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  1. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Pretty sure he's made some kind of record for chances created this season. Not his fault his teammates are trash.
  2. Should be able to afford this when prices bottom out: Not bad eh
  3. Any Fantasy recommendations?

    The Felurian stuff was especially terrible.
  4. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Nah, not if Ronaldo is back for leg 2. City look spineless.
  5. Any Fantasy recommendations?

    Anyone read the first two books of The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss? I've listened to them on Audible, about 75 hours in total(!) Really well read and a pretty absorbing world but overall I found it so underwhelming compared to Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch and Brandon Sanderson. It's way, way too drawn out and could be half the length losing nothing. Doesn't help that the main character is a bit of a cocky, unfunny douche and that he spends half his time cringing it up with his crush. Going for book 2 of The Stormlight Archive next, the first was great and has really stayed with me.
  6. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    On target you mean. Which is a useless stat anyway, anyone can shoot straight at the keeper from 40 yards. 'Key chances' should be introduced like in Football Manager.
  7. Cheapest likely to be when BBVA is released still, I think. At this rate I'm not far off being able to afford a Messi-Ronaldo-90 Benzema front 3!?
  8. Anyone else's boner get bigger during the last scene, no me neither
  9. Some players have had skill upgrades. One of the most significant is Insigne who now has 4* skill moves. Bought a third in-form for £130k last night and it's £160k this morning... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TmtZGGqescOEAFuF61jwsYFGWIBtsTGs-vjR1SNlBnI/pubhtml?sf45890237=1
  10. English Franchise League Season 2015/16

    Whoever comes 3rd is going to be devastated! What a race. Derby's playoff spot confirmed tonight.
  11. I got Auba for £800k last year by timing it right. This was when vanilla Messi cost about £7m. He pretty much won me Division 1 on his own. You might be surprised who you can get although it's hard to predict.
  12. Arsenal

    If the opposition fullback is attacking then Sanchez needs to track that if you want Arsenal to be competitive. The best sides work extremely hard all over the pitch. He's obviously got a great engine so there's no excuse really. Especially considering he was the best player in the world last year. Edit - this is just mental: "that's what's so fucking wrong with the English game" You don't think wide men track back in other countries? Show me a Champions League winning team in the past 10 years which carries players who don't have to put a defensive shift in.
  13. You not in the market for any TOTS cards? I reckon there will be some bargains about, particularly when certain divisions are in packs and everyone sells what they have. I'm thinking a few from a lesser division which I can build into an interesting hybrid.
  14. Dark Souls 3 - NO ACRONYMS HERE!

  15. The Unofficial Aston Villa thread!

    Yeah, get on the FL app. You can watch the full 90 minutes of any match a couple of days after as well as 10 mins of highlights. It's really pretty good for about £35 a season. There will likely be half price deals around the start of the season, too.