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#9028964 U.S Box Office Report - 4th - 6th January 2013 - No report this week, just a...

Posted by Goose on 06 January 2013 - 05:28 PM

1. Texas Chainsaw 3D - $23M - $23M
2. Django Unchained - $20M - $106.3M
3. The Hobbit - $17.5M - $263.8M
4. Les Miserables - $16.1M - $103.6M
5. Parental Guidance -$10.1M - $52.7M
6. Jack Reacher - $9.3M - $64.8M
7. This Is Forty - $8.6M - $54.5M
8. Lincoln - $5.2M - $143.9M
9. The Guilt Trip - $4.5M - $31.2M
10. Promised Land - $4.3M - $4.6M

Well this is farewell my friends, at least for the box office report. A combination of farewell party for my daughter and her friends, along with being under the weather (and still having so much to do) means there's no box office report this weekend. My computer goes to the shippers on Thursday and we leave a week or so later.

I can't even quite remember how I started writing them. I know I used to post the Yahoo numbers on a Sunday on the Edge Forums, and I recall getting into an argument with Despin about the 8 Miles opening weekend numbers - so that's at least ten years ago. I think it slowly evolved from there, through thick and thin, marriage, kids and the rest.

I've no idea where the future will take the box office report or if it even has one, but I'd like to hope it does. My computer won't get to Australia for at least two months, and there's a lot to sort out on that side of the world before I'd get chance to sit and write. The time difference will mean that my report would be about 12 or so hours later than all the other ones too, unless I was to stay up until 4am to do it.

It's a weird feeling. It's not like I'm dying but the box office report has been a Sunday staple for at least seven years (at least in a major capacity), and aside from a few times, I've turned in a report on every one of those weekends. It was nice to reach the point were people knew I'd written 100% of it, and that it wasn't cut and pasted from another site. I will miss doing it. In the last two years the reports had grown considerably, mainly due to work slowing right down, giving me more time to write during the day. Even these last few weeks, when the reports have been quick to put together, it still felt odd to not add more and more side details.

I'm not really sure what I hoped for Box Office Voodoo when I set it up. I had grand ideas of some one being interested in taking me on to write weekly for them or their site, perhaps leading to full time job. Sadly it never happened, but it did lead to other avenues, including contributing to Scott Mendelson's site, and dabbling with Den of Geek. When I see the amount of work people like Garth Franklin turns in on Dark Horizons, as a one man band, it does seem a bit silly to think one person would get hired to do one weekly column. But you've got to start somewhere. The site will remain live as an archive of all the box office reports so far, and in future.

I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck with the reports over the years, those who've read them every week or just occasionally. All the feedback has always been appreciated - that was part of the reason I kept going even when I came close to quitting. This forum has been the primary reason for writing each week and I swore I'd never take a project on with another site if it meant not being able to post the report on here.

I'll still be around, maybe not as much as before, (especially after Thursday) but still here in some capacity.

Thanks again to you all, and all the very best,

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#9768606 Sony refund refused, man fumes; now the general 'Sony's customer serv...

Posted by Timmo on 14 March 2014 - 06:10 PM

Ok, most of you will find this funny (I know I would), I'm fuming.

Playing Dark Souls 2 on the PS3 with my PS4 controller, I leave my PS4 on as it's downloading updates.

Turns out the controller can control both at the same time.

So my inputs on Dark Souls buy me FIFA on PS4 (a game I already own) and British Cop skin pack (I don't even know what this is). Get an email on my tablet telling me so.

Ring psn and straight away the guy is just saying "terms of use", "no refunds" etc. £56.68.

Ask to speak to his superior and they won't come on the phone. He then tells me support staff have said it's not possible to control two devices at once. He doesn't seem to believe me.

Half of me wants to trade this in for an Xbox with Titanfall right now.

Update 16/03 - having then spoken to a manager of a support team, as well as sending an email that only got a stock response, I was offered the following info by helpful Deeptone:

Well Mr Andy Barker is the current Director of Sony PlayStation Customer Services. His e-mail, which will in all likelihood just go to his pa, but its worth a shot is andy_barker@scee.net. Phone no. 0207 859 5484

You have my sympathies, Timmo, dealing with Sony customer support. It took me over a month to get them to replace my Dualshock 4 because it just refused to charge any way I tried. I was at the point of emailing this chap when I finally got one through the post from them. So yeah, you will probably need to keep at them a while.

So I wrote to Andy Barker 15/03:

Hi Andy,

I'm writing to you directly hoping you can help me here. I've used Sony for many years and as an early adopter of PS4 I have generally found your service outstanding.

However in the last couple of days I have become very disappointed and even angered with the treatment I've received. It has left me disillusioned with Sony.

Last night I set my PS4 to download some updates, before plugging the new controller into my PS3 to play Dark Souls 2 on it.

Twenty minutes later I receive an email on my tablet thanking me for paying £56.68 for two items. One some dlc for a game I don't own, the other FIFA 14, a game I already own on disc!

Shocked, I switched my tv over to my PS4 to discover the controller had been active on both consoles simultaneously, and my inputs had caused it to make the purchases without my knowing!

I instantly called your support line but frankly, although I wasn't called a liar directly, I was told that what had just happened is impossible and the controller cannot control both devices. This was obviously very upsetting for me as I do not appreciate the implication attached to this.

Furthermore I was told that I would not be getting a refund!

