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  1. FIFA 17

    You're underestimating a world of people that spend hundreds and occasionally thousands of pounds on digital microtransactions. The top players in Clash Royale have spent over £10k.
  2. I'm not sure what you're asking but I'd recommend La Liga this year for your first team, and particularly the following players: Bakambu/Pato - Still not sure which I prefer but both fill the fast striker looking to get beyond the last man role very well. Morata - Morata has been awesome for me. Tall, physical, fast strikers are great in this version. With your money I'd probably go for Benzema instead as a straight upgrade. Ben Yedder - properly amazing at CAM for me. 5* weak foot and he snakes in and out with his agility and dribbling. Put a chemistry card on his which helps his passing. Prince Boateng - incredibly strong all-round mid, the Dembele of La Liga. Turan - Cheap Iniesta with much better defending and physical. Bargain at CM. N'Diaye - An utter beast CDM, so dominant. Defence whatever, but look for pace at full back and physical/defence for centre backs. Keeper at least 6'3". Put appropriate chemistry cards on everyone. I still like Guardian for my back line and CDM as I think it decreases dodgy touches. You need two teams this year (information released by EA shows fitness to be very important. Aim for 95+) and to alternate matches between the two. My Serie A: Niang Bacca Jovetic Asamoah Hamsik De Rossi Then, again, whoever in defence. Both teams play really well with nice balanced midfields (4-1-2-1-2 (2)) and I've won 10 in a row now after a shaky start. Two main tips remain: learn to use the left trigger and keep off sprint during build up.
  3. FIFA 17

    The keepers are (mostly) fine.
  4. FIFA 17

    It's become more of a sim, I think. PES is more arcadey and bombastic if that's what you want.
  5. FIFA 17

    It's been added
  6. FIFA 17

    In FIFA 16 it was a move where you'd just stand still and create a forcefield around you. In this version it's a lot more fluid and represents the hustle of a physical battle a lot better. I'm not played enough to fully understand it but I'd certainly recommend experimenting. You can also do a slow dribble with it which is more effective than in previous FIFAs.
  7. FIFA 17

    I spent a good chunk of last year honing my skill moves and getting reliable with them. I would honestly say not to even bother with them on FIFA 17. I spent a good amount of my first few hours trying to get them to work and I've scored maybe 2 goals from them. Execution is much slower and they are far less effective. It'll likely get patched to please the majority but for now there's no point learning them. The one you should learn is the body feint. The side body feint is good again after being nerfed last year. Tap the right stick a couple of times at a right angle to the way you are running, then press the left stick in the direction you want to exit. Most effective exits are 90 degrees and opposite either side. Takes a bit of practice but it's good. Smithstock posted a video telling you how to do it. By far the best move though is effective use of the left trigger. Physically strong players dominate with it and even it even helps weaker players to hold the ball. Experiment using it, it's far more in depth than last year's version. Also try and stay of the sprint trigger when you have the ball, you'll find it a lot easier to hold it. Counter attacks are still there this year but much of the gameplay is slow, patient build up which rewards patience and probing passing. Dribbling is far, far less effective. I'm liking it so far.
  8. PS+ October. Resi, Transformers etc

    Wow! An actually good month! Can't wait to play Transformers.
  9. Football Thread 2016/17

    Expect to be extremely bored.
  10. Football Thread 2016/17

    Derby have been utterly dire recently but the half time entertainment on Saturday was amazing, finishing with this:
  11. Games you absolutley suck at

    I just recommended it in another thread but you've gotta try Hoplite. It's an incredibly simple strategy game whilst being endlessly replayable, particularly the daily challenge mode.
  12. Games you absolutley suck at

    My advice would be to wait a month or so (so that the better players go up to the higher divisions) and then try divisions mode, which starts you in division 10. The quality of player in the lower leagues is low as most average players end up in divisions 3-6 ish (out of 10). It's definitely the best way to get better as the quality of opponent well rise gradually.
  13. Games you absolutley suck at

    It's likely because you've just not put the time in. FIFA and PES both need a lot of time and effort to get good at and are both highly complex. Both have pretty good online league systems though meaning you can work your way up.
  14. New Star Soccer 5 (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Flash)

    For those after an excellent little game with no silly IAPs, try Hoplite. It has a one off payment to expand the game but absolutely nothing else. Best game I've played since this when it was good.
  15. Arsenal

    Shame you waited one season too long to show it. Record 2nd place points total incoming.