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  1. Gaming patches are taking the piss

  2. FIFA 17

    Only had time to play one game this evening but the short corner trick no longer seems to work and I scored a goal with a berbatov spin in a crowded area too. So happy if the corners and injuries are fixed, I was raging so much from both this week.
  3. Pretty sure it was you that told me Wilshere is the best English midfielder ever...
  4. Spot the Arsenal fan. He has stats in the wrong places. He gets assists pretty much every game, he's just outshone for me by any CAM who can use both feet and has better strength and shooting as well as getting assists. i.e. pretty much all of them. He's certainly no Wlishere, AKA the best English midfielder ever.
  5. I got Ozil in an untradeable pack and he must be the worst 89 in the history of FIFA. I mean, he's good but he's outperformed by pretty much any other 82+ CAM. Borja Valero and Turan are so much better and both about 5k.
  6. Halo 3 - now coming to Xbox One. MC Collection.

    Definitely. All later Halos became too episodic. Halo 3 felt like a journey. Also, use ironman when playing co-op, it sends you both to the previous checkpoint if either of you dies.
  7. The Unofficial Aston Villa thread!

    Bruce has never managed in the Championship and not been promoted. Surprising it's taken this long for him to find work.
  8. Barry is so good. His low pace is pretty irrelevant in that position.
  9. Sold a load of Ki's in the week for about 1k and bought about 30 Benatias in anticipation of a Higuain SBC, whose price had bombed. Oops.
  10. If you're not gonna use him, sell him ASAP. Market likely to have a mini-crash later as Ronaldo ST comes into the Team of the Week.
  11. Edge #299

    Is the Destiny score a misprint? I thought Edge loved its droll gamplay
  12. People have been getting insane win rates for years. Check out Soetie on Youtube, absolute monster. He concedes 0.4 goals a game on every FIFA and has something like a 95% win rate.
  13. Now is a good time to sell a lot of the non-rare gold players clogging up your club. There's a squad builder challenge right now for central players (so that's ST, CF, CAM, CM, CDM, CB, GK) and it's to have a full squad all from the same team, with each player a different nationality. Keep an eye out for players who play in those positions and are a different nationality to the country of the league they play in. Some are worth a LOT. I made 35k from what's usually garbage last night. Check their prices on futbin.
  14. It resets the search. If you keep searching for the same BIN without doing it it doesn't refresh.