This morning I had a call from another member of your support staff (I had requested an escalation) and he also told me a refund wouldn't be coming. He went on to say that such refunds are in fact impossible for digital content. I asked for it to be escalated again but my request was dismissed.

Following the call I looked online to easily find examples of refunds Sony had given for online purchases, showing that either the support manager was misinformed or not being truthful with me.

This is why I write to you now, as I feel Sony have let me down hugely here. Considering the years of loyalty I have had with your company I find the way I have been treated extremely disappointing and disrespectful.

I am writing hoping you can supply me with a more positive outcome. I look forward to your response.

My psn id is Pangram.

Kind regards,

Will update when I get a response.
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#8711672 Banned List

Posted by Pob on 10 July 2012 - 05:56 PM

Who: RickyDVT
Why: teasing the cocks of a large contingent of forum members by neglecting to update this thread
How long: until he contacts a mod and says he's ready with an update, however boring.
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#9597302 Dredd 3D - Out on DVD/Blu-Ray - January 14th 2013

Posted by SM47 on 22 November 2013 - 06:49 PM

My Dad passed away earlier this week, it's been an incredibly stressful time. I went to watch Dredd with him and my brother and our girlfriends last year, the final familial cinema excursion as it turned out. But bloody hell, I'm so glad this film was the last one we watched together at the cinema. It was like all the sci fi/action films we'd watch when I was growing up distilled down into an hour and a half. I'll never forget sitting next to my old man, staring up at the screen with our 3D glasses on, loving every moment. On reflection, Dredd was the best film I've ever seen at the cinema and I'm so glad I was able to share the experience of watching it with my Dad. I won't ever be able to watch or think about it without thinking of him.

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#8794839 Banned List

Posted by Wahwah* on 26 August 2012 - 12:54 PM

Who: Ramone/Cerebral Pauly
Why: For Being Increasingly Unpleasant
How Long: Permanent.
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#8328098 Banned List

Posted by Laine on 14 December 2011 - 01:26 PM

Who: RobinTripp
Why: For being a nasty awful terrible person, even by rllmuk standards.
How long: Forever.
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#9335652 The Hunt For Preorders : The Mattrick Incident

Posted by macosx on 22 June 2013 - 07:54 PM

Made another vid after the DRM U-turn,. Hope you like it :)

(mods if you feel it should go in the uturn folder pse move)


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#8642858 Banned List

Posted by Don Rosco on 04 June 2012 - 05:20 PM

Who: Bruciebabie
How Long: Indefinitely
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#8653136 Banned List

Posted by Uncle Mike on 07 June 2012 - 09:14 PM



GinRinkusu - Kwalee employee
JoeKwalee - Kwalee employee

HeavyTrap - alt of JoeKwalee
FallenEllis - alt of GinRinkusu


How Long:
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#8005245 Worst Boxart Ever

Posted by RobNoyce on 12 July 2011 - 06:18 PM

I read it as Shatner Hand at first. I would buy that game.

Capital idea sir!

Posted Image
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#9755674 Star Wars Episode VII - coming Dec 2015 - JJ Abrams confirmed to direct - the...

Posted by The Grand Pursuivant on 06 March 2014 - 10:00 AM

I'm going to interrupt the puns and understandable cynicism for a second because I have just got some mind-blowingly awesome news and I need to tell everyone about it, including strangers on the internet.


When they announced they were going to be filming Star Wars at Pinewood, I realised that despite the chance of success being infinitesimally small, I could maybe, just maybe, get a job on it. I have some experience in Film and TV, a couple of minor credits to my name, and I am a sole trader for my own small but moderately successful media company, so I figured it was worth a shot. About a year ago through great blaggery and extreme luck I managed to get the email for the 1st Assistant Director. I sent off an incredibly speculative email asking for a job, it somehow evaded his spam filter, he actually read it, and even more shockingly he responded. He said he wasn't making any promises but that he might have something, and offered to meet me at Pinewood. I went in August, had a very informal interview, got to see the R2D2 prototype, waved at JJ Abrams, and was told that there would probably be a job for me when they started filming in January, but that he didn't know what yet, probably a runner. I also asked if he would tell me anything about the plot and he laughed for a full minute. Worth a shot though, right?


He told me to keep emailing him to remind him that I exist, and that he would let me know when everything was finalised. I did that for a few months, and in November I was told the script wasn't finished and that shooting had been put back to May. Then I didn't hear back from him, despite sending an email out at least once a week asking what was happening. Worried that I had fucked up my chance, I got my nerve up and called him on his mobile yesterday to find out what was going on. He answered, was incredibly apologetic about not getting back to me and told me they were finalising their schedule and he would update me with more information tomorrow.


So this morning I received an email telling me that, in the summer*, bar yet more scheduling delays, the movie being cancelled, or the death of JJ Abrams**, I am going to be one of the PAs to the 2nd Assistant Director on the set of the new Star Wars film.


I'm basically going to be moving equipment, wrangling extras and making people coffee, which I thought I had finished with years ago, but, you know, instead of doing it on a Nick Love film I'm going to be doing it on FUCKING STAR WARS. My emotional state has been a bit like this since I found out:


:blink:  :o  :omg:  :D  ^_^  8-)


So fucking excited. This is going to be awesome.



* I have a start date but I'm not going to risk anything by posting it on a public forum.

** He may not have actually mentioned those last two parts in the email.

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