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  1. Football Thread 2016/17

    United getting spanked by a handy Dortmund... https://streamable.com/rixy
  2. EFL Championship 2016/17

    One of the promoted teams usually does well the next season and they seem best equipped in my limited knowledge (Will Grigg). Just a stab, really. @dr_manhattan^
  3. EFL Championship 2016/17

    That logo big enough for you? So we've now fully Americanised; please refer to the sport as Soccer from now on. Opening fixtures; 05/08 19:45 Fulham v Newcastle United 06/08 15:00 Birmingham City v Cardiff City Blackburn Rovers v Norwich City Bristol City v Wigan Athletic Derby County v Brighton Huddersfield Town v Brentford Ipswich Town v Barnsley Nottingham Forest v Burton Albion Reading v Preston North End Rotherham United v Wolverhampton 07/08 12:00 Queens Park Rangers v Leeds United 07/08 16:30 Sheffield Wednesday v Aston Villa Welcome to Villa, Newcastle, Norwich, Barnsley, Wigan and Burton! My predictions: Top 2: Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday Playoffs: Derby, Norwich, Wigan, Brighton Relegated: Barnsley, Preston, Blackburn I'll do a bit of a preview for Derby if we actually sign anyone.
  4. Football Thread 2016/17

    The Championship is looking very exciting this season, so many teams realistically going for promotion.
  5. I am Setsuna - 19th July - Old School JRPG

    Just finished this, not bad 7/10
  6. Timmo 4 - 3 Sean Great match, absolutely nothing in it in the end. Lewandowski nicked it in the last seconds. Good game Sean, Lewandowski was the difference. The stats were dead even!
  7. Hi Sean, I'm on now if you wanna play. Forgot to ask your name, I'm Pangram...
  8. Dead Rising trio remastered - September 13th!

    This is exactly the kind of game which would benefit from a decent rework. The world is already fantastic (and a lesson to other open worlds: it doesn't need to be big), as are character designs and pretty much the whole base but it desperately needs work on (off the top of my head) controls, inventory management and boss design. Bosses were always the best and worst of Dead Rising; brilliantly unhinged, intimidating and full of character but absolutely awful to fight against and little more than a test of patience. I never had any problem with the oppressive and unforgiving time-sensitive gameplay in general but I was struggling with some of these mechanics 10 years ago, and that was when I was being blown away by the graphics and scale of it all. It'll end up being nothing more than an upscale, though, and all the problems will be left. I think most won't have the patience.
  9. Your feelgood films

    Shawshank remains the ultimate buddy film Back to the Future Groundhog Day Office Space I find oddly uplifting and warm despite a good 60% of it being pretty damn depressing. A bit like Alan Partridge
  10. Lcd Soundsystem

    Have you not read this thread properly? They're awful.
  11. Hi Sean - if it's not too late I can play tonight at 8:30. Let me know!
  12. You can sometimes buy a single legendary in the shop for 20,000 gold, barg.
  13. Despite deleting this I've still followed it pretty closely and this is a great video about where it is now:
  14. Summer transfer window 2016

    The Premier League will be fascinating this season! Mourinho vs. Pep Mourinho vs. Arsene (Maybe a Pep/Arsene bromance?) Ibra!!!!!!!!!! Leicester's title defence (losing Kante though...) Spurs attempting to compete again A strong West Ham in their big new stadium we all paid for and no-one leaving Chelsea with evil levels rising, back in a zombified fury Burnley not spending any money again for some reason People will moan about money spent etc but I say there's not enough being spent. I want even more bombast and more mental characters like Conte and Ibra.