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  1. Ultimate Team

    This is my understanding: Basic adds 1 to each stat. Chemistry styles add 2 or 3 to the stats. Eg. Hunter adds 3 pace and 3 shooting to your guy. Finishing will jump from 90 to 93 on Aguero. Sprint speed from 85 to 88. This is provided they have full chem. Regarding contract cards, I search 200 buy it now max, fast forward a few pages and bid 150 on a load. You'll win 90% of them.
  2. English Franchise League Season 2015/16

    He's said promotion isn't priority countless times before and after Clement's appointment. I'd agree that sanctioning £25m of purchases seems very much at odds to that, though, and the older players too, although Shackell has a good few years left and Bent is just wages, if high ones. I genuinely think Clement talked him into it. I hope so, anyway, because the alternative is a mental, lying chairman.
  3. FTL Season 13 - Game on!

    No can do! Post bap though?
  4. NeoGAF - Do You Like It?

    Don't get the obsession with NeoGAF, I think Something Awful is better - some posts have ludicrous amounts of effort and time put in and people get quickly banned for low quality stuff. Controversial but it keeps the quality high. Wouln't dream of attemtping to contribute, though.
  5. English Franchise League Season 2015/16

    You're not being thick at all, it's very confusing and quite possibly makes no sense. Considering Morris has said that the signings were all Clement's calls, here's what I reckon happened (bits in bold definitely happened):   - Morris takes on the young, promising, exciting manager and shares his desire to play entertaining football with a view to improvement and promotion in the next 3 years - Clement agrees, all smiles, and names the players he wants - Morris opens his chequebook (it's worth noting that Mel Morris is a big Derby fan, this doesn't appear to be about making profit for him) - Clement eventually finds his groove and Derby go on to make their best start in a long, long time before topping the league on Boxing Day. The fact that they've been deathly boring all season can be ignored for now - Form drastically drops and performances are duller than ever. Morris enters the changing room infuriated after one particularly dire display against Reading - Morris holds meeting(s) with Clement discussing his need for gradual improvement over time. Clement instead wants to focus on good results, which reflects his being a very ambitious person. Clement gave a rather illuminating interview after another bore draw last week, saying with exasperation that he'd rather a team kept the ball than try risky passes forward and risk losing it. This was resulting in very slow, dull play - More bad results break the camel's back and Clement is chopped   Morris is in danger of getting too involved and being a megalomaniac. His entering the changing room was alarming. Hopefully the next appointment will be a strong character who also wants the same as Morris.
  6. FTL Season 13 - Game on!

    Sorry for missing your message Jamin - tonight at 5:45 any good?
  7. English Franchise League Season 2015/16

    Mental week at Derby. The sacking was a shock for pretty much everyone, but reading forums no-one is actually bothered:- we've not been entertaining this season, even when we didn't lose for 16 games or whatever it was. Our owner has come out and said that Clement's view was too short term. He was quick to state, again, that promotion is not a priority for the team. Reading between the lines he's saying that Clement wanted promotion no matter how ugly the football, but Morris wanted us to make gradual improvement to the nice (but leaky) playing-style McClaren introduced. Considering we signed a good centre back I wonder why they didn't just keep McClaren but there you go. Players have been all-smiles this week in training and I'm hoping for a swashbuckling performance at the weekend with the shackles off. I'm allowed to dream. Just a shame that Boro already won the league a month ago.
  8. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    Football thread update: Liverpool LOL Derby LOL
  9. Ultimate Team

    Nerdy argument time! How are you reasoning that Naingollan is the best CM in the game? Assuming you're talking about all-round midfielders (not playing at CAM or CDM) and vanilla cards only, I'd play any of the following ahead of him: Toure Pogba Modric Pereyra Vidal Marchisio Naingollan might have the most balanced stats of them all (except maybe Vidal) but Toure is a monster who dominates more than his low defensive work-rate would suggest (plus I score so, so many goals with him from basically anywhere and with either foot), Modric and Pereyra are dribbling masters who can cope with any tight situation (plus 4* skill moves and weak foot and in Pereyra's case very high pace plus the amazing speed dribbler trait which makes him so good at carrying the ball. He's a crazily well-rounded card full-stop, even his low strength doesn't matter too much with his high aggression), Vidal is basically the same player as Naingollan but a bit taller (and height always helps in this game) and Marchisio has better skills and a better weak foot but slightly worse shooting (a sacrifice worth making, for me). And then, of course, there is Pogba who is surely the best midfielder. 90+long shots and shot power with 90+ strength and 86 dribbling, similar passing with 4* skill moves and weak foot. Plus very decent defensive stats, easily enough for a box to box man. Untouchable for me. The only thing I miss when using him is Pererya's speed dribbling. Anyway, been trading loads and just waiting for Dybala's upgrade. By the looks of players that have already been upgraded his price won't rise anymore unfortunately. I should get my money back though if he's not that good.
  10. It's almost upon us once more! I'll be honest and say I expected Derby to be promoted last season but I'm certainly no less excited to start another season in this great league. 7th-9th August 2015 Brighton v Nottm Forest Cardiff v Fulham Leeds v Burnley Birmingham v Reading Blackburn v Wolves Bolton v Derby Brentford v Ipswich Charlton v QPR Hull v Huddersfield Rotherham v MK Dons Sheff Wed v Bristol City Preston v Middlesbrough My early predictions: Top 6: Middlesbrough, Derby, Wolves, Ipswich, Hull, Burnley Bottom 3: Preston, Charlton, Bristol City Names which I can add to (just post in this thread who you support): Baring - Middlesbrough Bittertoad - Fulham Dan_tm - Sheffield Wednesday DeadRussian - Nottingham Forest dr_manhattan^ - Wolves Elseb - Birmingham City emjay2k - Middlesbrough gossi the dog - Nottinghmm, Forest hereticboy - Hull City Hellsbells - Sheffield Wednesday Kensei - Leeds United McMond - Sheffield Wednesday Merman - Ipswich Town Milko - Leeds United Mirodo - Sheffield Wednesday Monobrow - Nottingham Forest Moosden25 - Huddersfield Town Orc1927 - Cardiff City PeteBrant - QPR PC Master Race - Brentford Plissken - Burnley Rev - Sheffield Wednesday Rsdio - Huddersfield Town Smithstock - Middlesbrough SomethingWitty - Ipswich Town Steely - Middlesbrough Timmo - Derby County Waddie - Sheffield Wednesday Once again I'm gonna do a write up in the near future of how Derby are shaping up.
  11. I appear to have become horrendously addicted to Ultimate Team. As long as you avoid the truly big players (Messi and Ronaldo cost millions) you can build a team very quickly. Chiellini cost me about 15,000, the rest were between 800 and 5,000. A game nets you about 500-700. Promotion nets you 4,000 I think (not sure if this goes up as you climb the divisions). My side now: ---------Palacio--------Milito----------- -----------------Hamsik------------------ ----Zuniga-----------------Cuadrado--- -----------------De Rossi----------------- -Constant--Chiellini--Barzagli--Abate- --------------Handanovic---------------- Took Pants' tip to basically have two sides so you don't have to use fitness or injury cards and then I pretty much couldn't stop buying players: Marchetti Banatia Armero Kaka Diamanti Maggio Konko Gomez Higuain (this guy doesn't miss, shame he's a weak slug) And loads of others. The only annoying thing now is contracts, I'm gonna have to put some money aside to buy a load of cards as they're running out. Then I discovered the chemistry cards which basically give players boosts, so I gave my two centre backs speed boosts and there's a hundred other things and players I want and I want to work on a Prem team and now I can't stop. Anyone else? Keiths Dad, I see you on there.