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  1. You have to calculate the gravitational distortions created by a black hole within the dark matter space between star systems with a deflector array
  2. Same, I've had a couple of annoying failures. like you it cost me time and then I chased a white dot across a, later to be discovered, barren plane.
  3. Whats that about 30k in one sitting? Hesus! You just jumping or a combo or jumps and blackholes? I can manage maybe 3-5k an hour although I do get distracted easily......
  4. Good old spaghetti legs, never seen one quite so big. Seen them really really small and super agressive. total cunts in my experience
  5. I don't think I've found a bit of tech that I've not already had for an absolute age. Last night I did a cursory system scan and it found a manufacturing facility, only this one had a green icon and it gave me a new recipe for crafting a worthless power thing... have they always been green? I can't remember the last one I seen. I thought all icons were red, purple, blue and greyed out when discovered. I was expecting it to be red.
  6. I'm also on the journey to the centre. Think I've about 140k left. Filled my ship with as many addons as possible so my drives have less chance of breaking. Jump to black hole, dive through black hole and repeat. Repairing along the way with my stock of resources. When my warp fuel is done I land and refill, a wee bit of exploring and we're off again.
  7. Well, just finished a session which began with the sole intent to warp as much as possible. Land on the first planet to begin assembling necessary ingredients for warp fuel. Nice place, no mental wildlife, no crazy storms and the sentinels are not fussed at all by my presence. So I begin to gather and assemble the required elements for warp fuel. Somehow I've parked directly underneath a floating copper deposit, on take off the ship glitches into the deposit and ricochets of the innards until the ship is no more. At this point I think, I can just mine this shit out the way... Nope, after many attempts my ship gets caught in what can only be tiny minuscules of copper and just ricochets itself to death. I try loading the only previous save and the ship is parked part inside the deposit with most of the drives required for takeoff damaged. I repair the ship and try taking off. Dead. Only course of action is too find an outpost and summon the ship...2 actual IRL hours of walking later, with every question mark being either a drop pod, a fucking alien artefact or a cunting empty space with nothing but a cunting save point, I find an outpost with a summoning point. Ship appears and I fuck off ASAP., pirates scan, loads of them, forgot to fill the hyper drive, get destroyed and thank fuck I used that save point before I summoned the ship.
  8. The Universe's most lethargic Adventurer, "look whats that incredible looking creature over there?" "Who fucking cares....Lets call this planet, planet C and just move on already"
  9. I've had a crashed ship with + 2 slots at least twice but that's it. You also seem to find crashed ships with similar equipment to your own and similarly, when you are buying a ship they tend to have similar equipment. Apparently (I've not tried this) the equipment installed affects the price. So if your defo buying then strip your current ship down.
  10. DunnPoll - Football League Poker Night

    I'm not that much of a fan of poker these days, thanks for the invite but I'll pass.
  11. Anyone else getting allot of the same kind of aggressive carnivores? Every planet bar one for me has had spaghetti legs (niece coined it) with either a praying mantis top half or a crab like thing, reminiscent of the brain bug from starship troopers. They vary in size but otherwise they skitter about at great pace and generally piss me off.
  12. Yeah I've been playing this allot over the last week, will be about a bit later 11ish probably if anyone is still about
  13. The random discussion thread

    pro clubs here, roll on the 18th
  14. Next season

    Cheers Saint, A fair amount of effort from you to keep the leagues ticking over. Still playing friday night clubs though yeah?
  15. Pokemon Go - UK Release now LIVE - Tips in 1st Post

    I think that's pretty unlikely. The game that's downloadable in the USA will likely be the exact same file that is available in the UK store on Friday. The sign changes based on what store you are currently logged into.You've probably logged back into UK to update UK based apps or something.