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  1. Football Thread 2016/17

    It was clearly denying a scoring opportunity, the fact he was last man attests to that.
  2. Football Thread 2016/17

    Seriously? Luiz was last man and Aguero was just about to run through alone. That's better than a penalty.
  3. Football Thread 2016/17

    This has been a great match, but City fans must feel so sucker punched. The sending off offence and then De Bruyne's unbelievable miss have gotta be hard to take.
  4. A position just one out can get full chem so it's handy to have sometimes. I use Jovetic CF at both CAM and ST and he gets 10 chem on both which wouldn't be possible otherwise. Let us know how Pedro is, Chewy, I had my eye on him for if I build an EPL team, love anyone with 5 star weak foot.
  5. I'm gonna get rid of Matuidi and get Turan (best value player in the game?) back in, I hate Matuidi's 2* weak foot, rubbish shooting and crappy dribbling. He's the most disappointing player I've used this year. N'Zonzi is all the defence I need, it's so much fun trampling over everyone with him and he has excellent ball control and passing as well. Will also allow me to bring in Jordi Alba who looks amazing and a big upgrade on Kurzawa. Elite strikers are making the difference. I'm finding most games now have very few (if any) clear cut chances and having someone who can reliably take them really gives an edge. And being good at long shots helps a lot too. Griezmann has more goals than games for me, he's amazing. Has anyone tried Muller yet this year? I feel like the positioning stat is particularly important in 17 as spaces get so tight. Hoping to get my earliest Div 1 title soon although I now keep coming up against people who have red background players. (Untradable in-forms given to people who have excelled in the weekend league)
  6. Settled on this in the end: My trading disasters mean no decent backup team though. Up to this point I had two teams of a similar strength but no more! The few games I've had Benzema has stormed. And Modric is impossible to tackle.
  7. I can't see prices dropping now for anyone 86+. They're slowly rising. There was a big drop this time one week ago and it looks like it was people selling up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Then, despite the influx of players from the pack offers, prices have gently risen and there hasn't been the usual crash. Could be for one or more of the following reasons: 1) More coins on the market due to weekend league prizes = higher prices 2) Less players on the market due to squad builder challenges with player sacrifices (giving untradable players) 3) Reduced pack weighting during sales? This might explain why prices are rising So I'm sorry if any of you have held your coins on my say so. If it's any help I bought last Monday, then stupidly sold for a 40k loss, then bought today for probably a further 60k loss. Wait for a drop at your peril. There's a chance panic buying is driving the prices up and they'll drop, but you may have a wait. I've managed to lose about 250k in the last month due to misreading the market and bad gambles! Good thing I don't gamble in real life.
  8. Good job! Someone on reddit got Defoe 8 times in a row I got Sosa then decided to stop.
  9. It seems to have disappeared :/ I must have just caught the end...
  10. The above (book 1) is currently in a 2 books for for 1 credit deal! I'm gonna pick it up along with something else, cheers!
  11. Lightning rounds are limited numbers of packs. There might be 10,000 and they're much better than normal so they go faster. Don't be tempted to get them. There will also be other packs released and maybe increased chance of high rated players. All these things will increase supply in the market significantly. There will also be 'Cyber Monday', where more of this stuff happens. Crash should happen Sunday/Monday. Now seems a good time to sell if you missed your chance before. Griezmann went down to 171,000 at the weekend and is now 195,000. He should drop below 160,000 in the end. This is all conjecture though, it's all pretty volatile.
  12. Football Thread 2016/17

    Dortmund 8 - 4 Legia Warsaw Ok then
  13. I'd recommend Pastore ahead of Cabella there, he feels great in this.
  14. Football Thread 2016/17

    I can't think of one better, it's extraordinary.
  15. I'm honestly not sure mate. I sold my team this morning (at a small loss) as prices went up again but I'm not sure exactly when they'll drop. They might not although most seem to think they'll bottom out either tomorrow or Wednesday. Keep an eye on this page: https://www.futbin.com/market/Gold and this thread if you want to go insane: https://www.reddit.com/r/FIFA/comments/5e4dtt/rfifa_the_official_omg_black_friday_keep_or_sell/