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  1. FIFA 17 - BAP Season 35 Signup

    I've just being admitted to hospital you prick. FOR THIRD DEGREE BURNS!!
  2. Want to win FIFA 17 for PS4?

    Who the hell is Ajaz?
  3. FIFA 17 - BAP Season 35 Signup

    He or She doesn't know if they like football and I'm sure like most humans, will have an automatic dislike for Gooner, so maybe?
  4. FIFA 17 - BAP Season 35 Signup

    Put me down as a maybe, I've got a baby appearing around the 18th October, +/- 2 weeks so might miss a few of the games at the start. Until I figure out the correct dosage/delivery method of chloroform of course, then I'll be every week
  5. Football Thread 2016/17

    Yeah it was a bit one sided, quite a contrast to the semi final last season where Rangers were the better team. Sinclair, Dembele and Toure have been excellent since arriving.
  6. finally made it to the centre
  7. Just exited only 550,000 million black hole light years.... Still, it moved me 7000 closer in one jump which is a fair bit more than usual. 98k to go!
  8. I seem to stuck in a blackhole. I shot my lasers at it and they seem to have glitched and kept firing. I've been traveling through for about 10 minutes now and it's either crashed or I'm going to end up extremely far from where I started. Im temped to leave it and see what happens
  9. If I start shooting the stations they sentinels straight to level 4 and launch out from the station. Not sure if you can destroy a station but will give it a bash tonight.
  10. I was two breakdown in 3 jumps and all of sudden dynamic resonators are like hens teeth.
  11. You have to calculate the gravitational distortions created by a black hole within the dark matter space between star systems with a deflector array
  12. Same, I've had a couple of annoying failures. like you it cost me time and then I chased a white dot across a, later to be discovered, barren plane.
  13. Whats that about 30k in one sitting? Hesus! You just jumping or a combo or jumps and blackholes? I can manage maybe 3-5k an hour although I do get distracted easily......
  14. Good old spaghetti legs, never seen one quite so big. Seen them really really small and super agressive. total cunts in my experience
  15. I don't think I've found a bit of tech that I've not already had for an absolute age. Last night I did a cursory system scan and it found a manufacturing facility, only this one had a green icon and it gave me a new recipe for crafting a worthless power thing... have they always been green? I can't remember the last one I seen. I thought all icons were red, purple, blue and greyed out when discovered. I was expecting it to be red.