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  1. The Walking Dead!

    Yeah that was hilarious, probably the only redeeming thing in the whole episode. Zombie profiling at it's finest! The whole thing looked like it was written, directed and edited by Calculon. The flashbacks were horrifically bad, unnecessary and confusing. Pretty sure she got to the bridge then it flashed back to her at the very same bridge almost in the exact same spot but with her friend back. At first I thought, he's been here the whole time? Oh no, it's another completely pointless flashback. If they had just showed it in the order that it happened it would have at least been slightly more coherent shite.
  2. The Walking Dead!

    That's the worst episode, possibly in the history of TV.
  3. The ANY Role

    It's a tough one, on the one hand we want balance and the other we want people to enjoy playing. Whilst Jamin has been typically solid as the ANY, Baz has been pretty much been unplayable upfront. He's been the difference in most of the games, just look at the number of goals he's scored. I would say at least half of them has been him been a greedy wee shite and creating something out of nothing rather than taking the easy pass. Buchy was our other ace in the hole as his crossing has been amazing and the rest of us have been solid throughout the season. How about we have a couple of trial games with no ANY? It might not be perfect but if we're looking to limit the impact of a good ANY it's possibly worth exploring as an option.
  4. RPL Wanderers - Season 35

    I had to drop at the end of the second game. Baby was kicking the pad and shouting at me. Pretended to be hungry had about 5 ml of milk, smiled and loled herself to sleep. maximum troll well done, it's been a great season.
  5. RPL Wanderers - Season 35

    Have we won the league then? Sorry I was a bit rubbish last night was holding the baby and she kept kicking the controller
  6. RPL Wanderers - Season 35

    Ooooft sorry to hear that Stephen, unless it was pre-existing before you booked the stuff, you should be able to claim your travel insurance for some, if not all of it. Worth a shot and maybe you can book to go again. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  7. RPL Wanderers - Season 35

    Probably not on for 9, might make it for 10 though will see how it goes
  8. RPL Wanderers - Season 35

    My presence will be intermittent due to the arrival of Chloe last week. If Stephen wants to take the regular slot at CDM for some patented Hollywood passes, I can slot in wherever I'm needed Looks a pretty solid team, good job Baz.
  9. rllmuk FC

    I'll be, in 30 mins or so
  10. I've just being admitted to hospital you prick. FOR THIRD DEGREE BURNS!!
  11. Want to win FIFA 17 for PS4?

    Who the hell is Ajaz?
  12. He or She doesn't know if they like football and I'm sure like most humans, will have an automatic dislike for Gooner, so maybe?
  13. Put me down as a maybe, I've got a baby appearing around the 18th October, +/- 2 weeks so might miss a few of the games at the start. Until I figure out the correct dosage/delivery method of chloroform of course, then I'll be every week
  14. Football Thread 2016/17

    Yeah it was a bit one sided, quite a contrast to the semi final last season where Rangers were the better team. Sinclair, Dembele and Toure have been excellent since arriving.
  15. finally made it to the centre