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  1. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - Space War ∞

    The man dog kill streak looks like something from Phoenix games & what a real dog would deposit on the floor.
  2. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - Space War ∞

    Ignoring what the dude is saying just watching that the game looks awful. I loved COD but I'm out for good now, shame.
  3. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Yeah very ready for another Hamilton fight back to take this to the line. Fingers crossed he has no more mechanical issues that seal the championship.
  4. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Ace to see alonso alonsoing.
  5. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Lewis being pretty punchy in his comments about Mercedes, but he does have a point tbh. 8 mercs on the grid, only one going pop all the time.
  6. Formula One - 2016 Season

    So gutted for Lewis, masterful weekend up until the engine blew. If Rosberg does get the championship there will be a bit of a sour taste in the mouth. Happy for Danny Ric. Such a good driver/bloke.
  7. this app nuked the battery on my 2 year old 6. Randomly turning off at 60%, all kinds of weirdness. Basically not good at all.
  8. Formula One - 2016 Season

    New underwear for that Marshall.
  9. Formula One - 2016 Season

    FUCK THAT!!!!
  10. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Bottas dangerously close to tagging a mechanic in the pits there.
  11. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Looking forward to this one I have to say.
  12. Formula One - 2016 Season

    That makes for an interesting race tomorrow
  13. I'm starting to fall out of love with this now. I don't think I can face the sight of yet another Drowsee.
  14. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Proper pass from Ric that.