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  1. Summer transfer window 2016

    Great touch and finisher but weak as a feather and no pace. Championship player in my opinion.
  2. This is an amazing show, but prequels always irritate me. The scene with Mike and the sniper rifle was particularly annoying because we know that every character in the scene survives. Zero tension. Thankfully the show is more about law and characters than action and life and death, but it still annoys me. It's brilliant though. I love slow paced drama.
  3. The Witcher is the winner by the way. Because this forum loves bloated, jack of all trades games and has a particular fondess for horses which can’t go over bridges properly
  4. Are bosses no longer big sponges which take ages? RPG fps's (or whatever you want to call them) will never ever work as well as they should because they're essentially impossible to balance.
  5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    looks boring
  6. Football Thread 2016/17

    https://streamable.com/zkny Pretty funny. Remember when people were saying that Liverpool had signed the wrong Uruguayan?
  7. EFL Championship 2016/17

    Derby;s Craig Forsyth suffers another ACL injury (on the same knee, no less) just five games after coming back from his last. Gutted for him.
  8. Football Thread 2016/17

    Great article. Why is there not more fury about Diego Costa? Chelsea have won two games with winners from him and he should have been sent off in both. I was seething and I'm neutral.
  9. FIFA 17

    Just received 2 copies, apparently due to my Div 1 wins this year?!
  10. EFL Championship 2016/17

    Shane Duffy managed to score two own goals and then get himself sent off tonight. He also scored an own goal in his last match. Nice one m8
  11. EFL Championship 2016/17

    Rumour is that he threw a paddy when he found out Fletcher was on twice what he is, and others got pay rises. Wednesday should tell him he can have a rise if he grovels and tells the world how much he loves them and has no plans to leave, before completely going back on it.
  12. EFL Championship 2016/17

    Basically Derby and/or Newcastle have tapped him offering big wages. He'd have been happy to stay for sure if it hadn't happened. Pretty outrageous that someone you're paying huge wages to can just refuse to step out and there's not much you can do about it. Any other profession outside of sport would be instant dismissal.
  13. EFL Championship 2016/17

    Naughty Forestieri. I'd still have him at Derby (don't really care how nice our players are, only how good they are) if it comes to pass but refusing to play is downright unprofessional. Player power continues to get more and more out of hand.
  14. Football Thread 2016/17