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  1. Formula One - 2016 Season

    I guess it all depends on if one constructer has that "magic bullet" element given the new rule changes for next season. I'm sure Merc will be up there, but i doubt they will be racing off into the distance every race like the last season or 2.
  2. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Also Lewis to become firm No1 driver at Mercedes?
  3. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Bernie's probably got the hump. The WC is a key ambassador for the sport & a huge PR asset. I guess the immediate effect thing means he has zero interest in that.
  4. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Rosberg has retired from F1. Didn't see that one coming.
  5. Formula One - 2016 Season

    It's the old "show me a good loser & i'll show you a loser" mentality. As you say above i'd be more disappointed if Lewis hadn't tried something. Both drivers were doing what they could/needed to do to try & win the championship. Mercedes messed up by getting involved in it. They were winning no matter what.
  6. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Everything that happened in the race actually makes me respect Nico's championship a lot more. Lewis put him under extreme pressure for the entire race & he was able to still get the car home & do what was needed. It wasn't a balls to the wall speed race but more a psychological one & Nico made it through, fair play & all due credit & respect to him for that. Mercedes need to sort it out, they got both titles & Lewis actual gave us a race worth a damn. Their moaning about it is the only thing leaving a sour taste in my mouth.
  7. Formula One - 2016 Season

    If nico wanted Lewis to speed up, he should've tried to pass him.
  8. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Lewis did the only thing he could to try & keep his championship chances alive. That's racing. edit: oh piss off Jackie
  9. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Fair play
  10. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Yeah Seb wasn't really interested in passing Nico was he.
  11. Formula One - 2016 Season

    The champion a year like 2016 deserves
  12. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Not the result I wanted or I feel was really deserved but at the end of the days it's the points on the board at the end of the season that count. congratualtions Nico.
  13. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Come on Seb!!
  14. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Lewis keeping this interesting.
  15. Formula One - 2016 Season

    Come on red Bull, give us something.