo's.
  7. Onlive is here

    Any chance it could be BT? They were partnered with them at one point and it'd go well with BT's vision service...
  8. Minecraft - Released

    Yes you can 8)Condensers + tubes + autocrafting table = automatic solar panel farm. I did it on another server, it takes a while, but it's worth it. As for time, a full Mk.III flower will easily produce enough to supply iron, bronze, copper, tin, coal... Everything else is pretty cheap. skip to 1.52
  9. Minecraft - Released

    If the LV/MV and HV solar panels are in this then they're a lot better than the wind mills. There is a way of setting up an automatic water mill that's powered by filled buckets. It's on DireWolf's YouTube channel.Also: as this has Equivalent Exchange, concentrate on that. Once you've got that going everything else is nice and easy.
  10. Minecraft - Released

    It's not doable on the 360 version.Can I be added to the white list? Akai_XIII
  11. Diablo III

    ...and done on Inferno with my Barb. At first it was fun getting all the characters to max level, then came the slow grind of Equipment vs Gold vs AH. There are too many balance issues, difficulty spikes. The frustration of killing a set of Elites after dying several times just to get a few lv54 600 gold blues on Act 3... Not fun. The repair cost increase alone has killed this game for me, it's just amazing that they thought it was a good idea. I'll be back for the expansion.
  12. Diablo III

    In Hell? It depends on your class, I always went "Derp Pee esS", just tried to hit things as hard as possible. Which got me through with all 5 classes just fine. The main problem, I've found, is that if you hit a hard section the first reaction is "To the AH!". But by the time you reach Inferno it's either very hard to find something that improves your stats or it's so overpriced it'd take an age to build up the gold to buy it. Slow, steady progress, is far better than power jumps on individual items that don't have much of an impact on their own... That said, I'm upto A3 Siegebreaker and I still have problems with certain Elite configurations on A2. It's sad to say that the only Act worth farming is A1; easier, quicker and not a slog, but can be just as rewarding as A2/3.
  13. Diablo III

    Just beat Ghom and the Seigebreaker with my Barb on Inferno EDIT: and Monk
  14. Diablo III

    One with Everything (a passive Monk ability) raises all resistances to your highest resistance.
  15. Diablo III

    I have 56k HP, 11k DPS, 10k armour and 750+ res; I still find it hard so it's not surprising that you do. I could blitz Act II before the patch, which doesn't make a lot of sense, but there you go.