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  1. Sold my underperforming Bundesliga side and now have this: Used the Spanish League parts and a few ringers to take on the BBVA tournament and win an untradeable Ruben Castro TOTS. Was easy for the most part (as you'd expect with such a squad) although I came up against a fair few TOTS cards. The final, though... For starters he had a Ruben Castro up front, meaning he'd won the tournament already and was purely in it for pride/showing off/whatever. Speaking of showing off, I keep coming up against people in the league who have Huth, Sane and Castro all playing. The only reason you'd want them all playing is to show off. Thankfully none of them are that good. Anyway, the final, he has Ruben Castro and is playing 5 at the back. Right from the first minute he has his defence set to 'park the bus', and I'm guessing 1 pressure. At no point in the entire match is there more than two of his players in my half. It's comical when he dribbles forward. Only it's not comical because he's one of those people who knows how to dribble through your entire defence unless you are really on your game. And what's worse, the connection is dreadful. Anyway, I create a couple of chances but proceed to miss sitters, my fault for being too rash. He then does a dribble goal which sends me raging. Thankfully I work it back and after an incredibly stressful 20 minutes come out winning 4-2. First time I've faced that and it was horrible. Anyway, both Benzema and Griezmann's 95 cards are excellent. I still have a bunch of cash left and Serie A profits to come, not sure how to spend.
  2. FTL 14 - Auction thread

    Free agent N Bendtner 0.005
  3. FTL 14 - Auction thread

    Free agent Wang Dalei 0.020k
  4. FTL 14 - Auction thread

    Free agent Wang Dalei 0.005
  5. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    I've not been bothered about seeing Radiohead again due to stuff like this. Worst was when Thom started into Exit Music and half the audience thinks it's cool for them to sing along for the first half, out of time and out of tune. Yeah I think I'd rather listen to one of the best (but quietest) songs ever made sung by the band instead of by you, mate. I'll just listen to the album.
  6. FTL 14 - Auction thread

    #962 0.045 Muriel £5.5m
  7. English Franchise League Season 2015/16

    Half of Hull (exaggeration) don't want to be promoted due to problems with the owners. Their relationship is bad at the moment. Hope you enjoy the final more than I enjoyed Derby's. Even before the killer goal I was in shreds all day. Try and treat it like a normal away day and forget what's at stake.
  8. New witch had a necklace on just like Melesandre's. I'm looking forward ot seeing her naked granny body in a forthcoming episode.
  9. You should play Bloodborne ASAP, it's better than this.
  10. Yeah, I've had Mickey at CM and he's basically Pereyra (speed, defending), Modric (agility and close ball control) and De Bruyne (5* wf, amazing long shots, physical) and rolled into one. I'll miss him when I come to sell him.
  11. I've never been more disappointed with a card than TOTS Aubameyang. I got outmuscled by Shinji Kagawa yesterday, it's just weird. He's been missing chances from close that you'd never expect him to miss. His stats look incredible but the only things I've been impressed with is his passing and ability to win headers from long balls (not crosses, I'm yet to score a header with him). I wonder if it's because he's tall. I just can't get him working. I'm also very much missing 4* skill moves. I'm gonna give him another 10 games or so but at the moment I'm thinking of trading him and Muller (also disappointing for how weak he is, he's otherwise decent but in no way feels like a 94 card) for Griezmann (already great value for a 95 card) and TOTS Lacazette when he comes out. Might get Benzema for the CAM spot. Mkhitaryan is a straight up don even though he misses the odd sitter (75 finishing).