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  1. Nintendo NX

    I don't know how you can say there's little innovation when 3D World throws new ideas at you in each level and rarely returns to them. And the levels are designed for repeat plays, hence the ghosts and timers. Every Nintendo thread has the same tedious discussion - people can't separate genuine criticism from their expectations.
  2. Nintendo NX

    This is great
  3. Nintendo NX

    I think the rumour folk should shut the fuck up at least until everyone forgets their awful calls recently.
  4. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    What are you talking about? If he has 18 assists that means there's 18 goals. Who cares if Mahrez is doing better? It doesn't make Özil worse.
  5. Steam

    Bought, cheers
  6. Football thread 2015/16 season.

    This is nuts. Ozil is head and shoulders Arsenal's best player.
  7. May PS+

    fucking loved this so much at the time
  8. Nintendo NX

    There are a lot of moon on stick people here.
  9. May PS+

    can't unhear
  10. Nintendo NX

    I get that, just, they're available now and the library is bigger.
  11. May PS+

    Pleased with Tropico, nice one.
  12. Nintendo NX

    What difference does a year make there?
  13. RIP Nintendo

    Who are you people who need physical controls for Animal Crossing and Pokemon? Like okay I use them but I wouldnt care if there was a mobile version, especially Pokemon.
  14. Liverpool Football Club 2015/2016.

    CPS are reviewing it now.
  15. Nintendo NX

    What freedom to control do you need in animal crossing?