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  1. Last Guardian?

  2. Playstation Vita

    no, sorry, i haven't been tempted by any of them (owned all the stuff they've sold so far digitally and wouldn't say i was a massive fan) yet. have you tried on neogaf?
  3. Playstation Vita

    please don't talk to me about backlogs
  4. Playstation Vita

    If you do school mode you can unlock more titbits about all the characters. And, uhh, get their underwear...
  5. it's the system, man, they know you're onto something
  6. Sony TGS - Kaz Defence Force

    Technically Paris Games Week but likely PSX
  7. Kingdom Hearts 3

    So 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8 and I've covered everything?
  8. Kingdom Hearts 3

    So what is 2.8? I've only played the first but I have 1.5. What do I need to play to catch up in time for 3?
  9. I'd settle for PSN support! It's ridiculous I can play them on my Vita but not my PS4.
  10. If a game ever deserved a proper remake from top to bottom. AC with proper combat, varied missions and more populated settings would be amazing.
  11. Yeah pretty much but also ties in with the film. In the US you get a free ticket. Yeah I haven't played Rogue for that reason, I just assumed there'd be a current gen release so held off. Probably for the Americas trilogy, I'd imagine.
  12. It's my favourite but I know I'm in the minority. I love the second half of that film so much.
  13. Surprised this doesn't have a thread, was rumoured a while back but now confirmed: Honestly the Ezio games are the only ones I've loved (Black Flag was good but I still preferred 2 and Brotherhood) so it'd be good for people to experience the better ones. Dunno how they've aged though, haven't played them in years. November 17th. Ezio is bestzio.
  14. Sonic Mania

    PS4 version is up, same deal.